On October 3, 2013 the WPS called a press conference to advise media and the public they’ve concluded the criminal aspect of the investigation into the tragic deaths of a young mother and her two (2) children.

In a press release Police stated, “This matter, like all homicide investigations, required in-depth investigative work surrounding forensics, as well as awaiting for time-consuming crime lab results. The criminal portion of this investigation is now concluded and based on the investigation to date, it has been determined that this matter is a homicide/suicide.”

Police now confirm the deaths of the Gibson children have been recorded as the 14th and 15th murders in the City of Winnipeg for 2013.  Police spokesman Cst Jason Michalyshen indicated the children’s cause of death was “consistent with drowning.”

The announcement comes seventy-one (71) days after Police first responded to a cryptic 911 call from the Gibson residence.

The Police Insider criticized Police for the delay in making the confirmation suggesting the delay may inadvertently add to the stigma attached to mental illnesses like postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis.

Michalyshen explained the delay was caused in part by “time-consuming lab results and in-depth investigations involving forensics.”  “We’re not going to release information until we’re absolutely certain.  We’re in the business of releasing factual information,” he said.

In truth, there was never any doubt the deaths of the Gibson children would be classified as Homicides.  The Police could have confirmed these facts on the very first day of the investigation.   Their hesitation to do so remains perplexing.

“What if,” questions posed by Crime Reporters regarding the Police response and the discovery of the Gibson children remain unanswered as Michalyshen indicated these issues are now the subject of an “internal assessment,” and would not likely be subject to public disclosure.

As the criminal case is now closed, the investigative findings will be reviewed by the office of the Chief Medical Examiner who has the authority to order an Inquest into the circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths.

To date, the City of Winnipeg has recorded a total of twenty (20) Homicides.


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