Project Guillotine – Police Operation Quietly Destroys Gang Infrastructure


Cold blooded execution style murders, attempt murders, vicious stabbings, beatings and drive by shootings.

These are but a small sampling of gang related crimes solved as a result of the efforts of committed Police investigators working Project Guillotine.

It all started in February of 2009 when members of a northern RCMP Detachment stopped a vehicle being operated by a high-ranking Indian Posse gang member.  It was a traffic stop that would change the face of one of the most notorious street gangs operating on the criminal landscape in the Province of Manitoba.

Timing is everything in the world of Policing.

After pulling over the car RCMP officers were delighted to find a rifle and a can of pepper spray.  Those seizures resulted in the arrest and detention of the gangster and further seizures of crack cocaine, cash and additional firearms.

The weight of the charges coupled with deteriorating relationships within the gangs infrastructure was all the long time thug needed to inspire him to pick up the phone and drop a dime on his “brothers.”  RCMP investigators subsequently met with the man who provided information regarding a murderous reign of terror carried out by Indian Posse gang members between 2005 & 2008.

In the true spirit of Law Enforcement cooperation, RCMP Officers contacted the WPS and made arrangements to share the information and facilitate a follow-up interview.  WPS Homicide Unit members eagerly accepted the invitation and immediately travelled north to meet the informer.  After debriefing the informant, WPS investigators were astonished by the compelling information he provided.  This guy was at the top of the food chain and was able to provide detailed information on almost two dozen serious crimes that included homicides, attempt murders, shootings and serious beatings.

The informant also provided invaluable intelligence regarding Indian Posse gang structure, hierarchy and leadership.

Tyson Kane Roulette (WPS Handout)

The information provided by the “ex-gangster” identified the Indian Posse Grand Chief as a hard-core gang banger known as Tyson Kane Roulette (24) years.  Roulette was a charismatic thug who possessed a dangerous combination of leadership ability and the God complex.  Roulette was a product of his environment, a ruthless philosophical street thug who believed in the law of the jungle.  A man who relished in opportunities to order executions of rival gangsters, haters or even his own gang brothers.

“Sometimes the Lion has to eat the gazelle,” he once told an Organized Crime investigator as he tried to explain life on the streets of Winnipeg.

It was Roulette’s participation in the “internal cleansing” murder of the informant’s brother that helped tip the scales in favour of Law Enforcement.

Like the informant, his brother was a soldier for the Indian Posse street gang.  The problem was, he had addiction issues and a tendency to screw up on the “missions” Roulette assigned him.  His demise came not long after he made the critical error of calling one of Roulette’s boys a “rat,” something you just don’t do if you don’t have hard proof.

The writing was on the wall for the informant’s brother.  According to the informant, Roulette told him, “That nigga knew what time it was, you play, you pay.”

On October 23, 2007, the informant’s deceased brother was found in a pool of blood in a vacant north end home.  His body told the telltale story of gang retribution, blood lust and merciless overkill.

(As the case remains “technically” unsolved I will not disclose further information related to the killing.)

In the spring of 2009 I accepted an assignment to work in the WPS Homicide Unit as one of two (2) supervisors responsible for unit operations.  The timing of the assignment couldn’t have been better.  The Homicide unit was on the brink of putting handcuffs on some of the most dangerous, hardcore gangsters the City of Winnipeg had to offer.

Project Guillotine was born.

Project mandate – cut the head off the snake.

In the world of street gangs Tyson Roulette was a deadly anaconda.

The investigation required extraordinary cooperation and collaboration with the Major Crimes Unit, Organized Crime, Identification Unit, General Patrol, Missing Persons, Major Crime Analysts, Manitoba Justice and the RCMP.  Ultimately, the complex, labour intensive investigation resulted in significant case resolutions and extensive prison terms for several major players in the Indian Posse street gang.

Once the gangsters realized the Police had “flipped” one of their “OG’s” (Original Gangsters) they started to cannibalize each other.  The domino effect was astonishing to watch as the back stabbing and throat cutting process began.

Anthony Woodhouse (Obit)

One of the first cases to see charges was the execution style murder of Anthony Woodhouse (30) in September of 2007.  Woodhouse was the victim of one of Roulette’s misguided “missions” to control gang turf.  As nonchalantly as placing a call to order a pizza, Roulette instructed one of his soldiers to go and shoot a “hater” slippin on IP territory.

