DEADLY WEEKEND IN MURDER CITY – WPS Records Three Unrelated Killings


The WPS have recorded three (3) unrelated killings so far this Canada Day long weekend.

The first incident occurred on Saturday, June 29 at approximately 2:15 am when Police were dispatched to an address in the 400 block of Pritchard Ave regarding the report of a stabbing.  On arrival officers located two male victims suffering from stab wounds.  Both victims were transported to hospital in critical condition.  One of the victims was later upgraded to stable condition.

Sadly, the other victim, identified as John James Allan Lund (25) succumbed to his injuries.

Police investigation revealed that several people had been socializing at a residence when a verbal altercation escalated to the point that one of the partygoers armed himself with a weapon and assaulted the two victims.  The suspect then fled the scene but was located and subsequently arrested without incident.

Police have charged Anton Joseph BigGeorge (22) with several offences including 2nd Degree Murder and Attempt Murder.

BigGeorge was detained at the Provincial Remand Center.

The second incident occurred  just after 4:30 am when Police responded to an address in the 400 block of Manitoba Ave regarding the report of a stabbing.  Upon arrival officers located an adult male victim suffering from stab wounds.  The male was transported to Hospital in critical condition and has since succumbed to his injuries.  The victim was subsequently identified as Michael James Flett (30).  No suspects have been arrested at this point.  An autopsy is pending to determine the cause of death.  The investigation is ongoing.

The third incident occurred on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 5:30 am when members of the WPS were dispatched to the 300 block of Langside Street regarding a check the wellbeing call.  Upon arrival officers located a male who had been assaulted.  The victim was transported to hospital in critical condition and has since succumbed to his injuries.  No suspects have been arrested and the investigation is continuing.


These recent killings represent Murders #11, #12 & #13 for 2013.

The WPS reported a total of five (5) murders in the month of June this year.  Although this is a significant number of killings for a City the size of Winnipeg these numbers are certainly not unprecedented.

In January 2009, the WPS reported six (6) killings in the month of January.

In June 2011, the WPS also reported six (6) killings, this number included five (5) deaths in one transaction after convicted killer Lulonda Flett set fire to a Point Douglas residence in a misguided plot to exact revenge on her boyfriends mother and sister who she believed “ratted” her out to the Police.  Flett plead guilty to five counts of Manslaughter and received five concurrent life sentences.  After discounts for good behaviour and soft Canadian Justice bonus points are awarded, Flett is likely to secure parole by 2018.

See Insider Story “Deaf, Dumb & Blind – Canadian Justice at it’s Worst” for details.


Previous dates when Winnipeg has recorded Homicide #13:

  • 2012 – April 24
  • 2011 – May 14 (Record Year – 41 Homicides)
  • 2010 – September 4
  • 2009 – June 30
  • 2008 – April 20
  • 2007 – July 12
  • 2006 – September 6
  • 2005 – July 1
  • 2004 – June 12 (Previous Record Year – 34 Homicides)
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  1. James G Jewell

    Thanks for making that connection for us….

    Glorifying people in death is not an uncommon trait in our society.

    Nonetheless, when it comes to murder, as a former Homicide investigator and supervisor, value judgements are something that I just don’t make in relation to a victim of the ultimate crime.

    No one has the right to take a human life, not even a bad guys.

    But I do appreciate where you are coming from….thanks for commenting.

  2. Phil Friesen

    John James Allen Lund is being described on the CBC webite as being “a ‘gentle young man,’ says aunt”. But less than 5 years ago he was anything but gentle.


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