Perception vs Reality – Angels vs Demons †


After working almost three decades in Law Enforcement I’m rarely surprised when I hear or read stories that dilute the truth or sacrifice reality out of an apparent need to publish politically correct versions of news worthy events.

I don’t think many people would disagree when I suggest the media can significantly influence the public’s perception of a breaking news story.

It was with interest that I followed news accounts of a recent RCMP Officer Involved shooting in Norway House, Manitoba.  The intended target was identified as Evan Matthew Cromarty (20) who is now facing charges of aggravated assault, break and enter and four counts of uttering threats.

News accounts indicate the RCMP shooter discharged four (4) shots with at least one shot finding it’s mark in Cromarty’s shoulder.  After the shooting Cromarty was rushed by air ambulance to Winnipeg where he was treated at hospital.

The shooting was controversial for a number of reasons, the most significant one being that it occurred in front of approximately three-hundred (300) people who were attending two baseball games.  One game involved twelve (12) year olds and the other involved seventeen (17) year olds.  Many children and teens were undoubtedly traumatized by the incident.

Media accounts indicate Cromarty was unarmed and had his hands in the air at the time he was shot.  The shooting outraged many people living in the community and clearly damaged relationships with the RCMP.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) was assigned to complete the investigation.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported Cromarty has a notorious criminal past and indicated he was sentenced on May 7 to eighteen (18) months of time served after pleading guilty to accessory after the fact and breaching a court order.  The charges were laid in connection with a Norway House shooting in January 2012 where a twenty-three (23) year old man and his three (3) year old son were struck by gunfire.  Both victims were reported to be innocent, unintended targets.

Cromarty’s lawyer indicated he’s been addicted to drugs and alcohol since his early teens and has had constant run-ins with the Police.  He has a minimal education and was the subject of a five-year banishment from his community. (Dates not specified)

It’s clear from the reporting that he’s no saint.

Here’s where things gets weird for me.

Cromarty’s photo attached to the story was captured from Facebook and features him in an almost angelic pose with his hands clasped close to his chest with an adorable boyish grin on his face.

Evan Cromarty (FB)
Evan Cromarty – FaceBook Photo Featured in Winnipeg Free Press

When I searched Facebook to dig a little deeper I was surprised to find a vast selection of photographic options that seem to capture the true essence of the young man at the center of the latest Police use of force controversy.

Photographs like this these;

Evan Cromarty (FB)
Evan Cromarty (FB)
Evan Cromarty (FB)
Evan Cromarty (FB)
Evan Cromarty (FB)
Evan Cromarty (FB)

I wondered why the press didn’t publish photographs of Mr Cromarty doing his thing, brandishing weapons, flashing gang signs or guzzling whiskey, from the bottle no less.  Someone made the conscious decision to go with the “watered down” version of Mr Cromarty.  The question is why?  Does the “watered down” photograph provide the public with an honest depiction of this young man’s true character?

When you look at Cromarty’s contrasting photographs you start to get an idea of what the RCMP Officers were up against when they confronted him.  In fact, you get a realistic sense of what the RCMP and WPS are up against every single day they put on their Police boots in their efforts to try to keep our communities safe.

Now, I am in no way suggesting Evan Cromarty deserved to be shot by the Police.  That conclusion will be determined by ASIRT and will be based on universally accepted use of force protocols.  The RCMP Officer who fired the shots will be required to justify his use of deadly force or he will surely suffer the consequences.

I urge people to resist the urge to judge the RCMP Officer or Cromarty before all the facts are known.

Ultimately, I’m relieved Cromarty survived.

I’m relieved for him and I’m relieved for the Officer’s involved in the shooting.

There are no winners in a fatal Police shooting.

In the bigger picture, the Evan Cromarty story offers us a glimpse into what life is like in Norway House and many other northern Manitoba communities.  Communities where many young people like Cromarty have lost their culture and replaced it with a different kind of culture; the culture of weapons, booze, drugs and gangsters.

That new culture can be directly attributed to four (4) significant areas of crime where the Province of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg lead the nation;

  • Violent Crime
  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Youth Crime

(Source; 2013 Statistics Canada Report on Crime)

It’s the Evan Cromarty’s of the Province who are going to keep us in those top spots.

