HELLS ANGEL FEELS THE HEAT – Surrenders to Police


On Tuesday, August 13, 2013, notorious Hells Angel member Rodney Patrick Sweeney walked into the Public Safety Building and surrendered himself after Police released his photograph to news media outlets indicating he was wanted regarding Assault charges.

The media release came Friday, August 9, 2013 and featured information regarding allegations Sweeney assaulted a twenty-seven (27) year old man and a fourteen (14) year old boy in an incident that occurred in the area of Concordia Ave and Molson Street.

The man and boy were reported to be riding their bicycles in the area when they were confronted by a male believed to be Sweeney.  The victims were followed a short distance by the man and were subsequently attacked with a blunt weapon.  After the attack, the victims fled the area and were later treated at Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The investigation resulted in Sweeney being identified as the attacker and an arrest warrant was issued.  Police advised Sweeney was known to carry weapons and should not be approached.

Sweeney was detained at the Provincial Remand Center.


The Sweeney arrest is a typical example of the power of the media and its potential to assist Law Enforcement.

The release of a suspect (s) photograph is an extremely effective way of applying pressure to a wanted person.  The release of the photograph also provides awareness to members of the public, criminal associates and/or rivals who may be interested in calling the Crime Stoppers number to help supplement their income.

Career criminals like Sweeney often prefer to facilitate their arrest at a time and place that’s “convenient” to them.  That way they avoid being apprehended by the Police when they might be “dirty.” (Carrying drugs or weapons.)


  1. James G Jewell

    Interesting analogy….thanks for sharing!

  2. I wonder what beef this gentleman would have with 2 innocent people enjoying a nice summer bike ride together. Surely, Yogi Bear just wanted a sandwich out of the Picnic Basket.

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