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  1. Tracey Sliter

    I wonder how anyone could get a fair unprejudiced trial after the documentary, and interrogation lies and admitting then denying.

    Clearly the boy was treated wrong and coerced into saying what they wanted.

    In saying that I do believe that was there and did see things and participate.

    In the documentary Kayla said she had a conversation with Brendan and that he was losing weight, depressed and withdrawn. She and Brendan both said almost the exact same thing on the stand “we made it up, I can’t remember” sounded to me like they were coached.

    It has come to light now but was not in the documenrary that shackles were purchased weeks before the same as Brendan drew for the police. Why wasn’t that submitted?

    Also what has come to light now in a TV interview is that Jodi, Steve Avery’s ex girlfriend had said he has hit threatened and said he could kill her and get away with it. She also stated because it was a documentary they were told what to say. LET’S FACE IT YOU CAN EDIT AND LEAVE OUT IMPORTANT INFO IN A DOCUMENTARY. Like Kaila for instance. Why wasn’t her counselor called to the stand?

    Brendan in a private phone conversation admitted to his mom they did do it. Seems to me Kayla and him were coached to forget. The interrogation ruined most of the testimony because it looks like it was being fed, but after being talked to over and over he would go along with it. I think if his lawyer had acted on his behalf from the beginning he would have said and spilled more to save his own skin. Even though lie detectors are not admissible was one ever done?

    I also think that they botched the location of murder and how she died. That changes so many times, slit stabbed, shot, punched which is it?

    If this was planned as its stated, premeditated with send same girl etc. Could there be a chance plastic sheets were laid down? Did anyone ask? And how could the rivet from her jeans be moved to fire if it was a plant?

    The lack of blood is a mystery unless her neck was slit, and she was stabbed, that does not necessarily splat everywhere you don’t need a huge neck cut to kill someone. And it was stated by Brendan they burned the sheets. Kaila mentioned bleach on Brendan’s pants too.

    The bullet is huge and significant but how they missed it is very odd. Noway her DNA could be randomly planted on a bullet after she died. A clean shot through the head may not splatter everywhere, this was a 22 not a machine gun.
    Avery has experience shooting after all.

    Where on her head was she shot is a good question, front,back or top. Was she lying down? Close range or far away?

    The phone call to Teresa after she died from a non blocked number after she supposedly left saying why didn’t you show up? Is important and again not in documentary. That gives him in his mind an alibi.

    The sisters family living so close saw a lot of happenings from their window, would they not have seen people lurking around or driving trucks in to plant evidence if this was the case? Or the vicious dog bark?

    They brought up the crusher in the defence, do they even know if it worked? I would assume if Avery used it it would draw attention to family members etc since it is loud. Even if he crushed car where would he put car later?
    This whole thing reminds me of the OJ trial. Conspiracy and ignore the evidence.


    The motive was explained if you believe prison mates story, the time line matches, the evidence collected matches Brendan’s story, the DNA matches. The rest of the story is built on conspiracy.

    I believe the whole case was botched from beginning but how do you undo that now? Even with a new trial they know the evidence and know how to change their story (Brendan ) so how can you prove without reasonable doubt?

    Very interesting story, but keep in mind documentaries are edited and can be put in any perspective the story teller decides to go with.

    T. DEWAR

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