Judge Spanks Gangster – Gives Thug Reality Check

Jail Cell

Provincial Court Judge Lynn Stannard gave a Winnipeg gangster a much-needed reality check when she sentenced him to four (4) years in a Federal Prison last week.

Mouneer Mohamed (19), a Winnipeg thug police believe has ties to the African Mafia street gang, was facing a number of drug trafficking and firearm charges stemming from recent arrests made by the WPS.

On July 30, 2013, Mohamed was stopped operating a rental vehicle when police observed him driving on the wrong side of the road.  A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of 27 1/4 grams of crack cocaine, cash and a number of cell phones.

Mohamed was charged with drug trafficking offences and released on a Promise to Appear.

On October 17, 2013, Street Crime Unit investigators executed a CDSA (Controlled Drugs & Substances Act) Search Warrant at a drug house at 524 Jubilee Ave.

Police made the following seizures;

  • 1 loaded .40 calibre semi automatic handgun
  • 140 grams of crack cocaine – street value $11,200.00
  • 15 grams of ecstasy
  • 2 caplets ecstasy
  • 1 cap of hash oil
  • $4,235.00 cash
  • 1 collapsible baton and drug trafficking paraphernalia

Mohamed and two other gangsters were arrested and charged accordingly.

“The gangster lifestyle isn’t what you think it is,” said Stannard.

“For most its poverty, getting caught, going to jail.  It’s a lousy way of life,” she added.

The reality check didn’t stop there;

“You’re expendable, you’re on you own,” Stannard pointed out to the man, drawing his attention to the empty courtroom.  Not one gangster bothered to show up to demonstrate any support or concern for their soon to be incarcerated “brother.”

“It’s not easy for a judge to send a young guy to the penitentiary, because it’s not a fun place,” she continued.

In a refreshing departure from recent court decisions, Stannard acknowledged the need to punish people who choose a lifestyle involving drug trafficking, gangs and guns indicating the risk such people create for the public is “huge.”

Stannard abided by legislated mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines of three (3) years incarceration for offenders convicted of possession of a loaded restricted firearm.

Those guidelines were recently disregarded by Justice Colleen Suche and Justice John Menzies who made controversial findings the legislated mandatory minimum sentences somehow equated to, “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Both decisions have been appealed by Manitoba Justice.

Judge Stannard’s decision to put public safety concerns ahead of the rights of gangsters is commendable and worthy of recognition.

Her message to Mohamed regarding the false promise of gang life tells me she has her head in the game.

In her world, that awareness seems to be rare.


Judge Stannard was appointed to the Provincial Court on August 4, 1999.


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  1. Phil Friesen

    Finally a judge who pays the proper attention to the term “minimum sentence”.
    A young man was stopped BEFORE he pulled the trigger on a gun he loaded.
    All things considered, I think there’s some hope for Mouneer Mohamed.
    This is a lot closer to what I,as a citizen, consider justice.

  2. Darrell Horn

    There need to be consequences for bad behaviour. Judges who don’t provide them often aren’t doing young people any favour. They are just as likely to eventually end up lifers or dead. I hope this young man finds the motivation to turn his life around and will take advantage of everything offered to support him during his federal time, where he will arguably have some real support as opposed to provincial jail. Good for this judge in making an intervention and sending a message to reassure our community and hopefully deter at least one who may be entertaining the lure of false promise in the gang lifestyle.

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