Otoe. Indian Woman.

I’d never heard of Tears for Justice founder Gladys Radek before I read an article in the Winnipeg Sun yesterday penned by reporter Dean Pritchard.

After doing a google search I learned Radek is an Aboriginal woman from Moricetown, British Columbia who won a law suit against BC security guards after she made allegations she suffered some form of “systemic racism.”

Since winning the lawsuit Radek has become an activist organizing walks to raise awareness for missing and murdered First Nations women, an issue close to her heart as her own niece Tamara Chipman disappeared from Prince Rupert, BC in 2005.

Radek was in Winnipeg yesterday lending her voice to the protests of approximately sixty (60) people who demonstrated at the Law Courts yesterday expressing their objection to the controversial Shawn Lamb plea bargain.

In voicing her disgust, Radek departed from the popular moral question regarding the issue of paying a serial killer for a confession and took us down the tired path of victimization and racism.  “Systemic racism is alive and well when you can hand down a sentence like this,” said Radek.

“As far as they are concerned it’s just another dead Indian. Enough is enough. We want justice.”

Although its unclear who Radek is referring to, the “they” in her inflammatory statement surely includes the Police and Crown Attorneys.

“Just another dead Indian.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how sick I am of hearing these brainless declarations.

The sad thing is, people like Radek truly believe these repugnant allegations and hold on to their beliefs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  That’s the problem with the victimization mentality, it has no room for logic, common sense or truth.

Does Gladys Radek have any clue how hard the men and women assigned to the WPS Homicide Unit work to solve the killings of, “Just another dead Indian.”  Does she know that Homicide Detectives often work up to thirty-six (36) hour shifts to resolve the senseless killings of, “Just another dead Indian.”

Does she know that Homicide Detectives sacrifice healthy sleep requirements, family functions, holidays, birthdays, parent teacher nights and countless other important events so they can work on murder cases of, “Just another dead Indian.”

Does Radek know that in 2004 the WPS Homicide Unit investigated a record thirty-four (34) Homicides and solved 100% of these cases.  Cases that included a significant number of First Nations male and female victims.

Does Radek know that WPS Homicide Detective Sergeant Thane Chartrand led the interview that resulted in the confession from serial killer Shawn Lamb.  A confession that  solved the killings of, “Just another three (3) dead Indians.”  Does Radek know Detective Sergeant Thane Chartrand is an Aboriginal Police Officer.  Would that knowledge help her get past her own “systemic racist beliefs.”

The truth is, Radek is just another clueless Aboriginal activist who has a propensity to  grab for the lowest hanging fruit.  Why bother knowing the facts when you can say whatever you want without fear of ever being held accountable for the racist rhetoric that spews from your mouth.

Radeks race based insults are an affront to every decent, dedicated, hard-working Homicide Investigator and Justice Official who work tirelessly in their efforts to hold criminal misfits like Shawn Lamb accountable for their crimes.

These are people who give a shit about victims regardless of their race, creed or colour.

These are people who need to be defended from the Gladys Radeks of the world who stereotype Police Officers and Crown Attorneys and paint them with a wide sweeping racist brush.

Maybe its time for the press to stop giving the Radeks of the world a voice when they use that voice in such a profoundly biased and uneducated way.

“Just another dead Indian,”…….I don’t think so.


Winnipeg Sun – “Lamb Got His Way With the Law – Protesters”


  1. James G Jewell

    See reply under “RCMP Deliver Death Blow to Racist Ideology.”

  2. There are mentalities that go beyond what can be comprehended on a page article. The headline is what has been politically constructed and exist on paper to establish a subjugation of a peoples by a government that sought to destroy culture, language, spirituality and heritage of a peoples. There are many scholarly papers, articles and books that speak to such political agendas being proliferated or a peoples being subjugated. The history of such bias towards natives is deep seeded in the political conscious which includes: institutions, societal and systematic racism, these are what is taught in the schools and universities from a scholarly perspective. Without any accreditation or sources to back the enclosed article then they are personal opinion. The historical context has seen even the UN chime in and offer its opinion contrary to the article. I have many friends and family whom are ex-RCMP officers and were forced to leave the force based on the fact that they were driven out of the forces due to extreme racism, some were forced to assault their own people as a show of loyalty. This is a sad case where the status quo chose to rule with great impunity and without question as to who wants to be the dominate gender and race of the police forces. When you look at the racial break up of the police services in Canada then you will begin to understand how deep seeded the issue really has become in Canada. The reality of how intrinsic this plan really is, is lying in your back yard where the people who chose to share the lands are the last in line as immigrants have taken the mentality that has been fostered through the centuries. This bias leaves no other questions as the first peoples of the lands in last place in a first world country. I recommend that scholarly articles be used as a resource in deriving a concerted effort.

  3. James G Jewell

    You are definitely speaking my language.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. from experience

    It appears James you not only speak from experience as a citizen of the country, a man who worked in the field and now one whom writes educated articles on the topic, but as stated in your article it appears people grab the low hanging fruit from the free when they don’t really have a leg to stand on. They tend to utter/spew senseless comments such as one did in the comments above.

    We are far from moving forward in the direction of working together as one when we have people out there like the above stating what they have. Its 2014 people, time we work together as Canadians to move forward as one.

