Christopher Campbell took his first step towards securing a not criminally responsible finding in the murder of a woman in a residence located at 1185 Alexander Ave on April 13, 2013.

Judge Brian Colli set the wheels in motion after ordering a psychiatric assessment of the accused killer who is believed to have significant mental health issues.  Those issues were confirmed by the WPS when they issued a public warning indicating Campbell had been treated for mental illness in the past and was suspected to be “off” his medication.

“Caution should be used if approached by Campbell as his behaviour may be unpredictable and he may be violent,” the news release said.

Campbell was subsequently arrested in Downtown Regina without incident.

The WPS has been tight-lipped with information regarding the incident and have yet to release the cause of death or identity of the victim.  Media reports suggest the victim was Campbell’s mother.  Police Insider sources confirm these reports and also indicate the woman’s death was caused by blunt force trauma.

The case was remanded to June 3, 2013.


2013-05-02-1447 HRS

Police confirm victim’s identity as Rosina Campbell (61), mother of accused killer Christopher Campbell.

Police indicate victim suffered upper body injuries.


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  2. well mr.james, i am the youngest of three sisters well now down to two oh and not to mention our father had everthing taken from him at 85 years old. just 2 days after his birthday he starved himself to death . see rosina had a unsigned will and forced my father to sign the house over to her with instructions if for any reason she should go the remaining prfofits from sale of the housewould be split . well of course she paid the ultimate price but it dosent mean extortion is legal? because of her shadyness the son that foud her didnt even hounor the will which clearly stated if rosina dies first the house shares would be divided. between myself, bill gastl (brother) gabriel patrick(sister) and the boys were only to get rosinas share. im telling you this because my father had a broken collar bone at seven oaks hsptl the day the murder too place. he admitted that chris did that to him and was so frightend to be alone until he was captured.so after living in a home for fifty years my dad was left for dead. he was a good man and the deseption litterally killed him . for three days i lyed with my daddy in the hospital i was told he wouldnt take any water or food the deseption was just too much for him. even though i saw my dad off id be lying if i said i wish i could go with him.i have so much more to tell you but i will leave you with this.CHRISTORPHER CAMPBELL is far from crazy he is smart and calculating. all i ask is dont let him make you belive because he will take anyone down in his path. yes he is a monster and needs to be put in a cage to rot. our family has lost a sister a father and all that we thought was good is bad.

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