That is, unless we can find a way bring back a lost generation.

The ASIRT investigation is ongoing…..


Winnipeg Free Press Mike McIntyre – “New Charges for Man Shot By Mountie”


  1. The media would have PR nightmare on their hands if they dared to smear the character of a young Indigenous man by posting “provocative” photos of him.

    The reality of these photos you dug up is they show an obvious admiration for “gangsta” lifestyle, intimidation via weapons, and alcohol abuse. These are not normal attributes for a healthy, well adjusted individual in modern society – you don’t see most kids from good families posturing like this kid is.

  2. I think the answer to your question is that the RCMP would never sue the Winnipeg Free Press. However, if the media portrayed the victim as a criminal, gang member and tainted the ASIRT investigation, then you have a larger perception problem. So, the answer lies with the media playing it safe from libel and slander. It may also have much to do with the Mayor of Winnipeg and his efforts with the First Nations community. It may affect the relationship the media has with the Mayor. Just some thoughts to consider. Frankly, the media should post two pictures or none at all. That’s the win-win.

  3. James G Jewell

    Yes, you were late in the game but that matters not.

    I would like to respond to some of your points.

    You classify the offender as a “20 year old kid” as if he is too young to appreciate the impact of his choices. I don’t quite get that. He is a man and is fully responsible for his actions.

    I’m also a bit baffled that you consider photos of a young man holding a machete and flashing gang signs as “harmless.”

    If the press had a photo of a Police Officer drunk and waving a gun around I guarantee you that photo would make the front page of every newspaper in the Country.

    We can disagree on that if you want to.

    The point of the article was not to assess the use of force or whether it was justified. It was more about “perception vs reality” and the way main stream media operates.

    I do appreciate your comments and thank you for weighing in…

  4. I realize this is late, but since no one addressed that last comment…

    While it is true that media sources may sometimes whitewash characters to make a more sympathetic story, your argument here seems weak. Photos of a young man drinking, holding a machete, making gang signs, etc. have very little to do with his actual criminality, or with the question of whether the officer in question acted appropriately in shooting. The published photo shows him for what he is: a 20 year old kid. The other photos would be viewed as harmless in any context except one where criminality is already suspected. The media was absolutely right not to unfairly bias perception of the boy with photos of insignificant posturing that have literally nothing to do with any actual criminal activity he may have been involved in. They would be equally wrong to put up a picture of him actually robbing a store, if he was unarmed and there was an alternative means of arresting him at the event in question.

    If media sources actively suppressed any information about his criminal priors that might be another matter, but it is accepted that police had reason to arrest him. The whole question is whether the means taken at the time were appropriate given the circumstances (specifically: was potentially lethal force justified *at that moment*, and if so, why). I agree with you on one thing: judgment of the officer in question should be suspended until all the facts can be assessed. But presenting an unsympathetic picture of Cromarty would be completely inappropriate, regardless of his history.

    And yes, it’s not about race. But the risk in cases like these cuts two ways: making unfair assumptions about the victim (i.e. – he deserved it because of his lifestyle, criminal or otherwise), or making unfair assumptions about the officer (i.e. – he shot the kid down for racial reasons). Neither of those examples is exhaustive. I wonder how you’d respond if someone found and put up pictures of the officer drunk and at a party, or showing of his gun in a less than professional context? You would know better than I, but I suspect all officers are not saints either. Does that mean the go to picture when they are reported on should be the un-ingratiating one?

  5. James G Jewell

    I agree….

    That’s why the story wasn’t really about the question surrounding the justification for the shooting….

    I disagree that “none of it matters.”

    How the media decides to present a story is an important issue.

    Youth crime in Canada is an important issue.

    Aboriginal kids in jail is an important issue.

    Aboriginal kids adopting gang culture and rejecting their own is an important issue.

    The story was about several important issues.

    Thank you for commenting.

  6. James G Jewell

    Thank you for adding your voice and some balance to the story.

    Appreciate it.