  5. James G Jewell

    Thank you very much…

  6. Well said, James.

  7. Oh shut up already. You are a fool.

  8. James G Jewell

    I appreciate the fact you want to defend Ms Radek but her quote in the Winnipeg Sun is indefensible and overtly racist.

    “As far as they are concerned it’s just another dead Indian.”

    The fact is that kind of rhetoric is untrue and insulting to a great many people who work hard to find justice for Aboriginal victims of crime. I was one of those people for over twenty-six (26) years.

    I’ll debate that with any Aboriginal activist with any degree.

  9. Could have fooled me, with your polarizing view. “Why bother knowing the facts when you can say whatever you want without fear of ever being held accountable for the racist rhetoric that spews from your own vile mouth.” Take your own advice. There was nothing racist about the speech’s given, in the original article/video. As for low lying fruit, why don’t you pick on an aboriginal activist that has a degree. like @pampalamter @russdiabolo

  10. James G Jewell

    Not the enemy here Nechione.

    I happen to be a strong supporter of Aboriginal people and their rights.

    I just refuse to accept tired accusations of racism that have no basis in fact or reality.

    I believe in bringing people in the Community together not dividing them along racial lines.

  11. Why not retweet/share this article with the official Winnipeg police force twitter feed. I’m sure it would be more then welcome there due to the fact that your a police insider? add the hash tag #idlenomore while your at it.

  12. James G Jewell

    The opinions expressed in The Police Insider belong to me.

    Having said that, I’m quite confident they are widely shared by serving Police Officers, white ones, black ones, and even a few Aboriginal ones.

  13. James G Jewell


  14. How many current police have you talked to that feel the same way you do?

  15. So is this the official police insider opinion. It seem’s very impartial, professional?

  16. James G Jewell

    Appreciate the critique.

    Your period should be inside your quotations.

  17. Poorly written article, lol I did a “google search”. It shows. Worthy of nothing but the trash.

  18. James G Jewell

    The depths of ignorance regarding the court process is another issue worthy of exploring.

    The problem is I doubt the people that need the education would to bother to read it or even care enough to try to comprehend the difficulties faced by the Police and Prosecutors.

    I have a somewhat different take on the gratitude we should have for Mr Glazer but I respect where you’re coming from on that issue.

    As always, I appreciate your perspective.

    Thank you for commenting.

  19. The profound ignorance doesn’t stop at what you reference above, at least as far as the Lamb case is concerned.

    The amount of ignorance about the court process — specifically plea deals and the rights of victims when it comes to plea bargains — I’ve read in recent days from people who should know better [or at least should get informed before speaking] is alarming.

    Based on what this case was, we should be thanking the Crown and yes, Martin Glazer, for the fact there are convictions at all for Lamb, which will keep him locked up for his longest period yet.

    Instead, we read about how this was a “controversial” plea deal and ridiculous claims that the Crown is pressuring people to “recant” their statements or Lamb will walk free.

  20. James G Jewell

    I agree she has every right to say what she wants. Just as I have every right to challenge her racist rhetoric.

    Your comments regarding the long hours is misguided and way off base. The fact is those officers are extremely dedicated, hard working individuals who never complain about putting in the work to solve the murder of our citizens, whether they are black, white, Aboriginal or some other race. The comments made by Ms Radeks are not only untrue, they are also a slap in the face to each and every one of those officers.

    If my article causes Ms Radek to fear opening her mouth and uttering false, racist comments then the few hours it took me to write the story was well worth it.

    The truth is something none of us should fear.

  21. I think this woman has every right to say what she did. Perhaps if WPS officers don’t like their working conditions regarding their long work hours, maybe they should take it up with their employers like most other employees in the world. This article makes victims like Gladys Radeks re-victimized and only perpetuates Aboriginals fears of the police.

  22. James G Jewell

    Very well said.

    Thank you.

  23. James G Jewell

    Appreciate your comments, thank you!

  24. James G Jewell

    I don’t think sewing seeds of racism and promoting division is the way to the promised land.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  25. It’s not just activists who reach for the low hanging fruit. In the course of providing health services I have been confronted by hooded thugs (unrelated to the client) wielding metal rods screaming “F***ing haters!” …or maybe they are “activists” of a sort.

    There is no doubt that racism exists in our community, but there are those who believe they see evidence of disenfranchisement where none exists…unwilling or unable to wait for evidence or extend the benefit of any doubt.

    Committing to negative assumptions certainly doesn’t leave much of an opening for improved relationships. If only we could all seek first to understand, then to be understood.

  26. Well said. Well said. People opening their mouths before they know the half of it.

  27. Another excellent post! The hypocrisy coming from many ‘Aboriginal activists’ is astounding, as they are usually the racists. Such activists are helping no one, especially ‘their people’ by perpetuating the victim mentality and viewing everything by race. The institutionalization of differences further reinforces learned helplessness. Having parallel race-based social programs and policy is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. denounced. Some have even taken to calling for ‘deconolization,’ which is a vile and abhorrent racist concept.

    Unfortunately, this will likely continue as the next generation of Aboriginal advocates (such as Wab Kinew and Michael Redhead Champagne) have adopted and advocated such racist ideas like what we heard from Gladys Radeks yesterday.

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