Gang Life Catches Up to IP Thugs – Gangsters Catch Double Digits

IP Gangster (FB)

It was just a matter of time.

Justice finally caught up to one of Winnipeg’s most notorious Indian Posse gangsters yesterday, a high-ranking hardcore thug with a penchant for violent street justice.

Michael (Mikey) Guimond (35) appeared before Provincial Court Judge Brian Corrin yesterday to be sentenced on charges of manslaughter and unlawfully causing harm in association with a criminal organization.

Guimond and his partner in crime, IP gangster Warren Darren Flett (26) plead guilty to the charges earlier this year.

The case involved the senseless gang related killing of rival teen gangster Paris Bruce (16).  Bruce was a member of the Mob Squad, a rival gang involved in slinging crack and other nefarious criminal activities.

On September 4, 2013, Bruce played a role in an ill-fated hostile takeover attempt of an Indian Posse crack shack.

The problem was he had no idea who he was “F-ing” with.

He probably didn’t know Guimond was an original gangster with a long violent pedigree that included involvement in several notable Winnipeg killings.

He probably didn’t know Guimond was an original gangster with a long violent pedigree that included involvement in several notable Winnipeg killings.

When Guimond and his pack of rabid dogs caught up with Bruce the teen had little chance of survival.

In a scene that must have been reminiscent of a great white shark feeding frenzy, Bruce was punched, kicked, stabbed and beaten to death.

The post-mortem examination identified a total of twenty-nine (29) external injuries, fourteen (14) areas of injury to the head and neck and nine (9) distinct areas of injury to his brain.

He died from massive trauma to the head.

It was just another day at the office for Michael Guimond, a man who seems to have murder running through the every strand of his DNA.

The Court heard Guimond and Flett both have extensive criminal records for assault, assault police officers, assault with a weapon and assault cause bodily harm.  In fact, they’ve been convicted of several violent attacks that left their victims hospitalized.

Guimond’s had varying degrees of involvement in several killings in Winnipeg.

A History of Gang Violence

In December 1997 Food Fare store employee Jeff Giles (22) was shot in the face and killed by Indian Posse street gang thugs during a robbery attempt.  Michael Guimond’s brother Norman Guimond was one of several thugs convicted in the killing.

Michael Guimond was charged, convicted and subsequently acquitted for uttering threats to the Giles family.

In May 2000, Guimond was involved in the brutal gang related killing of Adrian Scott Bruyere (19) who was stabbed and beaten to death after he was caught “slippin” on IP turf.  Bruyere’s brother and best friend were stabbed and beaten during the attack.

Guimond was originally charged with 1st degree murder but was the benefactor of a plea bargain arrangement that saw him plead out to a charge of assault cause bodily harm.

He subsequently received an eighteen (18) month conditional sentence.

(The primary killer in the case was convicted of Manslaughter and was later killed in prison.)

In May 2006, Guimond and two other thugs were charged with 2nd degree murder in connection with the New Year’s Eve shooting death of Ryan Neufeld (20).

The case fell apart before it could go to trial and the charges were dropped.

The Crown

The Crown was represented by Senior Crown Attorney Brent Davidson, an experienced litigator who specializes in gang crime.  Davidson argued both offenders were deserving of life sentences for their involvement in Bruce’s killing.

In doing so, he emphasized the need to protect the public and to deter and denounce violent crime.  Davidson stressed the youthful age of the victim should be considered an aggravated factor for sentencing.

He recommended consecutive five (5) year sentences for the participation in criminal organization charges.

The Defense

Guimond was represented by experienced criminal defense attorney Mr. Darren Sawchuk, a man I’ve locked horns with during many criminal trials.

Sawchuk asked the court to consider a sentence of four (4) years for the manslaughter charge and one (1) year consecutive for the criminal organization charge.

Flett was represented by capable criminal defense attorney Sara Inness.

Inness asked the court to consider a sentence of seven (7) – eight (8) years on the manslaughter charge and one (1) year consecutive for the criminal organization charge.

Both lawyers asked for the offenders to receive dead time credit of 1.5 for every 1 day served in pre-trial custody.

The Decision

Judge Corrin painstakingly reviewed the specifics of the case in excruciating detail while delivering the sentence.

