Police Investigating Point Douglas Homicide – Two Stabbed, One Dead

Winnipeg Police Public Information Officer Constable Jay Murray (Photo JGJ)

Members of the Winnipeg Police Service Homicide Unit are busy working a Point Douglas stabbing that claimed a twenty-nine year old man’s life.

On July 27, 2017 at 7:45 p.m., emergency response personnel were dispatched to a residence in the 100 block of Euclid Avenue regarding the report of an injured man.

Euclid Ave Crime Scene (Google Maps)

On arrival, police located a 29-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman who had been stabbed.

The victims were rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Police indicate the woman survived the attack and has since been upgraded to stable condition, however, the man succumbed to his injuries.

Police have not identified the victim in this case.

This investigation is continuing by members of the Homicide Unit. Anyone with information that may assist investigators is asked to call 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).

Insider Commentary;

The man killed in this attack is the 16th reported homicide victim of 2017.

This is the third homicide recorded in the month of July.

All but the last two reported homicides have been solved – solvency rate = 87.5%.

At this time last year, the City recorded 17 homicides.

2017 Homicide Stats

Manner of Death

  • Shooting – 6
  • Stabbing – 6
  • Blunt Force Trauma – 2
  • Not Released – 2


  • Male – 12
  • Female – 4
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  1. James G Jewell


    I appreciate the optimism you express in your comments.

    If we don’t have hope we have nothing.

    That said, hope has to be realistic.

    To ensure we have hope and an optimistic future we have to be honest about our challenges and take an intentional approach to address our issues.

    Unfortunately, honesty is often the first casualty when it conflicts with political agendas.

    It’s important to keep the conversation real.

    Stay positive…

    Thank you for commenting.

  2. It is a scary thought to think someone can end another’s life in such barbaric fashion but nothing new for mankind. The part that worries me is the apparent increase in this type of crime we are seeing. WPS do a great job solving/preventing these type of things. Reviewing a few prior articles I am left with thoughts of these younger kids with tough upbringings getting caught in the wrong lifestyle and ending up going down that unfortunate path.

    The gang related crime (I imagine) often stems from young kids getting manipulated by seasoned criminals. I also assume many of the kids fear for their lives so are almost trapped into that system and such, less likely to “inform” police of worse problems etc. when the kids are brought in for whatever smaller crimes. I hope the slight spike isn’t a continuing trend through the summer and into winter in our city here and I also hope that everything is solved and put to bed for 2017.

    With each serious offender the boys in blue can get off the streets there is maybe hope that others close to the charged offender might see that their own time will come too and perhaps try to get out but there is no easy path to go from drug pusher to legitimate working life and hope the city can find ways to continually offer improving escape and support systems to help change young lives for the better so they don’t end up in one of these homicide articles.

    The WPS can’t hold all of this on their shoulders and if folks are worried about these crime issues they should look into some of the action plans laid out the next time they cast their votes. Our bumpy streets/traffic might seem annoying but when a stray bullet flies thorough a neighborhood (like Bridge water for example) it may raise this issue’s concern on the priority scale. Nipping it in the bud is the goal but there is a lot of buds that need nipping.

    No shortage of complainers on the other side of the fence but not many folks who offer up ideas to help solve our city’s problems. Myself included at times but I hope the more I learn (the more we all learn) that it’ll expose ways to make lifestyle better for this entire province.

    I hope everyone remembers it is easy to complain but can be very hard to make change.

    Thanks so much for this inside look into everything J

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