EDITORIALS Police Insider - Murder in River City - Year in Review

2016 Murder in River City – Year in Review

It’s never easy. Solving homicide cases is hard work. People who commit murder seldom do so during business hours and have little regard for statutory […]


The Police Beat – Insider Perspectives

“An altercation then ensued between the female and How which ended with the female stabbing him in the upper body.” That’s how Police described the […]


Keeping the Conversation Surreal – Spillett, Bennett Distort Reality

It was the first true test of leadership for newly anointed Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth. On November 29, 2016, the Winnipeg Police Service Public […]


Making a Murderer Litigator Explores Bigger Picture in Avery Case

So that was interesting. On Wednesday evening, I attended a special event sponsored by the Criminal Defence Lawyers Association (CDLA) of Manitoba called, “An Evening with […]


Court Ruling Reinforces “Child Soldier” Gang Strategy

A recent Court of Queens Bench ruling plays directly into the strategy employed by the elder statesmen who run Winnipeg street gangs. That strategy – use child soldiers […]


More Than One Line Crossed in City Cops Arrest

It seems more than one line may have been crossed last week in the aftermath of a lengthy investigation that took down a front line […]


Police Provide Update on Killings

The WPS Homicide Unit has made progress but still has work to do after catching murder cases on consecutive days. On June 22, 2016, at […]


The Wolfe Brothers – Founding Fathers or Forgettable Street Thugs?

I’ve watched with interest as respected journalists debate the relevance of infamous Indian Posse Street Gang founding fathers Richard Daniel Wolfe and his brother Daniel Richard Wolfe. […]