Police Lay Charges in Murder of Winnipeg Woman

WPS PIO Constable Rob Carver (Photo JGJ)

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, the Winnipeg Police Service issued a press release announcing an arrest in the murder of Lise Danais (51) of Winnipeg.

The advisory indicates investigators arrested a youth the previous day who has now been charged with 1st-degree murder in the killing.

Police also advised they are constrained by provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) that prohibits them from identifying the accused killer.

The Police Service reminded the media and public in general, that they are also bound by the same provisions.

The youth was detained in custody.

Insider Commentary;
Lise Danais (Wojcik’s Funeral Home)

Not long after the press release, at least one local news agency released information that may have violated the provisions of the YCJA referred to by the WPS.

Danais was the 11th reported homicide victim in the City of Winnipeg this year.

Police did not release any information regarding the motive for the killing or her cause of death.

Insider information indicates the crime scene and injuries suffered by the victim were horrific.

The charge of 1st-degree murder suggests evidence of pre-planning may have existed in the case.

Danais’ killing was the 6th homicide case reported in the month of March,

While disturbing, no records were set.

In 2004, the WPS investigated 7 homicides in the month of October.

The year ended with a total of 34 homicides, a record number of killings at the time.

The WPS has solved all but 3 of the reported twenty-five (25)homicide cases this year – solvency rate = 88%.

The last homicide case recorded in Winnipeg was on July 13, some 18 days ago.

Youth Involved Homicide

To date, the WPS has charged five (5) young offenders with homicide-related offences.

In 2018, only three (3) young offenders were charged with homicide-related offences.

All three offenders were male.

(Two 17-year-old male youths were victims of homicide last year.)

In 2017, the WPS charged a total of nine (9) young offenders with homicide-related offenses that ran the gamut from 1st-degree murder to 2nd-degree murder to manslaughter.

A total of 7 males and 2 females were charged in the killings.

The accused killers ranged in age from 14 – 17 years.

(Both female young offenders were 14 years of age.)

In 2016, no young offenders were charged with murder.


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