DINE IN OR TAKE OUT – Prison Food for Robbery Suspect


Between February & March 2013 several commercial robberies took place at businesses involving a lone male suspect armed with a knife.  During the robberies, the suspect confronted employees and demanded cash.  An undisclosed amount of cash was obtained in each instance however, no injuries were reported.

The crime spree featured the following incidents:

  • February 9 – Restaurant 1000 block of Mcphillips St
  • February 10 – 2100 block of Mcphillips St
  • March 23 – 2100 block of Mcphillips St
  • March 24 – 2600 block of Mcphillips St
  • March 28 – 2600 block of Mcphillips St
  • March 28 – 2600 block of Mcphillips St

After a lengthy investigation involving uniform Patrol members, CSI Unit & Major Crimes Unit, the male suspect was identified and arrested.

On May 14, 2013, Jonas Chaikowsky (39) was arrested and charged with Robbery with a Weapon x 6 and Disguise with Intent x 6 due to his alleged involvement.

Chaikowsky was detained at the Provincial Remand Center.


The majority of people who take part in Robbery offences do so to feed an addiction of one sort or another.  These offenders are usually looking for quick cash so they can get drunk or high.

The fact that Chaikowsky preyed on businesses in a narrow geographical area indicates he likely resided in near the establishments he preyed upon.

In 1996, Jose Manuel Ferreira (28) was charged with twelve (12) counts of Robbery and twelve (12) counts of Disguise with Intent after he held up a dozen gas stations and convenience stores in the St Vital area.  Ferreira also brandished a knife during the commission of his crimes and stabbed a clerk during his last offence. The clerk was treated at hospital and released.  Ferreira’s crimes were also committed in a narrow geographical area.

Ferreira was subsequently sentenced to seven (7) years in prison.

Chaikowsky will likely be dining in for the next few years.

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