The pace of the proceedings prompted Winnipeg Free Press crime reporter Mike McIntyre to tweet;

 @MikeonCrime Twitter
@mikeoncrime Twitter

As the proceedings approached the apex, Corrin delved into the oft controversial Gladue sentencing principles.

Gladue principles are race based sentencing considerations designed to recognize the plight of Aboriginal people and the many issues they face in Canadian society and criminal justice.

Issues like racism, discrimination and over-representation in crime, gangs, prison and child welfare systems. Social issues like physical or sexual abuse, child welfare removal, substance abuse, FASD, health and developmental issues and the effects of residential schools.

Corrin artfully dismissed the idea of providing the accused killers any benefit of a reduced sentence courtesy of the Gladue principles indicating the crime was about the, “Unscrupulous pursuit of easy money.”

“This case was about anti-social, predatory gang violence.  The accused were protecting their little cash cow, the crack shack, from falling into the hands of a rival gang.”

Corrin called the offenders “hardened criminals” and made a distinction between young impressionable gang members and, “mature adult gang associated offenders.”

He suggested there was no practical connection between Gladue factors and the conscious choice of mature adults to participate in a sophisticated, profitable drug trafficking business.

“This case was about anti-social, predatory gang violence.  The accused were protecting their little cash cow, the crack shack, from falling into the hands of a rival gang.”

He then proceeded to sentence Guimond to nine (9) years for manslaughter and three (3) years consecutive for the criminal organization charge.

Flett was determined to have a higher degree of involvement in the killing and was sentenced to twelve (12) years for manslaughter and three (3) years consecutive for the criminal organization charge.

Both offenders received approximately three (3) year sentence reductions for pre-trial time in custody after receiving the 1.5 – 1 credit.

Was the Crown overreaching by requesting life sentences?

It was clear from the decision Judge Corrin never gave serious consideration to sentencing Guimond or Flett to life sentences, rather he chose to rely on sentencing principles previously articulated in other manslaughter cases.

Was justice served?

I think not.

Guimond and Flett represent the absolute worst kind of offender in criminal justice.  Committed, hard-core gangster criminals responsible for destroying young lives by violence or by conscription into street gangs.

Long time card-carrying members of the most violent criminal street gang in the City of Winnipeg.  Remorseless killers who traffic in despair, sacrifice the safety of our communities and target their own people for destruction.

If not them, who might deserve a life sentence?

Value Judgements

I urge you to resist the temptation to place a value judgement on the victim in this case.

Some may express the opinion he got what he deserved by virtue of his participation in a rival street gang.

I’ve met dozens of these kids and have been shocked at how impressionable and vulnerable they are to the influence and control of older gang members.

We call these kids “child soldiers.”

Child Soldiers

Paris Bruce was typical of many Aboriginal teenaged kids who get sucked into the gang life by older recruiters who convert them into child soldiers.

Disposable kids who are often assaulted, intimidated and brutalized by older gang members in their pursuit of cash and control of turf.

Young men who do the gangs heavy lifting, guarding crack shacks, slinging drugs, participating in assaults, drive by shootings and murders.

For them, the road almost always ends in the morgue or a 4′ x 8′ jail cell.

Once they’re up on murder charges they invariably find themselves sitting alone in the prisoners box.  The courtroom void of the pretenders who promised them solidarity, loyalty and the unbreakable bond of brotherhood.

When the shit comes down these kids ultimately find themselves alone.

It’s a reality underlined by Senior Crown Attorney Carla Dewar during an IP gangsters sentencing hearing;

“This case illustrates exactly what happens when a gang turns on itself. This should send a message to all gang members.  Do not trust anyone, even each other. The boys you think are your bro’s will throw you to the wolves in a second.”

It’s called the false promise of gang life.


  1. James G Jewell


    Thats a great question.

  2. Kelly Littlewolfe

    How many people did they actually kill!!!!??????????????????????

  3. God did not create robots. The beauty of creating humans was so that we could make our own choices and think for ourselves. Yes, the system has failed many aboriginals and as a result, there are many social issues. We are allowed to blame the system . However, people still have a conscience and base their choices on it. The system did not make them do it. They knew right from wrong. These young men knew exactly what they were doing and knew exactly what was wrong with their choices. They knew the consequences.

  4. Fuck that guy! I’m native, (Ojibway to be exact) this wasn’t a racial killing. The guy is a grown adult beating kids to death. He deserves to be shot in the legs and left in a pit where a lion can tear his bitch ass apart. Fucking waste of skin. Shouldn’t even be allowed to live his life in a cell.