  7. James G Jewell

    Bang on…

    Thank you for commenting.

  8. The pictures dont make any kind of difference two wrongs dont make a right and bottom line if there are 300 witnesses and he was shot with his hands in the air unarmed , the cop has no right to shot him weather he is good bad criminal , not a criminal, weather he drinks , smokes . None of it matters. Anytime somebody is caught doing something wrong they try to get the dirtiest dirt on someone to justify what they have done and that’s what’s wrong with society. Doesn’t make that kid who was shot right or a angel or even a good person.

  9. As a First Nations Police Officer I do not believe this is native hating RCMP shooting an innocent native male for one bit. I know Evan,his brothers and parents quite well. I have dealt with them all on numerous occasions and it should be no surprise to Evan’s parents of his troubles with the law. There are a lot of good people in Norway House and it is the few that bring the community down. The community cannot forget when Evan was involved in a shooting where an innocent man and his three year old child was hit by gunfire but apparently some do. I would never condone the shooting of a innocent man or woman but when you live the lifestyle there are bound to be consequences to your actions regardless if you were shot by police or another gang member. As First Nation member I am sick and tired of people making this a race issue.

  10. Michael Kannon

    Face Book photos are irrelevant to empty handed in those critical seconds of deadly force. Responding officers are not trained to check Face Book before leaving the cruiser and engaging the public.

    It’s about those critical seconds of the judgement of the officers and what they knew at the time in the minutes before. The whole preparation and training and systematic support go to creating good outcomes in those seconds. Hands in the air sets off a whole series of specific trained procedures and reactions. I do not envy anyone that carries this responsibility daily. I know part of the sacrifice to duty is extraordinary accountability to all. Time and investigation will tell.

  11. James G Jewell


  12. John,
    Perhaps you could specify what you meant by: “we attach all kinds of assumptions and stereotypes to the images that are unfair”? Are all of his “status update” comments taken out of context also? As in the repeated announcements about getting wasted, partying, etc? Shall we assume he was just joking around and lives a clean lifestyle?
    The racism card is old, overplayed, and in this case irrelevant.

  13. James G Jewell

    Not sure how you inject racism into the topic when it really hasn’t been an issue so far in the story.

    If it was a white kid shot by the Police who had a serious criminal record we would be having the exact same conversation if the press published a similar photo of him when pictures of him holding weapons, flashing gang signs and guzzling booze were available to them.

    If you look at the comments coming from many residents of Norway House you will see many of them have a realistic, balanced response to the shooting that doesn’t include inflammatory claims of racism.

    I give them a lot of credit.

    The article was more about the press, manipulation of the news and youth crime and culture.

    Sorry you didn’t get that.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  14. If it was a white kid in those pictures we would be having a totally different conversation. We would be saying the pictures of a white kid holding a machete or drinking whiskey were taken out of context, joking around, or that the kids actions were somehow explainable. Because the kid is native and from a northern reserve we attach all kinds of assumptions and stereotypes to the images that are unfair. I didn’t care for the article and I think it contributes to the chronic racist rhetoric that is plaguing our society.

  15. James G Jewell

    Much of the NH reaction has been commendable.

    Many people have taken a moderate approach and have resisted the urge to rush to judgement.

    I appreciate your perspective.

    Thank you for commenting.

  16. RemainingNeutral

    Not everyone in NH shares the belief that the situation is completely at the fault of rcmp. The judgement and decisions was probably not thought through properly at the point in time. Unfortunately a ball game was taking place, infortunately children and adults witnessed this. There are a lot we may not know. I for one will not raise my children with the belief this is what RCMP does. I for one don’t believe that RCMP would just shoot someone for “for nothing” however I don’t know the entire situation. Furthermore not all RCMP officers will be the same, just like not all teachers are the same, or social workers, or doctors, nurse….I think the story and situation has caused a lot of hype and stories in the media are saying many things, emphasizing different perspectives, but this story is bang on in regards to what’s said in the media that community members or RCMP have no control over. Facts will be facts and it is what it is. People will have a perception towards RCMP and towards Evan cromarty and or his family, and obviously that’s fine because you’re not going to get everyone to side with one story and even if you did doesn’t make it fact.

