On Friday, May 16, 2014, the Winnipeg Police Service announced an arrest in the murder of John David Goundry (51) years of Winnipeg.

On April 1, 2014, shortly before 3:00 pm, members of the Winnipeg Police Service were summoned to apartment building at 425 Elgin Ave regarding a report of a deceased male.  Upon arrival, Police discovered Goundry’s body in a suite at this location.

Police indicated an autopsy had been completed but declined to release the cause of death.

Police believed the murder occurred between March 2 – 7, 2014 within the victim’s suite.  The investigation revealed the victim had a small group of friends who visited him at his residence.  The public’s assistance was requested to help identify anyone who may have been involved in the victim’s life or visited him at his suite during the dates in question.

Goundry had limited mobility and was known to travel in the downtown area on his bicycle.

Members of the WPS Homicide Unit continued the investigation.

On Thursday, May 15, 2014, investigators arrested a suspect identified as Valerie Arlene Assiniboine (56) of Long Plain, Manitoba.  Assiniboine has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder and was detained at the Provincial Remand Center.

Police advise the investigation revealed Goundry and Assiniboine had been involved in an argument that escalated to the point that Assiniboine armed herself with a knife and stabbed  the victim in the upper body.

Goundry was the fourth (4th) reported murder victim of 2014.

Winnipeg has recorded a total of nine (9) homicides so far this year.

Five (5) of the killings were recorded in the month of April.

Seven (7) homicide victims were stabbed to death while the remaining two (2) victims were shot to death.

Only one (1) of the nine (9) reported killings remains unsolved.


The Police Insider – “Police Looking for Help in Goundry Murder”

The Police Insider – “WPS Records Homicide #4 – 2014”


Previous dates when Winnipeg recorded the 4th Homicide of the year:

  • 2013 – Apr 8
  • 2012 – Feb 12
  • 2011 – Feb 5 (Record Year – 41 Homicides)
  • 2010 – Apr 18
  • 2009 – Jan 30
  • 2008 – Mar 17
  • 2007 – Mar 1
  • 2006 – Feb 1
  • 2005 – Mar 6
  • 2004 – Mar 14 (Previous Record Year – 34 Homicides 100% solvency)


  1. James G Jewell

    Although many family members will tell you there is no such thing as closure when you lose a loved one, the arrest of the suspect does bring a sense of relief.

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. derek goundry

    i’m so happy they caught the person who killed my uncle. RIP uncle dave. I miss you

  3. I’m waiting for the race-baiters to run to the gullible among mainstream media and claim the police conducted an intensive investigation in this case because the victim was white; or alternately because the suspect was not.

    On a less sarcastic note, I wonder if people reading todays news story will blame the deceased for having been in the same room with her when there was a warrant for her recently committing 2 prior assaults on John.

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