  5. Tansi everyone. This has nothing to do with race. It is outright criminal activity. Gangs have come n gone but it is always the young and vulnerable that are recruited. Its getting to the point that even the color of your clothes or hat or bandana make you a target. Its pretty far gone and hopefully we can turn it around and gain back our freedoms and our ability to be safe in our own environment. Ive known some gang members but i dont associate with criminals and what they do. I pray everyday for a change and for the good of everyone. Idk make and send all gang members to share the same prison and maybe they will finish each other and save the taxpayers millions of dollars. So parent n caregivers take the time to save these kids at a very early age. Intervention and prevention are the keys to stopping gang activity. Our ceremonies n customs help immensely. But like i said you have to want to help them quit that life. Then maybe the missing and murdered women and girls will have not died in vain. I believe that some of these gangs are involved in these acts commited against women and girls. And yes theyre mostly native. And these gangs will not stop until we stop them.

  6. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Race has nothing to do with it. Move on and grow with the real world. Horrible things happen to great people all the time and it’s unfortunate but race has nothing to do with it.

  7. James G Jewell


    That would be, “An idiot must have “written” this.”

    Thank you for commenting.

  8. An idiot must have wrote this, or someone that can’t find inspiration or creativity to become a screen writer.

  9. It’s really easy for people to hold out the race card and say “I’m aboriginal” but we also have to remember that it was not long ago that just being black segregated you from the legal system. That fight was generations of people learning to understand we are all worth the same no matter your skin color or religion or values, and its unfortunately still a fight. At the end of the day everything that natives and Asians and every other race has fought for is equality. If someone treats another human with ill will or physical harm or death they should be treated and tried the same. Race is not something anyone should fall back on as an excuse.

  10. IDGAF WHAT your race, age or gender is. You commit a crime of violence and/or tyranny against your fellow law-abiding human? Then every one of you thugs out there better thank your lucky stars that Francis William Castle is just a fictional Marvel character. But every one of you anger me enough that I would not mind one bit to start training last week.

  11. The judges and his defense lawyers should have custody of this pos when he’s out.

  12. James G Jewell


    I appreciate the fact you are sharing your true feelings…

    My favourite saying – “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”

    When it comes to gangs, the Police Officers I worked with could have cared less if they were Aboriginal or not…

    We policed predominately white motor cycle gangs with as much or more vigour than we did the Aboriginal street gangs…

    We knew the biker gangs were pulling the strings for the street gangs..

    The Officers I worked with were driven by the urge to fight crime and could have cared less about race. The media constantly reinforces the racial divide and works to undermine the relationship between Aboriginal people and Law Enforcement.

    I think more and more people are becoming aware of issue related to crime and the Aboriginal Community and want to see positive change.

    I agree with you, its time to put negativity behind us and work for a brighter future.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  13. James

    The police where I live are very racist….if you are an aboriginal you are probably guilty of something…it’s sad but true.

    If they were a white gang and not an aboriginal gang…I wonder if you all would feel the same…..
    I really didn’t want to play the race card, but it is what it is….and this is how we were treated by society. I get that it’s time that we all move on and live in peace.

  14. James G Jewell


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

    What you describe is very common.

    Put all of these gangsters together in a cage and watch them interact with each other. What you see is false bravado, aggression and the quintessential definition of gang mentality.

    Get these young men in a room by themselves and you get to see them for who and what they really are…scared little boys who would get out of the game if they had opportunity and options.

    Everything changes when you add alcohol, drugs, testostorone and of course, numbers.

    Get them in a gang and you are correct, they can be extremely frightening.

    Experience in the game tells me very few of these young men are truly hardcore dangerous gangsters.

    Appreciate your comments.

  15. James G Jewell


    Great advice.

    Thanks for commenting.

  16. James G Jewell


    Do you really believe the Police have it in for you?

    Thats unfortunate because Police Officers across our Country and in our City help Aboriginal victims of crime every day in many ways.

    Sadly, you have bought into the false narrative perpetuated by main stream media that focuses negative attention on Law Enforcement and drives a wedge between the Aboriginal Community and those who serve and protect.