  17. James G Jewell

    If the press can publish pictures of victims dying on ambulance stretchers then they can certainly publish pictures of a guy flashing gang signs, holding a machete and chugging whiskey….

    Ultimately, if thats all you got from the article then you may have missed the bus.

    Thats okay though, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last!

  18. Seriously this is about the photo!?!?! Kind of a non-story here. GRAB A BRAIN!! Obviously you cant publish a photo of a guy holding a machette or downing a bottle of hard alchohol on the front page of CBC or in a news paper. It would have to be pixelated because kids could see it. The guy looks mischevious and hateful in the photo… (not angelic). As a person with a law enforcement background this was a ridiculous article.

  19. It’s a very good perspective and very well written. This is done very often though where the media using pictures to sell more. It’s a attention getter. I see it everyday in our newspaper about criminals. They aren’t gonna put there family picture when they once were doing right, media will show their mug shot after a DUI. It’s all to sell more. So I don’t know why you found it so surprising? Cop or not,

  20. Agreed!

  21. Dont see much discipline goin on, just bunch of wanabee gangsters runnin amuk, dont they have a camp or somthin they can send people who are out of touch with the rest of us? Somewere they can soulsearch with elders or somthin to find their way,after his slap on the wrist that is 🙂

  22. James G Jewell

    Be prepared to be called a racist by people who read your comment.

    While I won’t call you a racist, I will suggest your views somewhat oversimplify the problem.

    For most of these kids it comes down to options and opportunities.

    Many of them have few…

    But that is an entirely different conversation.

  23. I don’t agree with the idea that the problems are with rural areas. I see children as young as 6 years old sitting on the curb smoking or throwing rocks at cars in the city. When they are in the city it just gives them more opportunities to cause trouble. I believe that the problem is more how their parents are raising them than where they are being raised. But the underlying issue, which nobody ever brings up is the fact that aboriginals are getting money given to them for free. I believe if that was taken away there would be a great decline in the number of crimes committed by aboriginals. There needs to be a point where the aboriginal community will admit that and accept the change though. If you aren’t getting money for free what option is there but to go work for it? I know that was not the point of the post but I feel it is an important subject.
    As for the story; being the wife of a police officer I know that the story is always skewed. Bad cops are a huge story, one which all news would much rather report than anything good. We as people crave evil, look at the movies that reach the top in the box office. We want to see the bad in everything, and we wonder why the news promotes that part. We don’t know the whole story, if the police were chasing him with guns drawn as someone posted on here they had a reason for that. We cannot as civilians pretend to understand what it is like to be in a high-stress situation like that where you only have one chance to do the right thing. Most of the time, the police make the right call but we only hear about it on the news when they mess up or when it’s controversial. The rcmp will do their due diligence in finding out what happened, but as a cop’s wife I know that most cops will not shoot unless they believe that is the only option.

  24. James, this topic has gained so much interest by the look of all the comments here . I think this is a great thing. Communication between humans may help us all in the long run.

  25. You are very correct in your statement . When people post things on social media be prepared for the consequences .

  26. Laura,

    We’re talking about a newspaper which ran a story about the RCMP shooting of a convicted violent criminal. They searched for, and found his facebook profile. They (presumably) went through all of his posted photos and chose the only one which doesn’t depict his true character. The burning question is why? Why deprive their readers of the more accurate photos of who he is? It’s almost censorship in a way. It’s not about “slagging” anyone, remember these are photos he posted of himself- it’s the image he wants to portray.

    As for the photos used in an obituary, who do you think provides the photos published in a newspaper?

  27. James G Jewell

    Interesting points….

    I lived in a rural community right up until the time I was twenty.

    The difference was I worked in the fields for area farmers since the time I was about 12. Hard work has a way of keeping a kid out of trouble.

    I realize there is not much in the way of employment for Aboriginal youth in many of the northern communities.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  28. James G Jewell

    We see things very much the same way.

    I hesitate to censor reader comments unless they cross established lines in the comment policy.

    The comments offer a window into the mind of people that are effected by the articles, good, bad or ugly.

