On Friday, September 20, 2013 shortly after 4:00 am, emergency services personnel were dispatched to the 100 block of Robinson Street regarding the report of an assault.

On arrival, two (2) adult male victims were located, one male was transported to hospital in stable condition while the second male was transported in critical condition and has since succumbed to his injuries.

Police indicate no further information is available at this time.

This investigation is in the early stages and is continuing.  Anyone who has any information regarding this incident or the identity of the suspect(s) is asked to contact the Homicide Unit at (204) 986-6508.


This killing represents the 19th murder reported in Winnipeg for 2013.*

Ironically, the murder comes only hours after North end residents participated in the 35th annual “Take Back the Night” march against violence.

The incident is the third reported Homicide for the month of September.  A double homicide in Wolseley reported earlier in the month remains unsolved.

*The WPS have still not included the deaths of the Gibson children in their 2013 Homicide stats.  As a result, news agencies are reporting this incident as Homicide #17.


Historical dates when WPS recorded the 19th murder of the year:

  • 2012 – July 22
  • 2011 – July 16
  • 2010 – October 10
  • 2009 – September 6
  • 2008 – July 24
  • 2007 – September 15
  • 2006 – November 15
  • 2005 – September 10



  1. James G Jewell

    Policing downtown during that time period was extremely difficult as you can probably imagine.

    The hostility, accusations of racism and being called a murderer on an almost daily basis.

    It wasn’t much fun.

  2. James G Jewell

    Sentiments that are shared with a great many people I am sure.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. As for Mr. Sinclair’s perspective being interesting, that would be up to the perception of the reader.

    His constant diatribes and incessant anti-police articles are tiresome and contribute nothing to improve the police service.

    I read Cowboys and Indians, and am familiar with the AJI, the former is barely based in fact, much like most of his op-ed pieces and the latter was mostly a witch hunt allowing a lot of blame to be cast on a small amount of police officers.

    (I know you are aware of this, being that your career would have taken you through the JJ Harper shooting and subsequent career ending and life ending matters for some of the involved officers)

  4. A group of law abiding citizens, banding together for this cause is noble, but only paying lip service to the reality.

    It makes me wonder how many of these same people attend other marches and protests against police.

    Changes start at home and the violence, specifically in the North End and downtown are now ingrained in the culture of some people who choose to blame everyone else for their behaviour instead of looking inward.

  5. James G Jewell

    Mr Sinclair always has an interesting perspective to be sure.

    History tells us that demonstrations can sometimes be catalysts for public policy and social change.

    Having said that, I agree that change will not come without a complex multi faceted approach.

    At a minimum, these types of demonstrations can work to bring a community together and offer a voice to people who are not normally heard. In that sense, they do have some value.

  6. Take back the night, indeed.

    Sorry but a walk around the block with placards and bullhorns won’t solve anything.

    There are far too many apologists and bleeding hearts who make excuses for the scum that run rampant.

    I look no further than Gordon Sinclair Jr.’s article the other day.


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