Assault, Hit & Run Make for Unusual Homicide Case

Winnipeg Police Public Information Officer Constable Rob Carver – Photo JGJ

Winnipeg Police Detectives are back at it after a mere nine day respite since the last homicide.

On October 16, 2019, at approximately midnight, emergency services were dispatched to a report of a man lying on the roadway on Main Street between Higgins Avenue and Sutherland Avenue.

Police report Winnipeg Transit drivers protected the scene by limiting traffic to one lane until police arrived.

An unresponsive adult male was located suffering serious injuries.

The investigation revealed the victim had been assaulted and a short time later was struck by a northbound vehicle not related to the initial incident.

North District Patrol Officers initiated CPR until Paramedics arrived on scene. The man was rushed to hospital in critical condition and later died from his injuries.

The victim has been identified as Neilson Catcheway (40) of Winnipeg.

The WPS Homicide Unit subsequently took over the investigation.

The investigation revealed the victim had been assaulted and a short time later was struck by a northbound vehicle not related to the initial assault.

Investigators are asking the driver of the vehicle to come forward to police.

Police indicate the investigation is in its early stages but investigators hope to provide additional information in the coming days.

Anyone with information that may assist the investigation are asked to called investigators at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477.

Insider Commentary;

Catcheway is the 31st reported homicide victim of the year in Winnipeg.

Police have solved all but 5 of the 31 cases – solvency rate = 84%.

In 2018, the City of Winnipeg recorded a total of twenty-two (22) homicide cases.

All but one of the cases from 2018 has been solved – solvency rate = 95%.

In 2011, the City of Winnipeg recorded a record 41 homicide cases.

In 2011, the 31st homicide of the year was recorded on September 21.

Assault, Hit & Run – Make for Complicated Case

A man gets assaulted, staggers into the street and has the misfortune of being struck by a passing motor vehicle.

Dustin McKay (FB)

The suspect who assaults the man flees from the scene and the driver operating the motor vehicle also takes off.

You’re a police officer arriving on the scene…

Now put it all together.

These types of cases can be complex and often create a number of issues for investigators.

When the dust settles and all involved parties are identified the issue regarding cause of death will become central.

Did the assault kill the man or was it the collision?

You can bet the defense attorneys for all parties will be pointing fingers.

“He did it, no he did it.”

I’ve seen it before.

On January 23, 2015, Dustin Craig McKay (22) was knocked unconscious during an assault and was left lying in the southbound lanes of Isabel Street. 

The man and woman involved in the assault fled from the scene.

A short time later, an unrelated vehicle travelling southbound on Isabel struck McKay as he lay unconscious on the street.

McKay died from his injuries.

Adam Lecours – WFP

Police subsequently charged the man involved in the assault with manslaughter.

They also identified the driver of the vehicle who was charged with impaired driving cause death and driver over .08 causing death.

In 2005, Adam Lecours (34) was run over by a motor vehicle after he had been beaten and left unconscious in the middle of a north-end roadway.

Two adult offenders and a 15 year old youth were charged with manslaughter in the case.

The driver of the vehicle was not charged.

Defense attorneys vigorously disputed the cause of death.

The case ended up in the Supreme Court of Canada.

All three accused offenders were ultimately convicted.

2019 Homicide Statistics
Manner of Death
  • Shooting – 11
  • Stabbing – 8
  • Blunt Force Trauma – 2
  • Not Disclosed – 10

Gender of Victims;

  • Male – 27
  • Female – 4

2019 Homicide by the Month

  • January – 3
  • February – 2
  • March – 6
  • April – 2
  • May – 6
  • June – 5
  • July – 1
  • August – 3
  • September – 1
  • October – 2

2011 Homicide by the Month

  • January – 3
  • February – 4
  • March – 2
  • April – 2
  • May – 5
  • June – 1
  • July – 6 – (Includes an incident where 5 people died in an arson-related incident.)
  • August – 6
  • September – 4
  • October – 2
  • November – 1
  • December – 5

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