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Money matters.

It matters to all of us.

It matters more to George and Kirk Chase of Chase Financial Services.

George Chase has worked in the financial services industry since May of 1986.  He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1985 with a Degree in Commerce (Honors) and has crunched numbers ever since.  After working in the industry for several years, George made the courageous decision to venture out on his own and started Chase Financial.

His son Kirk joined Chase Financial in January of 2011 after graduating from the Asper School of Business majoring in Finance and Accounting.  He is currently working to obtain his CFP – Certified Financial Planners designation.  Although a relative newcomer to the financial services industry, Kirk is a quick study and has a great mentor in George.

The Chase Financial philosophy is simple; trust, values and principles matter.  Principals and values like honesty, integrity and dependability.

I’ve known George for around seventeen (17) years and have seen the depth of his character and can attest to the fact he strictly adheres to these values and principles when it comes to all of his business and personal relationships.  George is a communicator who never leaves you wondering what’s going on in the global financial scene.  When markets are volatile and contract you can be sure George will be contacting you to allay your fears and give you solid, grounded financial guidance.

As a recent retiree, George’s financial planning guidance was critical.  His knowledge of the Police Pension Plan was a definite asset as he helped me adjust my strategy to significantly limit my tax liability.

One of the best investment strategies George has shared with me related to the tax benefits that maximization of  TFSA’s (Tax Free Savings Accounts) contributions can provide to an investor.  George believes that TFSA’s are one of the best investment vehicles that currently exist yet they continue to be under utilized by many investors.

George also notes that many people don’t realize that income and capitol gains earned inside TFSA’s are not subject to taxation and that TFSA investments are not limited to investments in low-interest savings accounts.  The truth is, TFSA’s can be invested in GIC’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

Investments in TSFA’s are subject to maximums, however, there are many important rules pertaining to unused contributions and re-investing money that has been withdrawn from TSFA’s.

A question often posed to George is, “Am I better off investing in TSFA’s or RRSP’s?”  The answer is that every investor’s situation is different and that big picture thinking and sound financial advice from experienced financial planning professionals is essential.

As a father and former supervisor of dozens of young professionals, I was shocked by the number of generation Z’s who simply haven’t taken a proactive approach to their financial planning.  Many of you have no idea what the benefits of investing in TFSA’s are.  One thing is certain, you’ll never regret the time you take to develop a solid financial plan.

It’s all about taking the time to ensure you have a solid strategic plan.

Can you really afford to keep putting it off?

Do yourself a favor, contact the financial planning professionals at Chase Financial.

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