The City of Winnipeg currently sits in third place when it comes to the ultimate crime in major Western Canadian Cities.  After the first four (4) months of 2014 the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton have secured the unenviable number one and two spots.

Homicide Rates – Western Canada

City                             Homicides                    Unsolved Cases                Solvency Rate

Calgary                           13                                         5                                          62%

Edmonton                     10                                         4                                           60%

Winnipeg                        9                                          1                                           89%

Vancouver                       5                                         4                                           20%

Regina                              2                                         0                                         100%

Saskatoon                        2                                         0                                         100%

Winnipeg City Councillor and Police Board Chair Scott Fielding recently used social media to celebrate what he suggested were, “optimistic crime stats,” trumpeting significant homicide percentage declines of 25% and 46.4% over five (5) years.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.16.49 PM

With an alarming total of five (5) homicides in the month of April, the timing of Fielding’s optimistic tweet couldn’t have been worse.  Not to mention the logic of celebrating statistics that ignore the fact Winnipeg set an all time homicide record of forty-one (41) tragic killings a few short years ago in 2011.  The previous record of thirty-four (34) murders was recorded in 2004.

Homicide will always be one of the most difficult crimes to predict and impact with traditional proactive law enforcement strategies.

The good news is the WPS Homicide Unit continues to achieve solvency rates in the 90% range while their Alberta counterparts struggle with solvency rates in the 60% range.  Vancouver currently sits with a dismal 20% solvency rate.

On May 4th, 2014 Winnipeg recorded the 9th killing of the year after Rustom Paclipan was gunned down in the Exchange District by a young thug with street gang connections.

Since Paclipan’s murder Winnipeg has experienced relative calm.

In 2013, Winnipeg recorded a total of five (5) Homicides in the month of June.

With temperatures set to rise in the weeks ahead we can anticipate a seasonal spike in gang and violent crime.

Let’s hope we don’t catch up to our Albertan counterparts.


2014 Homicides – Manner of Death;

Stabbings – 7

Shootings – 2


  1. James G Jewell

    Good observation….

  2. Calgary’s solve rate is even less impressive than it appears when you consider that two perpetrators account for seven of the homicides solved. Sounds like a total of three perpetrators responsible for eight solved cases, and five murderers still at large.

  3. Wow. A 90% solvency rate is exceptional. Maybe I should move to Winnipeg.

  4. It occurred to me that the statistics look a little different if we consider the number of perpetrators rather than the number of victims…particularly since that is where preventative efforts are more likely to have an impact. A single perpetrator was responsible for 5 homicides in Edmonton this year, and another for three in Calgary.

    We have fewer homicides so far this year, but it’s a lot closer in terms of perpetrators.

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