    Appreciate your comments.

  29. James G Jewell

    There has been a bit of parent bashing connected to this story.

    I agree with the anonymous poster below….

    Let’s leave the parents out of it and place responsibility for Cromarty’s behaviour on himself.

    After all, he is twenty years old.

    At some point he has to man up and own his behaviour.

  30. He must of got some karma from shooting that lil kid back in the day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he aint no angel

  31. To not unnecessarily slag on the kid? You don’t see questionable photos of people on their obits either, probably not due to a lack of “digging deeper”

  32. How could there be a lawsuit? The moment you upload photos to FB they are no longer your property. The WFP chose to use the only photo which depicts him as an innocent choir boy rather than using any of the other photos which more accurately portrays the person he is. This is the crux of the story.

  33. Intelligentsia

  34. Would there not be a lawsuit if they used the other pictures? Then what?

  35. I think that this shooting is an opportunity to shed light on what could very well be the source of this issue. The main problem with northern communities having a lot of youth crime is just that…. They are to rural. There is nothing for youth to do but to get into trouble. I know that these lands are where we have grown up, been raised and have been our home for many generations but its time to keep up with the times. By that I mean I think my people need to move into more populated areas that have more to offer our children. It’s not about “trying to be white” it’s not about losing our identity it’s about trying to do what’s best not only for ourselves but for the next generations to come. They are the ones who will pass along our culture our traditions ….how are they to do this when they are locked up, have alcohol and drug dependencies and a high sucide rates. We need to give them a fighting chance. In order to prevent things like this ever happening again we need to first fix the problem or all we are doing is just putting a bandaid on it until the next incident occurs.

  36. Unfortunately this asshole got a boost up the dumb punk ladder
    The other never grow up gang punks will think he’s something now. This is about the shooting and I believe the investigation will be just
    No matter the outcome. For or against the officer. The first Nation will use the opportunity to bash white. Too bad about that. That won’t change in our lifetimes but it should. It’s time to break the us and them cycle. I’m a proud aboriginal Canadian.

  37. Any community would be much healthier without the Evan Cromarty’s of the world. He is a scourge to his own community which is why he was booted out. Anyone defending him is likely cut from the same cloth, or family or both.
    With all of the racist and anti-police comments posted here, it would appear that many haven’t even read the article, but found a nice soap box to spew hate from. If it makes you feel better to get that off your chest, and James is willing to post it, great. Perhaps the people living on First Nations reserves would feel safer if they policed their own communities?
    The pictures posted on peoples FB profile are the image we wish to portray to the world. The photos that Mr. Cromarty chose to post on FB, along with all of his intellectual status updates about partying, getting drunk, and high, etc paint a picture of who he is, what he stands for, his lifestyle, and friends. He could have chosen different photos, he could have used different words or he could have made his profile more private. Either way, there are plenty of Cromartys out there living similar lifestyles, and putting it all on social media sites for the world to see.

  38. course someone has to look into the dirty of this youth to try make the rcmp look justified…keep the parents outa this..evan has good parents with good discipline practises..so how would you know…

  39. realistic thinker

    What does any of this have to do with the government?
    Where are the people’s heads at, please quit blaming these problems on everybody else.

  40. I was just scrolling through to put this same thing. He was the one who put the police in danger when he ran to a field full of kids. How were the police to know he wouldn’t grab one and use them as a hostage to escape, then it would be a different tune. I also wonder if the police shot because he was known to run from the police or do desperate things when cornered. reality is those officers weren’t out to just kill him because im sure with all this criminal activity thay had ample opportunity if they had really wanted, they were there and made a split second decision in order to protect a multitude of children

  41. racism is alive and well

    when you agree to a fb account and agree to post a picture you agree that it can be used in any media outlets who seek it also you have no privacy from the police looking at your fb either and building a case

  42. RCMP should just stay out of those communities and let them handle crime on their own. What’s the point of putting yourself into those type of circumstances?

    We all don’t know the whole story but as soon as an RCMP does something wrong, the whole community goes up in arms. What about the kids this guy shot? No one said anything then.

