THOMAS BRINE – Accused Grandmother Killer Stands Trial


The preliminary hearing into tragic killing of Elizabeth Lafantaisie commenced today at the Law Courts building at 408 York Ave.  The seventy-three (73) year old great-grandmother was found slain in the trunk of her car in February of 2011.

Thomas Anthony Joseph Brine-27 yrs, stands charged with 1st Degree Murder and is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

That task of proving Brines guilt is a burden placed on the shoulders of Senior Crown Attorney Brian Bell, a prosecutor known for his highly successful, methodical approach to prosecutions.  With decades of experience behind him, Bell presents a significant obstacle for opposing defense counsel.

The preliminary hearing is expected to wrap up on Wednesday.

The proceedings were attended by twenty (20) plus family members and supporters of the Lafantaisie family.

If convicted, Brine would automatically be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for twenty-five (25) years.


On February 24, 2011-1600 hrs, I took responsibility for the Elizabeth Lafantaisie murder investigation.

The case turned out to be one of the most intense & challenging cases I supervised during my career as a Homicide Unit Supervisor.

Look for a detailed “Insider” story on the complex case once the Court process is concluded.



  1. Estelle Wiesner

    Thank you for giving us another insight into this tragic tale….how we never think of all the hard work in solving this and the many people it affects. My thoughts to the family and prayers to all.

  2. Any word on the trial date?

  3. I’m sure Elizabeth’s family is going through hell waiting. I can’t imagine how frustrated and helpless they may feel. At least he remains locked up until his trial. Cannot imagine what other criminal acts he would commit if he was out. Hopefully the trial will be soon and the family will feel that some sort of justice will be done.

  4. James G Jewell

    You can contact me at news@thepoliceinsider.com

  5. So how does someone contact you if they want to talk about this personally

  6. James G Jewell

    The caged animal reference is made because of the fact he’s been sitting in jail since he was arrested and has nothing to do with his guilt or innocence.

    He does have the right to be presumed innocent.

    The investigators have the benefit of knowing what the evidence is.

    I’m confident what the result will be.

  7. Sorry. I don’t like the words of caged animal. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty

  8. James G Jewell

    Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence in criminal “justice.”

    It could be that Brine is playing games or it might be that he is like a caged animal who is becoming more desperate and unpredictable the closer the clock ticks towards judgement day.

    Plan for many ups and downs during the judicial process.

  9. Trial was supposed to start on Sept. 29 but has been postponed to a later date TBA. Brine fired his lawyer 2 weeks before trial. Stalling tactic???

  10. James G Jewell

    Last I heard the case was going to trial in September this year!

  11. Doug Pettigrew

    What is the current status of this case?

  12. James G Jewell

    I hear that pre-trials are set for September but no trial date has been set as of yet. This is not abnormal in todays justice system.

    Sorry I didn’t have something more encouraging to share with you.

  13. Lisa Bellemare

    When will the case be finalized? Mme. Lafantaisie is always on our minds.

  14. James G Jewell

    Thanks Anna…might take some time for the case to be concluded though….

  15. Anna Maynard

    Looking forward to seeing the story.

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