Daniel Andrew Campbell (23) finds himself in a bit of a jam.

He’s facing a potential “dangerous offender” designation pending the results of an evaluation to be performed by Ontario forensic psychiatrist Dr Philip Klassen.  Such a finding would mean that Campbell would receive an indeterminate sentence and remain behind bars until he is deemed to no longer be a risk to public safety.

Campbell got here largely because of his recent conviction for Aggravated Assault in a vicious January 21, 2012 home invasion assault and robbery of an eighty-eight (88) year old woman.  He targeted the frail 5’2,” 110 pound woman after he spotted her getting on a transit bus in the Downtown area.    After trailing the victim to her apartment, Campbell knocked on the door and sucker punched her to gain entry.

After falling to the ground the attack continued.

“And that’s when I punched her again, like when she got up. And that’s when she had a whole bunch of bleeding,” Campbell said during his interview with WPS Detective Cam Mackid.

“Why did you feel you had to punch her, what happened that made you think you had to punch her?” asked Mackid.

“I don’t know, just to be in control,” Campbell said.

It was a sharp mind that kept this case from becoming a murder trial.  Much like a hiker in the forest being mauled by a bear, the quick thinking elderly woman’s survival instincts kicked in.  It was brilliant, when being attacked by an animal, one best play dead.  And the best part is, it worked.

“But I think if I wouldn’t have played dead, he would have probably killed me before he left,” the woman said. “But I just closed my eyes and lay still. As soon as he left, I crawled to the door and I called for help.”

Odds are the victim’s right.  I have little doubt Campbell would have killed her if she had offered any real resistance.

It was an interview of a neighbour published at the time of the incident that really drove home the horrific nature of Campbell’s attack, “I couldn’t even see her eyes. Her face was completely red, It looked like her face was in a blender.”

So what do we do with the Daniel Campbell’s of the world?

I know there are plenty of bleeding hearts out there that advocate for offenders like Campbell and want to see them enjoy every benefit that our soft Canadian Justice System has to offer them.

You may be shocked to learn I’m not a strong proponent of the widespread use of detention centers for common criminal offenders.    My faith in the rehabilitation potential of Corrections died decades ago.  Jails have evolved into nothing more than gang recruitment centers and trade schools for common criminals.

The one thing jails are good for is protecting society by warehousing rabid dogs like Campbell.

The problem with Campbell, and the legions of violent criminals I’ve bumped heads with that are just like him, is they are simply evil human beings.  They are dangerous, volatile, unpredictable violent predators who are constantly looking for their next victim (s).

Imagine what kind of person it takes to target the most vulnerable members of our society, the frail elderly female.

Imagine what kind of person it takes to stalk an eighty-eight (88) year old woman whose greatest crime was having the misfortune of crossing your path.

Imagine what kind of person it takes to follow an eighty-eight (88) year old woman on a transit bus with the intention of breaking into her home and robbing her.

Imagine what kind of person it takes to punch an eighty-eight (88) year old woman in the face when she opens her door to greet you.

Imagine what kind of person it takes to rob an eighty-eight (88) year old woman and not be satisfied with you bounty.  Imagine having the need to viciously beat, punch and kick her.

Imagine being asked to explain the motive behind your violent criminal behaviour and the only answer you have is, “I don’t know, just to be in control.”

Now imagine the victim is your Grandmother.


I’m not a forensic psychiatrist but I know one thing.  Whether designated a dangerous offender or not, Daniel Andrew Campbell will always be a violent, dangerous human being.  He’s just wired that way.  Society will always need to be protected from him.

Evil isn’t the most dangerous thing afflicting our society.  The most dangerous thing afflicting our society is the naive belief that all men are good and worthy of redemption.

Some men are just evil, and evil is as evil does.

Let’s hope the Judge gets it right.


Campbell was also charged with robbery in an unrelated purse snatching of an elderly woman on January 17, 2012.  The victim was not injured.


Winnipeg Sun – James Turner – “Dangerous Offender Status Considered Against Drifter.”

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