Hammer Falls on Kapsik


Miloslav Kapsiks (64) fate was finally learned today after he received a life sentence with no chance of parole for ten (10) years.

Crown Attorney Jennifer Mann had sought a term of fourteen (14) years in prison before Kapsik was eligible for parole while defense asked for the mandatory minimum term of ten (10) years.  In delivering her decision, Queens Bench Justice Karen Simonsen appeared to be somewhat sympathetic to Kapsiks plight.

Kapsik was convicted of 2nd degree Murder in the brutal murder of his wife Ludmilla on March 12, 2013 after a jury rejected his mental illness defense.  It was a horrific domestic violence murder that saw the victim sustain over fifty-seven (57) hammer strikes to her head.  By the time Kapsik was finished, the victim was virtually unrecognizable.  It was killing that defined the term “overkill.”

“I know I have to be locked up.  I don’t mind being locked up.  But I belong in a mental hospital,” Kapsik said in Court.

Sadly for Kapsik, he will likely be a septuagenarian by the time he is eligible to out of jail.


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