    Who do think answers the 911 calls made by Aboriginal victims of crime, who takes their statements, charges their abusers and represents them in our criminal justice system. Police Officers are the people on the front lines dealing with the offenders, habitual criminals and violent street gangs who make money exploiting young Aboriginal women.

    The Police are not the enemy.

    It’s time people started figuring that out.

  17. I worked as a corrections officer at the jail both of these offenders were housed at. I’ve had many conversations with not only them but the rest of the IP that is there. They are very vocal about the life they life. It’s all fun and a big joke to them. They think it’s hilarious to “beat someone senseless” I can honestly say working with them and being in the same room as 16 of them at a time is extremely frightening. You have no idea what is going through their head. They do not think like “normal” people. It’s unfortunate the little amount of time they got. They deserved much longer.

  18. I find it sad that the people, all involved, have probably never had the feeling of someone who cared for them unconditionally, and that they have had to look for it in these gangs, a so called “brotherhood” where you are a part of a family until you’re in trouble. It’s hilarious that they throw into the news report that these “children” were a part of the child welfare system, without regarding how the government plans to change the cycle they have started. The government is blaming the problem they created, and it’s a part of the cycle, and until each person in this circle has the help they need, the government and the news should stop making it a problem between the First Nations and the law, and acknowledge it is the problem it is, otherwise it’s going to continue to get worse. Some people need more help than others. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  19. Society had a lot to do with how this gang got started. Being an aboriginal we already have one strike against us, so the justice system especially the police force already have in for us…

  20. James G Jewell


    I had to think long and hard before I posted your comment…

    Ultimately, I think its important for readers to see your comment so they can have a glimpse into the mind and perspective of a person entrenched in the hardcore gang subculture in Winnipeg.

    Most people in Winnipeg never meet people like you, talk to people like you or even care about people like you and thats unfortunate.

    The gang subculture is very real in our City and has an big impact on the security and safety of all our citizens.

    At some point in your life you may realize the false promise of gang life is an empty promise that leads most gangsters to prison or the grave yard.

    Thats the truth.

  21. Fu@# those slob fuks i punched out mikey as a young Deucer in the remand then he ordered me dogged cause hes a goof and cant fight unless he has 5 or 6 guys with knives i know cause i dealt with mikey and that goof D.K and normy and montser they called him theres only 1 gd slob and thats a dead 1 rest in hell D.K real name is wayne michelle

  22. Douglas Smith

    Hmm… “Justice finally caught up to one of Winnipeg’s most notorious Indian Posse gangsters yesterday”… so a long history of violence and a murder of a teenage “rival” results in 3 meals a day, a warm bed, fitness equipment, walk in the yard, activities, television and educational resources… some call that retirement not justice. My sympathy extends to the family. Again society fails one another.

  23. You all don’t even know.

  24. When this man gets out of jail if ever he will be too old to be a threat to the younger generation of thugs.
    This man will eventually become a victim just like the victims he has brutalized over the years.
    There is no end to this self induced violence of gang life, all street level gangsters are expendable.

  25. The law makers, when they passed the law that parents could be charged with assault and their children apprehended, played a crucial part in the creation of gangs. Not only that but movies that glorified gang life. I, for one did not obey that law of correcting my children and today they are contributors to society. They have families and they work hard for the lives, they created for themselves. They have respect for their families, elders and most of all themselves. I come from a background of residential school syndrome, I lived on the reservations, I was caught up in the welfare system, but one thing I did different and it was with the help of Jesus Christ, was that I took full responsibility for myself and the decisions I made. I hope and pray for our leaders that they will make good decisions, real soon!!!!! God Bless

  26. James G Jewell

    It makes me sick.

    Life is cheap in Canada.

    Sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for commenting.

  27. James G Jewell


    Comparing CFS to hardcore gang members committing murder….

  28. James G Jewell


    Have you ever been to northern reserve?

  29. James G Jewell

    If you’re so proud of what you do then why drop an anonymous comment?

  30. James G Jewell


    Interesting comments.

    Not sure you can lay it all off on law enforcement and the courts and leave law makers and politicians off the hook.

    Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  31. James G Jewell


    It’s a well known fact that jail these days is essentially a gang recruitment center.

    Regardless, I’m with you….

    “Life is what you make it.”

    Glad to hear you are doing well…

    Thank you for commenting.

  32. James G Jewell


    Let me know how the gang life is working for you in ten years from now.

