Employment Interview Training

Employment Interview Training

Breaking News…

The Police Insider is now offering Employment Interview Training.

Do you have an employment interview on the horizon?

Do job interviews make you nervous, stress you out or cause you to suffer from anxiety?

Are you interested in giving yourself a competitive edge in a highly sought after career in Policing, CBSA, Law Enforcement or any related profession?

We can help…

What We Offer

The Police Insider offers a custom tailored mock interview, in panel format, with questions designed to address the competencies required by your potential employer.

Once the interview is complete, the client will be provided comprehensive feedback designed to enhance their interview ability.

(Our fee is based on a 90 minute session, however, the time limit is flexible and often goes over the designated time with no extra charge.)

The questions may include, but are not limited to;

  • Situational Based
  • Behavioural Based
  • Integrity Based
  • Character Evaluation
  • Problem Resolution
  • Peer Conflict
  • Diversity
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership – Skills / Demonstrated

Who Are We?

We are former Law Enforcement professionals with extensive backgrounds in all aspects of policing.

Sgt James G Jewell – WPS – Retired

Sgt James G Jewell (WPS – Retired)

Sgt Jewell retired from the Winnipeg Police Service after serving over 26 years in River City.

During his career he worked in a variety of assignments which included;

  • General Patrol
  • Vice Division – Gaming, Narcotics (undercover)
  • Property Crime (undercover)
  • Divisional Detectives
  • Major Crime
  • Organized Crime (gangs, shootings)
  • Homicide (Investigator / Supervisor)

In all, Jewell spent over 18 years working as a Detective in high-profile criminal investigations.

He is the Managing Editor of The Police Insider and is employed at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy where he performs the duties of Dean of Students & Instructor.

Constable Cindy Johnson – WPS – Retired

Constable Cindy Johnson (WPS – Retired)

Constable Johnson retired from the Winnipeg Police Service after completing an impressive 31 years of dedicated service.

During her career she worked in the following units;

  • General Patrol
  • Vice Division – Narcotics, Prostitution, (undercover)
  • Detectives
  • Mounted Patrol
  • Police Vehicle Operations
  • Training Division

Cindy is working at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy as Dean of Admissions & Instructor.

(Her son was recently hired as a Constable with the Winnipeg Police Service.)


Interviews are conducted at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy #200 – 1821 Wellington Ave.

Clients are asked to dress similar to how they intend to dress for their employment interview as we practice how we play.

Clients are asked to bring a note pad and pen to take notes during the feedback session.

We do not offer handouts.

A $50 – non-refundable deposit (e-transfer) is required to book an appointment.

For further details contact us at jgjewell@shaw.ca

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