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I normally stay out of the big news stories like the Boston City Marathon bombing.  What could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, CTV, CBC  or any number of other established news media outlets. Our televisions, radios, tablets and iPhones have been literally inundated with news stories that have covered every possible angle of the tragic story.  Every angle save for one, the ignorant people angle.

I’m not talking about jihadis, terrorists, home-grown radicals or other subversive elements that have permeated our society.  I’m talking about everyday, average ignorant people who seem to be completely out of touch with the danger these groups present to our peaceful society.  The revelation came to me as I monitored the Boston Police Departments Twitter feed in the aftermath of the death of twenty-six (26) year old terrorist Tamerian Tsarnaev and the arrest of his nineteen (19) year old brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

It was a tweet from an account called @pcr1124 that blew me away.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.57.06 PM

The owner of the account, “Ken Masterson”, has 35 followers, is following 159 accounts and has tweeted 2,819 tweets.

Social media being the anonymous tool that it is, we have no way of really knowing if “Ken Masterson” is a real or imagined human being.  We do know this, whoever is running the account has some serious issues.  The first issue the account user has is a complete lack of common sense.  That defect is followed closely by arrogance, lack of social awareness, moral code, sensitivity and human decency.

The now infamous terrorist brothers are responsible for the mind numbing senseless Boston Marathon attack that killed three (3) innocents and wounded more than two-hundred-sixty (260) others, fourteen (14) of whom had limbs amputated.  Thirty-four (34) injured people still remain in hospital, including one who is in critical condition.  They are also responsible for the cowardly ambush attack on MIT Officer Sean Collier who was gunned down in his cruiser car.  Following that, the cold-blooded killers car jacked a vehicle and subsequently engaged Police in a firefight during which time they also used a hand grenade and several IED’s.

As a former member of a Police Tactical Team, with significant experience investigating Officer Involved Shootings, I was extremely impressed by the professional tactical operation that resulted in the safe arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Tsarnaev presented the highest possible threat to Law Enforcement;

  • He was a suspect in a terrorist bombing that resulted in several civilian casualties
  • He was a suspect in an execution style Police Officer Homicide
  • He had been involved in a fire fight with Police Officers where an officer was critically wounded
  • He used a hand grenade and IED’s during the fire fight
  • He was appropriately considered Armed & Extremely Dangerous
  • Reasonable grounds existed to suggest he was in possession of additional explosives or IED’s

Police suspects simply don’t come in a higher category regarding elements of danger.  The fact that Tsarnaev was arrested and taken into custody alive is a true testament to the courage, professionalism and expertise of the Tactical Team that effected his arrest.

Tsarnaev was no “half dead kid” as “Ken Masterson” put it, he was an extremely dangerous terrorist & suspected killer who presented the highest possible threat to Police Officers and the Community.

To me, the people who placed themselves in jeopardy on April 15 and thereafter are the true heroes.  That includes the civilians who pulled down the barriers to aid the injured, the people who applied the tourniquets to save lives, the on and off duty Cops, Paramedics, Firefighters, Nurses and Doctors who rushed in to aid the victims and the Law Enforcement Officers who investigated the horrific crime and tracked down the killers.  Lest we forget the ultimate sacrifice made by MIT Officer Sean Collier (26) or the heroics of MBTA Officer Richard Donohue (33) who was critically wounded in a firefight with the terror suspects.

The cowards are the terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers who place bombs in crowds where innocent people, including men, women & children, have come to celebrate a community holiday and athletic triumphs.  The cowards are the morons like Ken Masterson who use the cloak of anonymity provided by social media to attack the true heroes who stand between us and evil.  Does “Ken Masterson” have any idea what it’s like to put his life on the line to protect the citizens of his community.  Has “Ken Masterson” every done anything heroic in his life?  I think not.

If ignorance was a crime, “Ken Masterson” would be doing a life sentence.

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