    My bet, you’ll be dead or in prison.

  33. James G Jewell


    You have a way with words.

    Appreciate your comments.

  34. James G Jewell


    Appreciate your comments.

  35. James G Jewell


    You make some very valid points.

    Thank you for commenting.

  36. James G Jewell


    Glad to hear you got out of the gang life.

    It’s not an easy thing to do.

    If you are on a good path then you shouldn’t have to worry about the Police or Justice System.

    As far as racists go, they will always be out there, your success weakens them.

    Thanks for commenting.

  37. James G Jewell


    You are correct.

    Change has to come from within.

    Taking responsibility and control of your life is equally important.

    Nice to see you’re on a good path.

    Appreciate your comments.

  38. James G Jewell


    I agree, the sad thing is these guys most often victimize their own people.

    Thanks for commenting.

  39. James G Jewell


    Parenting, or lack of it, is definitely a very significant issue when it comes to kids joining street gangs.

    Thank you for commenting.

  40. James G Jewell

    A lot of people who read this article are calling for the death penalty.

    Don’t see us getting there in my lifetime.

  41. That’s the justice system in Canada you get a slap on the wrist for murder…my brother was stabbed and killed in Prince Albert Saskatchewan and it was over a girl…the murderer only got 2 years less a day!! You called that justice?!! I don’t think so…Canada needs to toughen up it’s laws!!! Period!!

  42. Ffs u ain’t shit lol… just low life Indians trying to play posse lol…

  43. Sound’s like Child and Family Services getting away with all the childeren tortured and murdered in their care, Same Style.

  44. Natives need to quit acting like they’re in Compton! This is Canada!!!

  45. Fuck IP, sniffers and smokers, that’s all they are. Mob we run shit.

  46. Professional law enforcement, and the courts, are largely responsible for creating the gang problem everywhere it exists. Police agencies haven’t just enforced laws, they’ve lobbied for their own self interest, misrepresenting situations and enforcing laws selectively to suit a ‘long term growth’ agenda, like any other business.

    By continuing to make statements against legalization, by continuing to promote prohibitionist ideology in regards to drugs and prostitution, the police and the politicians they partner with have ensured that organized crime is a lucrative business. If all these gangs controlled were thefts and violent robberies, and kidnapping victims for prostitution, because everything else is legal, they would be much smaller and have no public sympathy whatsoever, no invisibility within the community.

    Police choose to enforce prostitution laws in such a way that it allows large criminal organizations to get away with kidnapping, extortion and child-rape because police are looking for ‘easy scores’ by going after women operating independent escort agencies, then police wave around reports about the gangsters kidnapping and extorting children as their excuse for opposing legalization, knowing full well that allowing independent escorts to function legally would end gang control over the trade and destroy them overnight.

    Police are feathering their own nests with the dead bodies of young people.

  47. Fuck a slob

  48. Well I know I wasn’t perfect who is..I am a first nation man and did go down the cell blocks and yeah a lot of pressure on first nation criminals I was in for failing too pay a fine right away gang members zeroed in on me and tried being friends but I wasn’t easily turned I just played their game talked the hustle that’s what I did too survive like the street life..I learned and I work and pay bills just like any tax payer..life is what u make it..rough or easy take the crossroad and think deeply on what direction you want for yourself not for negative people

  49. Death Penalty!!!!!!!

  50. IP for life we run this

  51. As a person that comes from a aboriginal background, I say “GET OVER THE PAST, STOP making piss-poor excuse after pathetic excuse and start taking RESPONSIBILITY for the choices of actions!” Gangsters are nothing but loud-mouthed, dumb-a**es, which unfortunately also makes them deadly. They don’t care whom they target or whom they kill so why the heck should the law-abiding tax-payers be forced to pay for these f-ers to “holiday” in “Club Fed”? Bring back the DEATH PENALTY so that our Society can forever be protected from these dangerous, slack-jawed, sloppy-saggy dressed morons. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

  52. Every criminal… Every gang member… Doesn’t deserve to live the free life…. Jail is just as worse… Free food, free shelter, allowed to keep living… Commit crime and ride the free ride? Pathetic

  53. I’ve been to Stony Mountain and even in prison these useless pieces of shit called Indian posse are killing inside prison walls and get an extra year or so for it. Because there Indian? Fuck off. Hang the pricks. That’s all they do is kill and try to be thug. Pussies. They try to intimidation is all they do as should get dangerous offender status and be left in there to rot . Life for a life is perfect. A guy sells a kilo of coke, gets 10-12 years. These assholes kill and kill again and know the system so well that they get 3-5 for manslaughter ? Beat the life out of a man and call it manslaughter ? It’s murder!!! 25- life no chance of parole. Keep the public safe. Don’t treat them like stars in prison. Lock them in the basement and give them bread and water. Just enough to keep them alive long enough to suffer like their victims.

