Double Digits for Hells Angel


Outlaw Motorcycle Gangster Dale Sweeney (43) caught a double-digit sentence yesterday after pleading guilty to charges related to trafficking in aid of a criminal organization and possession of proceeds of crime.

Justice Rick Saull accepted a joint Crown/Defense recommendation for an eleven (11) year jail sentence after the guilty pleas were entered.  Sweeney was busted in project Flatline, a joint WPS/RCMP investigation that targeted the Hells Angels and its puppet club Redlined.   Sweeney participated in running a high level trafficking operation which saw between one (1) and two (2) kilo bricks of cocaine being sold every month on the streets of Winnipeg.  He was one (1) of nine (9) gangsters who went down in the highly successful Police operation.

The Crown alleged the operation was netting more than $100,000 per month in drug sales.

Sweeney was collared in March of 2012 at Winnipeg International Airport as he was about to leave with his wife for a vacation to Jamaica.  After receiving credit for one (1) year time served, Sweeney will have ten (10) more years left to serve on his sentence.  As part of the plea bargain, Sweeney forfeited his home in Waverley West, two (2) Harley Davidson Motorcycles and cash.  In all, approximately $500,000 worth of cash and assets were seized by the Feds.

Sweeney was a former Los Bravos Motorcycle Gang member and became one of Manitoba’s original Hells Angels members when the Bravos “patched over” in the year 2000.


Many Police Officer’s in Winnipeg regard Dale Sweeney as an intelligent criminal who preferred to stay under the radar and not be in the face of Law Enforcement, a tactic preferred by his older brother, Hells Angels Gang member Rod Sweeney.

His business acumen was unquestioned.

At one time, Dale Sweeney played the role of President of the Manitoba Chapter of the Hells Angels.

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