Charles Johnson

On May 29th, 2013, just after 3:30 am, WPS Division #13 officers responded to the 300 block of Egez Street regarding the possible break & enter to a garage.  Upon arrival Patrol Officers, with the help of the K9 Unit and alert citizens, located a suspect who was taken into custody without incident.

The Division #13 Crime Unit continued with the investigation and learned that during the overnight hours of May 28 – May 29, 2013, a number of motor vehicles and garages were unlawfully entered with a variety of property being stolen.

In each of these incidents the vehicles and garages that were entered were not locked.

A sixteen (16) year old male youth is facing the following charges:

  • Break and Enter x 4
  • Break and Enter with Intent x 8
  • Mischief x 5

The youth was released on a Promise to Appear.

The WPS is asking citizens to remove or hide their garage door openers when leaving their vehicles in the driveways or on the street and to always remember to lock the doors to your vehicles and garages.


After receiving this reminder from the WPS I promptly went out to my driveway and secured the garage door openers from both of our vehicles as we rarely park in the garage during the summer months.

Securing your vehicles, garage doors and garage door openers will eliminate the risk of falling prey to criminal opportunists who are looking for an easy score without having to break car windows or kick in garage doors.  Two not so stealthy methods of entry that can cause enough noise to alert witnesses or victims of property crime that a crime is in progress.

Readers should also be reminded to keep valuables such as loose change or shopping bags out of sight or locked in the trunk.  Petty criminals will not hesitate to break a $500 car window to score loose change that may not even add up to $1.

Thefts like these generally increase during the summer months.

Dont be a victim, be proactive, protect your property.



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