On Monday, April 27, 2015, the Winnipeg Police Service identified the two homeless murder victims killed in separate attacks in downtown Winnipeg.

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 12:45 am, police located a deceased male at the rear of 329 Hargrave Street.  The man has now been identified as Donald Collins (65) years of Winnipeg.

Later that day, at approximately, 6:30 pm, police located a second deceased male at the rear of 333 Portage Ave.  That man has been identified as Stony Stanley Bushie (48) years of Winnipeg.

Police indicated the killings appeared to be related and believe one suspect is responsible for both incidents.

"Person of Interest" WPS Handout
“Person of Interest” WPS Handout

Police previously released images of a man they indicate is a “person of interest” in the investigation but have yet to disclose if the man has been identified.

WPS Homicide Sergeant John O’Donovan indicated, “This male is in the area during the times of the homicides and he may have had contact with the victims and he could have very valuable information for us.”

O’Donovan also indicated both victims had mental health or substance abuse issues and had been “brutally” killed sometime between 9 pm on Friday and 1 am on Saturday morning.

The investigation is continuing.


How can police be so confident the same suspect is responsible for both killings?

The body of every homicide victim tells a story.

That story includes the level of violence, presence of a weapon, type of weapon, manner of death, cause of death and any number of factors that may be unique to the modus operandi of the killer.

In this case, the bodies of Collins and Bushie obviously told a very similar story.

The geographical proximity of the crime scenes adds substantial evidence to support the police theory.

The Brutality of the Crimes

When a seasoned homicide investigator like Sergeant John O’Donovan uses words like, “brutally killed” and then follows that up with, “You can trust me, these were not simple killings,” you can rest assured the violence used in these murders was extraordinary.

The level and nature of violence is one factor that undoubtedly helped police link the killings.

Grotesquely violent murders tends to elevate pressure on police to make an arrest to prevent further violent crimes.

The suspect in these killings could only be classified as posing an extremely high risk to members of the public and in particular, the homeless community.

Status of the Investigation

Police released little information regarding the progress of the investigation today.

Several news media outlets converged on Siloam Mission at 300 Princess Street today when WPS forensic investigators seized a number of garbage bins at the rear of the premise.

Police declined to comment other than to say the seizures are part of the ongoing investigation.

This interesting turn of events would lead one to believe police may have reason to suspect the killer has some sort of connection to Siloam Mission.

Police are likely looking for anything of forensic value that may be connected to the crime scenes or a potential suspect and might include blood stained clothing, a weapon or other physical evidence.

Expect this crime to be solved post-haste.


The Police Insider – “Homicide Unit Working Double Murder – Homeless Men Targeted ?”

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  1. Once in a while, a homicide / homicides mobilize the whole city. This is one of those times. A number of possible scenarios come to mind, all of them horrible.

    I hope you’re right about a quick arrest.

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