As Woodhouse stood on his mother’s north end porch, IP gangster Travis Personius walked up and confronted him with the usual gang rhetoric.  “Who you down with,” Personius asked.  There was no right answer, in an instant Personius raised his gun and shot Woodhouse directly in the head.  It was a  point-blank shot that killed him instantly.  Anthony Woodhouse was found in the early morning hours by his mother after she returned home from a babysitting job.

Indian Posse gangsters Travis Personius, Tyson Roulette and wheel man Lance Myran were all charged with 1st degree murder in the callous killing.

When he learned his former gang brother turned on him, Travis Personius made a deal with Manitoba Justice to plead guilty to the reduced charge of 2nd Degree Murder.  That deal meant he would provide testimony against the gangster who ordered the killing, Tyson Roulette.  Personius subsequently received a life sentence with no chance of parole until he serves fifteen (15) years.

Tyson Roulette cut his losses and agreed to plead guilty to the reduced charge of manslaughter for which he received a life sentence with no chance of parole for ten (10) years.  He also entered a guilty plea to a charge of attempt murder in an unrelated case and received a concurrent sentence of twelve (12) years.

(Charges against Lance Myran were eventually stayed by the Crown.)

The next gangster to fall was hardcore IP thug Adrian Young who caught a nine (9) year sentence after being charged with attempt murder after he shot a fourteen (14) year old girl and a thirty-three (33) year old man in the early morning hours of June 16, 2007.

Young was on parole at the time of the shooting after serving time for manslaughter in connection with the brutal murder an elderly man targeted for a strong-arm robbery.  Young’s little sister was used as bait to lure the victim into a home where he was beaten to death.

Young would also catch a twelve (12) year sentence on an unrelated manslaughter charge he caught in connection with the RCMP investigation into the 2006 IP internal cleansing murder of Sheldon Anthony McKay in the Stony Mountain Penitentiary.

Three (3) other high-ranking IP gangsters also went down for the McKay killing;

  • Raymond Chartrand – Second Degree Murder fifteen (15) years
  • Raymond Armstrong – Manslaughter twelve (12) years
  • Jeffrey Bruyere – Manslaughter eleven (11) years

(Charges were stayed against a fifth (5th) IP gangster who was already serving time for murder.)

Long time IP gangster Darrell Lavallee also got caught in the Project Guillotine web in connection with the confused shooting of an eighteen (18) year old man on July 13, 2007.  Lavallee mistakenly believed the man was a rival gangster responsible for the death of his brother-in-law.  In reality, the brother-in-law committed suicide with a firearm.  Lavallee caught a twelve (12) year sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of attempt murder.

Unfortunately for Lavallee he wasn’t quite clear of the far-reaching impact of Project Guillotine.

On January 20, 2014, the WPS announced they charged Lavallee with 2nd degree murder in connection with the death of missing person Steven Pelletier.  The charge comes exactly two thousand, six hundred and sixty-five (2,665) days (October 4, 2006) after Police allege Lavallee shot and killed Pelletier in what can best be described as another over the top senseless gang related killing.

Police spokesman Constable Jason Michalyshen advised Pelletier’s body was disposed of in a secluded area outside of the City by Lavallee’s gangster associates.  Police indicate more arrests are likely to follow as the investigation is ongoing.

(As one of the former supervisors involved in the investigation I’m hopeful other gangsters catch murder and accessory after the fact charges in the brutal killing.)

Project Guillotine netted other significant results which include first degree murder convictions for the two IP young offenders found guilty in the March 2007 execution style murder of Thomas TT Phillips.  Both offenders received adult sentences and are currently doing time.

The impacts of Project Guillotine were game changing.

Gang Tags – Photo JGJ

The final chapter of the investigation has clearly not been written as evidenced by the murder charges recently brought against Darrell Lavallee.  Unfortunately for thugs like Lavallee, there is no statute of limitations on the ultimate crime.

Police intervention in this case ended Tyson Roulette’s reign of terror and put the brakes on an out of control gang and a plethora of indiscriminate murders.   There can be no doubt many innocent lives were saved as a result of those efforts.