  54. I haven’t been an active gang member in more than 10 years the police don’t care same with the justice system once your in your never out they have the same narrow thought pattern as the people with the racist comments that never experienced living in 3 rd world conditions in this society that look at the government placed reservations and say its our fault for living like this even though for over 200 years we have been seperated and forced into squalid conditions while these racist people look the other way and tell us to get over it.

  55. A lot more to it!! Won’t understand it till You live that Way!! Been there done that …now i. Work full time! It’s how strong your mind is in the end if you really wanna change!!

  56. Residential schools have nothing to do with the way gangsters act,neither does racism,its stupidity,people knowing nothing but how to turn a door knob…I’m a first nations member myself and welcome the racism,why try deny what our people are turning us into,rubbies,goof gangsters,hookers and jobless lazy ass people.sad knowing we could be a strong race but have lost faith in the first nations community,makes me ashamed of being one because of idiots like this…life would have a step down from what they deserve,the death penalty. should come into play,take a life and you definitely deserve to rott or fry.

  57. These guys often come from broken homes and are direct descendants of Residential School survivors. I dont have any empathy for grown healthy men who decide to run around and gangbang or what not in order to fit in. If anyone is to blame its parents who simply do not give their kids the time of day to speak with them or give them direction. All of these gangsters wind up in these gangs because they have no where else to turn because their parents choose not to involve them in everyday normal life. Choosing casino, bars or bingo over taking their kids to organized sports or extra cirricular activities.

  58. Indian pussies!!! We need to hang these people by the throat till dead! That’s it it’s gotten so bad already the jails are full these killers are doing their time and getting out and doing the same things over again we need a death penalty in place again! If these punks do the crime it’s time to pay the piper ! LIFE FOR A LIFE!!!

  59. James G Jewell

    Mighty Metis;

    Studies suggest gang reduction will only occur when prospective gang members have better options to meet their basic human needs….employment, housing, a sense of belonging, love and respect.

    It often boils down to options and opportunity.

    Thank you for commenting.

  60. James G Jewell


    I’ve heard your story many times.

    People desperate to get out of the game and the gang refuses to set them free.

    Your situation is extremely serious and often boils down to two choices…

    Get out of the Province to somewhere beyond the gangs reach or get Law Enforcement involved.

    Neither path is easy….

  61. Mighty metis

    These guys play on the justice system they’ve been thru it so many times that they know the “ins and outs” of the system!! it’s time to make a stand and say enough is enough!!! What needs to happen maybe is that one of these idiots need to cause some of this grief to a judges family and then maybe he will see what grief is like!! To lose your child to an idiot who thinks they don’t need to work or be a positive influence in society.These people are bent on living the “life” with out so much as doing a day of work,their work day consists of getting another person hooked on crack meth or set him up for the gangsta life!! I think if the media would just publicizing their “accomplishments” that maybe they’ll just quit and go away or at least we can hope they will!!! Good luck with your journey on getting these hardened criminals a more suitable sentence like life!!! I wish you all the luck in the world looks like your going to need it!! Peace

  62. I am a mother of a 22 year old son who was in the ganglife and he decided he had a enough of it and he wants to have a better future but his old gang is not making it easy on him as he was very active in the gang as they went as far as to pretend to like him and wanted to chill and party with him and all of a sudden when they got drinks in them they all turned on him and one even went for him and my son ended up stabbing him in self defense and ran. Now he is runing for his life as the person who stabbed was the son of the higher up person of the gang and now they just want to kill him. My son has been in hiding and even bought a gun incase they show up or find him he told me he will just start shooting and not running. What does it take for these gangbangers to just leave my son alone and let him have his future he wants? To finally kill him or for them to be killed themselves. Really really sad ganglife is so much violence hurt and pain for each family 🙁

  63. James G Jewell


    Graveyard or penitentiary…..