  43. Could this all be stemming from residential school system which the Government thought they took care of by “paying off” victims in large amounts of money….well did it work?!?

  44. James G Jewell

    Forgiveness is an important part of healing.

    Thank you for commenting.

  45. He was a little bastard his whole life and I always wished something bad would happen to him for all the shit he done to me. I almost got my wish…but i wasn’t happy about it or proud of it. Him getting shot was no way for it to be handled. Bullets dont help people. I forgive this fuckin little asshole for everything he done to me. If this doesnt take him off the evil path hes on then all you can do is pray. Pray for all the misguided psycho delinquents in the world. NOT JUST FIRST NATIONS. EVERYBODY !!!!

  46. James G Jewell

    Excellent points…

    Very much appreciate your comments.

    Thank you for posting…

  47. James G Jewell

    Appreciate your comments.

    Thank you for posting.

  48. Evan Cromarty ran from the police. Innocent people do not run from the police. His dad stated in a free press article that he ran out the back door when the police were at the front or vice versa. There is obviously an underlying reason and more to the story that is not public. People from the community can’t deny this individual was troubled. I personally witnessed his behaviour and I am not surprised that he is in fact a criminal. People need to stop justifying criminal behaviour and making excuses using racism. If you break the law you should be accountable for it. If anything I would be angry at him, he was the one who chose to run to the field full of children when he knew he was being pursued by the police, had he stopped and surrendered instead of running this situation would not have turned out the way it did. Furthermore, there are rumours and I say rumours that he was involved in a serious assault with a baseball bat a few days before this incident. People in the community are afraid to voice their opinions for fear of retaliation. I am not saying the shooting was justified, not at all, but people need to realize every single decision comes with a consequence. Personally I would rather have the RCMP behind me than the Evan Cromartys of this world.

  49. Good shall prevail. Thats the only way to look at this. Instead of pointing fingers as to who was wrong or what kind of family the victim comes from or if the cops are racist. Everyone should look at the bigger picture, the drug dealers and bootleggers are the real bad guys here. Noone is perfect everyone makes mistakes let the professionals in a court of law decide that but then I remember the court system is not always fair especially when it comes to Aboriginal people.

  50. James G Jewell

    So not only are you Judge and Jury, you are one of the first people I’ve heard put a racist spin on the shooting.

    Pictures published on FB and other forms of social media have no privacy protection unless the poster makes them private.

    I think you missed the point of the story…

  51. James G Jewell

    That will be the focus of the investigation.

    Appreciate your comments.

    Thank you.

  52. James G Jewell

    Read the story…

    I never said the shooting was justified.

    I think you may have missed the point of the story.

  53. James G Jewell

    Don’t you think our pictures say a lot about us?

  54. James G Jewell

    My article in no way condemned Norway House.

    The subject matter was about an RCMP shooting, media spin and concerns about our lost youth.

    The justification for the shooting is under investigation and we should all wait for the results without prejudging the investigation.

    Thank you for commenting.

  55. James G Jewell

    I understand where your scepticism comes from but I am confident the ASIRT team will conduct a fair investigation.

    Let’s give them a chance to do their job without prejudging them.

    Ultimately, I’m sure their investigative findings will be consistent with the law and use of force protocols.

    Lets wait and see….

  56. James G Jewell

    I appreciate your comments.

    The reality is FB photos have no privacy protection.

    That’s why people should really think about what kind of stuff they put out on social media.

    Thank you for commenting.

  57. James G Jewell

    I get your point.

    I’ve written several positive articles about outstanding First Nations roles models.

    Anyone who is socially evolved know “good ones do exist.”

    That doesn’t change the fact that a great many First Nations youth have lost their culture to the gangster life style.

    Manitoba has some of the worst youth crime in the Country.

    It’s a real problem we need to talk about.

    When we restore that culture we will see less young First Nations people in gangs and prison.

    Thank you for commenting.

  58. Hands in the air, ooops

  59. James G Jewell

    Not sure what your comment adds to the story?

  60. James G Jewell

    That was a point I tried to make in the story;

    “Now, I am in no way suggesting Evan Cromarty deserved to be shot by the Police. That conclusion will be determined by ASIRT and will be based on universally accepted use of force protocols.”

