EVAN MAUD – Back in the Hot Water


On April 14, 2013 infamous star light rider Evan Maud (22) found himself back in jail after police allege they found him on Dudley Ave in an intoxicated state.  Maud was bound by a probation order prohibiting him from the consumption of alcohol.

Maud was released on bail and his charges were remanded to May 15.

As you may recall, Maud became a poster boy for Nation wide Police haters in December of 2010 when he alleged two members of the Winnipeg Police Service essentially kidnapped and dumped him on the outskirts of the City.  He further alleged the officers made him take off some of his clothing and threatened to taser him before leaving him to his own devices in the darkness of an unforgiving cold winter night.

Maud’s allegations went into the gutter after detailed analysis of Police cruiser GPS data and other evidence proved his allegations against the Police were complete fabrications.  In February 2013, Maud made a highly publicized apology in which he said sorry but little else.  No explanation for the fabrication and no frank admission that he actually lied.

Criminal charges related to Maud’s prevarications were stayed after he made his apology.

At the time of the apology I questioned the logic of a consequence free resolution.

It seemed to me that “sorry” just wasn’t enough given that reputations of Police Officers were tarnished, relationships with the Aboriginal Community were bruised and an expensive investigation was required to resolve the matter.  At some point, Evan Maud needs to learn that bad behaviour comes with consequences.

Sorry is a meaningless word when it comes with no action behind it.

Maybe this time around some compulsory education courtesy of AFM and a few hours of community service work might be the medicine Mr Maud needs.  Whatever the Courts decide, I hope “sorry” isn’t good enough.


THE POWER OF WORDS – Sometimes Sorry Just Isn’t Enough

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