City of Winnipeg – Help Wanted Spin Doctors Please Apply

54/365: Serving My Sentence

WPS PIO Cst Jason Michalyshen announced today that since early April 2013, members of the WPS have responded to several strong-arm robbery incidents at various locations in Winnipeg.  These locations include Downtown, Osborne Village and the West End.

(This announcement undoubtedly sent crime stat spin doctors at City Hall into a virtual frenzy, especially in light of their result claims of significant crime reductions in the Downtown area.)

Although these incidents are being investigated individually, some similarities have been noted.

The investigations revealed the victim’s were confronted by one or two suspects demanding money and/or property. An undisclosed amount of cash and personal property has been reported stolen. The victims were not injured.  During some of these occasions, the suspects identified themselves as undercover police officers.

The suspects are described as:

  • Males, Caucasian, in their 20’s, medium builds and between 160-180 lbs.

These incidents are being investigated by members of the Division 11 Crime Unit. Anyone with information regarding these matters is asked to contact investigators at 204-986-6668 or Crime Stoppers at 204 786-TIPS (8477).


Offences with similarities are often committed by “serial offenders.”

Serial offenders, or offenders who commit a significant string of crimes, often duplicate certain successful traits of their crimes.  They develop a certain skill set and perfect their crime of choice using the same repetitive techniques.  Simply put, criminals tend to do what works best for them and can become quite prolific at their chosen craft.

It’s these repetitive acts that assist law enforcement in identifying patterns that can assist investigators in developing proactive investigations to these types of crime sprees.

These offenders rarely stop on their own and often require an “intervention” of sorts, courtesy of Law Enforcement.

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