Miloslav Kapsik – Punishment Needs to Fit the Crime

Miloslav Kapsik appeared in Court today as arguments on sentencing resumed.

Kapsik is the infamous “hammer killer” who viciously beat his wife to death in March of 2010.  He was convicted of 2nd Degree Murder on March 12, 2013 after a jury rejected his mental illness defense.  It was a horrific domestic violence murder that saw the victim sustain over fifty-seven (57) hammer strikes to her head.  By the time Kapsik was finished, the victim was virtually unrecognizable.  It was killing that defined the term “overkill.”

“I know I have to be locked up.  I don’t mind being locked up.  But I belong in a mental hospital,” Kapsik said in Court.

I’m sorry, it’s a bit late in the game for that Milo.

Crown Attorney Jennifer Mann is seeking a term of fourteen (14) years in prison before Kapsik is eligible for parole while the defense asked for the mandatory minimum term of ten (10) years.

Whatever the sentence, at sixty-four (64) years of age, Miloslav Kapsik will not likely be a threat to anyone by the time he gets out of prison.

Kapsik returns to court for sentencing on April 17.


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