    That’s where that road ends…

    There are better options in life.

  64. James G Jewell


    Good point…

  65. James G Jewell

    They call it justice….

  66. Give these fucks the death penalty they don’t deserve to be on gods green earth fucken goofs

  67. indian posse for life

  68. Sentencing gang members to life in prison would put many judges and lawyers out of work.

  69. It’s so sad that people get longer sentences for drugs possession, then killing other people.

  70. James G Jewell


    The easiest way to avoid the police is to stay out of the game.

    If you’re not in the game you don’t have anything to worry about.

    I realize it’s not easy staying out, if it was, you’d see much fewer guys staying in the gangs.

    I’ve seen it over and over again, the gang life gets you in prison or dead, one or the other.

    The more people realize it the more likely they’ll choose a different path.

    Good luck to you and thanks for commenting.

  71. James G Jewell


    Very true…

    There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

    I’ve seen it many times.

    Thank you for commenting.

  72. Zach D former winnipeg northend G

    Shit is tough all over even when you quit the gang life and put yourself through school get a trade do that for 9 years you fuck up once the whole gang life comes back and you get fed time and they disregard all that you did to change and the cop who tried to assault me but ended up with a dislocated shoulder didnt wear his brace and sling the day after I was sentenced I know I shouldn’t fight back but police should not try and strong arm anybody I had rights to now I’m a parolee working my way back on the red road in prison the programs say that it is OK to defend yourself and that in itself frustrated me because that all that I did and got fed time who polices the police they know they can fuck with us at anytime and we will always lose.

  73. Let’s face reality here, there is no old gangsters, all these so called top dogs will eventually get old and fall victim to the younger more powerful group of up and coming gangsters.

    Just a cycle of their gang culture but it doesn’t have to be that way, there is a way out with a lot of hard work.

    As native people we face a lot controversy in our lives you name it we faced it. But we never gave up…we became educated with a lot of hard work and proud of who we are.

    We can’t go backwards with gang life beating and killing our own people.

    Eventually the leaders will become the victims of their own violence.

  74. My deceased cousin had his son stabbed to death by these guys, Guimond left a big hole in their lives. Adrian’s mom went into a spiral of hurt and grief that cannot be eased. My own son took his own life. He was addicted to crack andcould not stop the pain. I think these guys should face double digits time. I am not sure if this guy can be rehabilitated? The courts should have just looked at what is in the best interest of society and not this guy. He is the scurge of any community. He is not a reflection of our community. He is just an evil bad person. They are from all over. The justices system is complicated and getting rid of credit is not the solution. It shouldn’t be automatic, it should be in judges eyes whether or not to allow it. Blanket laws affect everyone despite the person or circumstances. in this case the guy is no damn good, plain and simple. But to blanket everyone no damn good is not the answer. As for the judge sentences reasons, only they really know what goes on.

  75. Why isn’t the dangerous offender sentenced in this case. He was involved in enough violent crimes for him to be charged as a dangerous offender…

  76. James G Jewell

    The 2-1 dead time credit, which at times became a 3-1 credit was a great example of all that is wrong with our justice system.

    The Government tried to eliminate it with the Truth in Sentencing Act but the Judiciary still finds ways to make sure offenders get every benefit possible in our weak justice system.

    I touched on the the courts generosity in this story;


    Thank you for commenting.

  77. I commend Corrin on refuting any Gladue considerations……but that’s about it

  78. Horrible miscarriage of justice!

  79. Its sad when a Crown asks for a lengthy sentence, the Defence asks for considerably less and the judge splits the difference. I sometimes wonder if they take their past record into account. They say “This is the worst (fill in the crime) case I have ever dealt with” and then proceed to sentence the criminal to something less than the maximum. I have heard several cases where the accused had a record several pages long, the last conviction ending in a substantial fine or a period of jail time and instead the sentence being higher, the judge sentenced the person almost as if he were a first time offender again, sort of like resetting the clock.

    It used to be time on remand was dead time, then because remanded prisoners had no chance to better themselves through courses or training, credited time was implemented, which soon became 2 or 3 days for each day served. Now lawyers let their clients languish on remand because they will get their sentence reduced by at least a day for a day they are in custody and extra days if they are in custody on holidays. Time to clean up the backlog and get rid of credit for time in custody.

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