On June 5, 2013 just before 4:30 pm, members of the RCMP Portage La Prairie Detachment were dispatched to a complaint of an assault and theft.

Initial reports indicated an unknown male entered a farm property and attempted to steal a dog.  The suspect was confronted by the fifty-seven (57) year old homeowner and a physical confrontation ensued during which time the homeowner was seriously assaulted.

The suspect fled the scene in a 2009 Chevrolet “monster” style four-wheel drive truck after driving it onto the homeowners deck and threatening the victim and his wife.  It was later determined the truck had been stolen from Saskatchewan and was bearing stolen Manitoba licence plates.

It was also learned the suspect had unlawfully entered a church in the vicinity and attempted to steal a trailer from a nearby business.

Patrolling members of the RCMP quickly located the truck and attempted to make an arrest.  During the arrest attempt,  the suspect drove directly at an officer, rammed the Police vehicle, knocked it into the ditch and attempted to drive over cruiser car before fleeing the scene.

(The officer in the Police vehicle was conveyed to Hospital and was treated for minor injuries.)

RCMP officers converged on the fleeing vehicle and followed it into a field where the suspect fled on foot.  A Police K9 Unit located the suspect running nearby and attempted an arrest during which time the suspect assaulted the PSD (Police Service Dog) and its handler.  A taser was deployed and the suspected was arrested.

The Officer and the K9 did not receive serious injuries.

Police arrested Joshua Eugene Brockington (29) of Langley, British Columbia who faces a total of thirty (30) Criminal Code Offences for his alleged involvement that include;

  • Attempt Murder (Police Officer)
  • Assault Peace Officer
  • Assault
  • Resist Arrest
  • Break & Enter
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime
  • Utter Threats
  • Theft

Brockington was detained in custody.


Attempt Murder is often referred to as one of the most difficult charges to prove in Canadian Law.

In order to convict an offender of Attempt Murder the Crown must prove, beyond reasonable doubt, the accused had intent to kill, not simply intent to cause harm.  In the absence of verbal indicators of an intention to kill, these cases are often plea bargained down to a lesser offence.

In this case, the fact the offender attempted to drive a “monster truck” over a Police Cruiser should be evidence enough the offender intended to kill the Police Officer seated in the subject vehicle.  What other possible conclusion would the offender expect to result from such an over the top violent attack on a Law Enforcement Officer.

In 2009, Daniell Ian Anderson (23) was sentenced to fourteen (14) years in prison after he was convicted of Attempt Murder in the shooting of WPS Officer Donald Murray.  The Crown sought a twenty (20) year sentence while defence asked for a paltry seven (7) years.  Anderson came before the Courts with no prior criminal record.

Depending on prior criminal history, it seems to me Brockington should be looking at a sentence in the range of twenty (20) years in prison.

Time will tell.


CBC NEWS – “Man who Shot Officers Gets 14 Years.”

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