Thomas Orange

On Sunday, May 12, 2013, just after 1:30 am, WPS members were dispatched to the 1000 block of McIvor Ave regarding the report of a Break & Enter.

On arrival, officers met with a home owner who advised she had scared off two (2) males who broke into her attached garage.  Police subsequently checked the area with the assistance of the K9 Unit and Air1 at which time one of the suspects was located and arrested.  The second suspect was not located.

The investigation continued by members of the East District and Major Crime Units and it was learned the suspect was responsible for four (4) Break & Enters that night which included offences at the following locations:

  • 1000 block of McIvor Ave
  • 100 block of Tomkins Bay (2)
  • 100 block of Rushmore Rd

The suspect was also found to be wanted for questioning regarding an assault that occurred in the 600 block of Manitoba Ave on April 30, 2013.

Stefan Donat Mckenzie (27) of Winnipeg has been charged with several offences relating to the Break & Enters and Assault.  He was detained at the Provincial Remand Center.


Property Offenders can be extremely prolific regarding the number of crimes they commit.  Skilled property offenders can be difficult to catch and often commit dozens of Break & Enter offences before being caught.  It remains true that a relatively small number of offenders continue to be responsible for a significant percentage of crime in the City of Winnipeg.

WPS Detectives frequently solve Break & Enter rings and charge serial offenders with dozens of property crimes.

In 2006, I ran an investigation into the exploits of a serial residential B&E offender who broke into apartments in the Osborne Village area.  The offender stole property that included items such as electronic equipment, tools, jewellery, DVDs and cash totalling in excess of $50,000.00.  Roy Uriah Randell was subsequently charged with Break and Enter X 29, Break and Enter with Intent X 2, Possession of Break-In Instruments X 2 and Mischief Under $5,000.00.

Investigators suspected that Randell was likely responsible for upwards of one hundred & fifty (150) residential Break & Enter offences.  He eventually took a plea bargain deal that resulted in a sentence in the three (3) to four (4) year range, a significant sentence for a property offender.

Dozens of offenders like Randell continue to plague the City of Winnipeg.

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