    You make some valid points.

    And I’m sure you are correct when you say the “trust is broken” with the RCMP.

    I hope they can regain that trust and repair the damage that was done.

    Thank you for commenting.

  61. Cops is guilty that’s all there is to it, just another racist issue, n how the heck do they get fb profiles, I hope the hell the cops didn’t ask the parents for it. Not every parent is an angel but they try n its not our fault drugs are ruling our towns n the cops can’t even catch these criminals they always focus on certain people. Come on another kind of force could have been used here instead of the gun violence. Like 4 cops n 1 victim with his hands in the air. Think before you write. Can’t always judge people of their pasts like people change.

  62. James G Jewell

    Appreciate your comments, thank you!

  63. James G Jewell

    I agree, everyone does deserve a chance. His criminal record is what makes him “sound like a criminal” not my article. What kind of conclusions should we draw from someone who posts pictures of themselves on FB holding weapons, flashing gang signs and guzzling booze.

    Young people should think about what kind of message they are putting out there.

    Thank you for commenting.

  64. James G Jewell

    Appreciate you perspective…thank you for commenting!

  65. James G Jewell

    Appreciate you comments, thank you!

  66. James G Jewell

    I also find media slants very interesting…..appreciate your comments. Thank you!

  67. James G Jewell

    Appreciate you comments, thank you for posting.

  68. Pictures can say alot a things but that doesnt give anybody the right to shoot another person rcmp ,or cops especially when they’re unarmed with they’re arms up in the air!!! That cop that shot him should be charged for AM (attempted murder). You really know whats really going to happen though, He’s going to get away with this which everyone knows is wrong but we cant do nothing about it! Because the cops are the biggest gang in the world!!!!

  69. What would you do if you seen your brother got shot like that his little brother did

  70. It don’t matter how guilty or innocent he was the fact of the matter was the officer involved shot an unarmed man! That’s why people are angry and also they fact they shot an unarmed man in front of dozens of children, When in fact he was no threat at all!

  71. The people saying fuck police and blaming police are likely criminals. Wouldn’t be saying fuck police if they were in a situation when they needed the polices help! The ones against authority are the ones that can’t/don’t want to follow rules.

  72. He pleaded guilty to shooting an innocent 3 yr old and his father. I dont care what the deal is if he shot my 2 yr old hed be dead bofore the cops ever had the chance


  74. Seriously I think they like to showoff the RCMP the only time you see them around is when there’s lots of people that see them other times there just sitting on their asses drinking the alcohol they confiscate. So we all have to delete our pictures off fb or we will be judged too. Omg the rcmp are guilty just glad the other province is doing the investigation otherwise it will be swept under the rug. Pathetic losers!!!!moderation

  75. fuckallyouwhitecunts.

    Exactly my thought. If Evan didn’t approve his photos to be posted, that’s like invasion of privacy.

  76. As I read this article I thought “yeah this kinda of makes sense” but then as I finished I wasn’t impressed with what this person was saying. Norway House is a beautiful community with lots of culture and yes some kids do this and that like in any other community. I think the questions here should be heated towards the RCMP and jow they are trained. Why would an RCMP officer shoot 4 times infront of people/kids playing baseball and watching ? Evan wasn’t armed and he did surrender, this cop should be charged with attempted murder and whatever else the justice system can throw at him. But that won’t happen in this day and age because the justice system is so corrupt

  77. Comments on denying Evan as being a criminal. How does shooting at innocent people, toddlers, show he’s not a “real dangerous” criminal? He is a menace, he worked up the criminal ladder. He use to go around stealing from kids. Forcing his hands into their pockets. Now he’s doing BNE’s, ect. He’s involved in drug trafficking.

  78. Seriously, anyone who says “fuck the police” needs to take a step back and take a look at the real problems in life. Or hey how about this, next time your in trouble or need help call a crack head. See where that gets you.

  79. This was soo my home town where this happened. That is true.. alot of people in my rez are like that and its nothing new to see a teenager like that.

