On Tuesday, July 30, 2013, Provincial Court Judge Rocky Pollack dropped the hammer on the Pizza Hotline killer giving him the maximum sentence allowable for a young offender being sentenced as an adult.

The teen killer was sentenced to seven (7) years incarceration for the role he played in the May 2011 murder of Pizza Hotline delivery driver Gerald Crayford (54).  After time served discounts of 26.5 months, the mindless killer will have to serve an additional 57.5 months before he is eligible for Parole.

“This sickened me when I think of how vicious the violence was,” Pollack said during the sentencing.

The teen, who was only fifteen (15) at the time of the murder, will serve the first part of his sentence in a Youth facility, however, once he turns eighteen (18) in October this year, he will be transferred to a Federal Penitentiary.

Defense counsel Brad King sought to keep the teen killer in the youth system indicating he was concerned adult prisoners might have a negative effect on his client.  Evidence heard at trial indicated the teen killer told a friend he hit the victim a second time to make sure he was dead.  He also bragged about the killing telling a friend it felt “cool” to kill someone.  (In light of these disclosures Mr Kings concerns seem somewhat superfluous.)

Regardless, if the offender learns how to play the game on the inside, he will likely secure Parole sometime around his twenty-third (23) birthday.  A sentence that gives corrections less than five years to rehabilitate a proud, unrepentant killer.

I doubt we’ve heard the last of this guy.


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