Winnipeg Police have now identified the victim of the recent murder in the North End on Friday, September 20, 2013.

Police indicate the name of the deceased is Phillepp Rick George Amos (25) of Winnipeg.

The cause of death was determined to be as a result of stab wounds and blunt force trauma.

The investigation is continuing by members of the WPS Homicide Unit.

This incident marks the nineteenth (19th) murder reported in Winnipeg in 2013.

Three of the killings remain unsolved at this time.


THE POLICE INSIDER – North End Murder Makes September a Deadly Month


  1. How shocking.

  2. Phil Friesen

    It seems both perpatraitor and victim were known to police:
    “Man arrested in connection with violent sex assault
    By: James Turner
    Posted: 01/26/2009


  3. James G Jewell

    Alas….the revolving doors of Justice.

    Breaches of all forms of Court Orders continue to be one of the greatest challenges to Law Enforcement.

    Your observations are absolutely correct in that regard.

    Tough to argue your point regarding Mr Amos.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Phil Friesen

    Yet another person, who, while out on bail/probation is involved in a crime. Until the courts quit granting bail like it was dinner mints the crime spree will go on.

    Looking at the history of a great many offenders who make the news, the one charge that seems to stick out the most for all is: breach of bail/court order.

    Do judges NOT look at the person’s past record towards bail before granting yet another bail? Is it just myself or do others see the need to begin to treat bail/probation breaches more seriously.

    Mr. Amos might be alive today if we did.

  5. Not ironic in the least.


    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  6. I can’t agree that “no human being has a right to take another human beings life.”

    There are circumstances that exist which can justify it completely.

    Does one have the right to take that life senselessly? Such as in cold calculated premeditated manner or when their own lives, or lives of another are not at risk? Absolutely not.

    As much as murder is the most serious crime, no one should be susceptible to other kinds of violence, such as assaults, robberies, sexual assaults et al by these “humans”.

    I don’t believe that it’s so simple as having one principle.

  7. James G Jewell

    Sorry for your loss…..

  8. James G Jewell

    I understand the apathy.

    A crime ridden City, seemingly endless violence, young thugs involved in gangs and dealing dope, nation leading crime & daily doses of sensational crime related headlines.

    At the end of the day I fall back on one simple principle, that no human being has a right to take another human beings life.

    Putting a value on human life based on their contribution to society is a very dangerous mindset to adopt.

    Murder is a senseless, horrific act that affects all of us in different ways.

    I have little doubt that Amos had family and friends that loved him and are hurting right now.

    We shouldn’t lose sight of that.

  9. He was more then a good kid he was a caring person who obviously died trying to protect someone like he always did. RIP my love I miss you <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Curious to hear what all Mr. Amos’ involvement was with the police.

    Judging from that picture, I am sure the only other one available will be his police mugshot.

    Of course, he was probably a good kid, father and son who was just trying to turn his life around.

    And James Turner wonders why there is so much apathy to these murders.

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