  80. You hit the nail on the head with “change in culture weapons, booze, drugs and gangsters”. I feel that this “new culture” is glorified and promised to this generation. When did we lose pride in an honest days work, when generosity was appreciated, and honesty was the golden rule. We don’t know our neighbours names, we have no sence of community. I also feel Facebook pictures should not be used on news broadcasts or papers.

  81. Makes perfect sence unfortunately

  82. I’m sure it happened in the home of mommy n daddy as daddy is no saint they probably did drugs together but who am I to judge

  83. Just once I would like to read something positive about First Nations youth in mainstream media. Good ones do exist, but in the shadows of stories like this where writers and reporters insist on making statements like “[this story] offers a glimpse of what life is like in Norway House and other northern MB communities.” Perhaps more than a glimpse one of these times? Perhaps highlight some of the role models? Those who pursue education and return to try and better their families and communities? Those who strive to live a healthy lifestyle? Someday perhaps. But for now, continue to barrage their self esteem and emphasize their lost culture. Bravo.

  84. Fuck the Norway house RCMP

  85. Just because he has a criminal record and posting pics like that still doesn’t give the RCMP to shoot him in front of kids and they clearly saw he had no weapons, fuck the police and fuck the media. Still the trust is broken between RCMP and Norway house. If he was holding a weapon in front of these kids it would be a different story.

  86. James,

    You care quite alot.

    The human agenda is left out on alot of reporting!

  87. Leave my auntie and uncle out of it! There really good parents ! Ever hear youth have problems too

  88. Wow really ? Like come on of course us young people post pictures like that cause in a way we find it cool! Nice way to put it !! You make him sound like a bad person ! Yeah he had problems in his life don’t have to make him sound like a criminal ! Why don’t the RCMP go after the real dangered ppl!! Not only him pmo ! Besides when was it right to go shot a unarmed person when his hands were up and mostly when there was kids ? RCMP sure made nwh pissed ! Sorry to say but eh everyone deserves a chance!

  89. http://www.copblock.org/ this site might help you understand…

  90. I’m a bit torn on the subject of which photo to publish. I’ve had some experience with gang involved people, and they are complex human beings like the rest of us. Publishing the “watered down” photo might have been an attempt to dilute the hateful commentary andassumptions, leaving a little more room for compassion (which is sorely lacking for gang involved youth if the comments on articles in the publication in question is indicative).

    You have a rare gift in that you recognize the potential danger, the context that produced it, the trauma generated by the incident, and have compassion for both Cromarty and the officer involved. Many people prefer to assign blame, pronounce hatred for one or the other party, and feel righteous.

    We are faced with complex and dangerous problems which are more likely to be productively addressed with compassion than with weapons, and with heart-to-heart communications rather than public showdowns. The opportunity for the former must be sought, while the latter comes unbidden. The ASIRT investigation will reveal more about the incident than it does about the issues.

  91. James I wonder if mommy and daddy went and saw these great photos of their son after they pleaded his darn innocence on TV . Maybe mom and dad are not very good role models themselves.

  92. “That is, unless we can find a way to bring back a lost generation.”!

    Very well said James! The majority,(not all)of young people choose to take the wrong fork in the road these days!

    Great article!


  93. seraphina444

    I am grateful for your articles and your reasonable perspective. I was in a committed relationship with a D.Sgt for six years. I find the newspaper reports far too narrow minded and upsetting. Especially when it comes to Officer involved shootings.

  94. James another great article here. Your question regarding why media didn’t dig deeper to find these pics or anything else’s is very easy to answer. I have come to the conclusion that certain media like to tell about half of a story, even in MSM. Believe me when I heard of this shooting I did not believe for a second that an RCMP officer would be shooting randomly at anyone for no reason. But leave it to CBC to try and make folks believe that. In the past I have watched many media reports of things happening, only to find out days later what the truth was. What I seem to realize is media tends to forget gang connections and any involvement in the criminal world. Okay they don’t forget to mention it, from someone’s personal agenda it is all left out. I always believe this, where there is smoke there is fire. So when ever I hear stuff like this I tend to wait days if not weeks until the real story comes.

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