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For the second time in two (2) weeks The Police Insider is compelled to write a story praising the Judiciary.

On May 2, 2013, The Police Insider featured a story regarding Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Chris Mainella’s decision to sentence a violent sixteen (16) year old as an adult offender.

In arriving at the decision, Justice Mainella stated; “Sentences for violent young people must ensure public confidence in the youth criminal justice system. A youth sentence for this young person would do the opposite.  A sentence under the (Youth Criminal Justice Act) provides little reasonable assurance of (his) rehabilitation or safe reintegration into society.”

A week later, Judge Dale Schille essentially “threw the book” at another violent young offender, sentencing the thug to a thirty-three (33) month term that falls just three (3) months short of the maximum possible sentence.

The teen was recently convicted of a Break & Enter Commit Robbery, Assault and Possess Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose.  The facts of the case were egregious and involved a strong-arm robbery where a young male victim had a knife held to his throat by the accused who demanded his iPhone.  That crime evolved into a Home Invasion style robbery where the victim’s home was ransacked and many items were stolen.  Not satisfied with the “booty,” the accused and his partners in crime held the victim down, put a knife to his throat and punched him in the face.  They then fled the scene and made good their escape.

A few months earlier the youth in question was placed on Probation for a depraved violent attack on a defenceless puppy that was beaten and decapitated.

In sentencing the youth Judge Schille stated; “It is my view that protection of the public is the paramount consideration.”  He continued; “The commission of these violent offences represent a significant escalation in the quantum of violence.”  “You have some work to do.”

He didn’t stop there; “It’s my view that if you were released to the community at this point, you would be right back here.”

Imagine, Manitoba Judges putting offender accountability and protection of the public at the forefront in their decision-making process.  A refreshing departure from the offender driven approach we so often see from the Judiciary.  Decisions like these can go a long way towards the restoration of public confidence in the Justice System.

All we need now is a little consistency.


WINNIPEG SUN JAMES TURNER “Whopping Sentence for Teen Terror”

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  2. Both were exceptional crown attorneys.

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