It wasn’t just the head of the snake that was cut off, the investigation resulted in the destruction of the entire core leadership of one of the most violent, reckless street gangs that ever operated in the City of Winnipeg.

Project Guillotine was arguably one of the most successful anti gang investigations ever conducted by the WPS.

That, of course, doesn’t mean the Indian Posse street gang ceases to exist.  As in any organization in transition, new “leaders” are only to willing to fill the leadership void created by the investigation.

In the mean time, Tyson Kane Roulette sits in his jail cell, doing his time, plotting his revenge, longing for his freedom, lusting for lost power and itching to play God once more.

Because sometimes, the lion has to eat the gazelle.

That’s just the way life is in murder City.


December 9, 2019

Correctional Service Canada issues a press release indicating Roulette died while in custody at the Stony Mountain Institution on December 8, 2019.

Roulette had been in custody for almost nine (9) years.

Information regarding the cause of death was not released.


The Police Insider – “WPS Homicide Unit Solves 2006 Gang Slaying”


  1. James G Jewell

    The informants name was published in the media but I will keep it confidential on my site.

  2. The informant was a ***** his Brother that died in that house in the Northend was a *****!

  3. Mr policeman

    In the end they all rat each other out for reduce time.
    Never heard of a hard core gang member do his time like a real man.
    Yup they all rat each other out.
    Early dismissal is what that want …
    Real joke!
    They all have nothing to lose why they do stuff like this.

  4. George Wishnoski

    Wonder who makes up names for operations? 12 year olds who read way too many noir genre fiction books?

  5. James G Jewell

    Players in the game like to say that but the truth is you can get out if you’re willing to do the right things.

    I could give you several examples of ex-gangsters who had the courage to get out and live a more positive life.

    Niigani Nabbe and Nathan Thomas are just two of the guys I speak of….

    You can find their story here: https://thepoliceinsider.com/the-evolution-of-a-street-gang-member-options-opportunites/

    There are many more.

    For many Aboriginal men returning to their culture is a very important part of a street gang exit….

  6. Its good that people try to prevent youth from getting down with gangs like the indian posse… but once your in its hard to get out, since the only way out is in a box

  7. James G Jewell


    Much respect for you for breaking the cycle regardless of how much time it took for you to get there!

    Paying it forward to the younger generation is a commendable pursuit. Being a good father and role model for your son will be one of the most significant things you do in your life. I’ve recently run into several ex-gangsters I knew when I was in the game and have been impressed with their ability to get out of the gangs and live a better life. I know it’s not easy but some people evolve with the passage of time.

    Have you heard of GAP Manitoba….

    It’s run by a man named Floyd Wiebe who provides opportunities for ex-gang members to do public speaking engagements to educate youth, parents and members of the community. You can get in touch with him here http://www.gapmanitoba.com/GAPManitoba/Welcome.html

    Thanks for commenting and stay on a good path….

  8. James G Jewell

    I recently watched a documentary piece on APTN regarding residential schools and the impact they had on destroying family units in First Nations Communities.

    I have to admit, before I watched the show I really didn’t have a full appreciation or understanding of the depth of the damage that was done during this dark period in our history. Imagine what the impact may have been if you lost an entire generation of people in your family. It was very educational.

    I share many of your frustrations with the justice system and don’t believe we should ever excuse violent or criminal behaviour. At the same time, I do think we should do our best to try and understand all of the complexities that contribute to it.

    Appreciate your comments.

  9. Hi James. I’m one of the co-founders of Indian Posse. I was lucky to walk away from this life. I now walk in a good way for myself. I now talk to the youth about this life style their about to take on for themselves. I talk to classes and friendship centres about my life. Nowadays these ones that r trying to rise up in a gang don’t know about the old school ways. I know theres alot of haters out there buts a good thing for me cause it keeps this Brother on his feet and keeps my head up. I now try to help these young ones stay away from gangs. I grow up with all the bad shit around me. My mom was in a residential school and she passed on the beats to me and drugs that she would use to try and cope with the shit she went through in the schools that were there to teach them to live a good life, not to be beating and sexual assaulting their youth. I always thought it was us kids growing up, but it was what they had to go through. I have a 2 yr old now and I teach him the right way. But at the same time I will tell him what his grand-parents went through. The circle will end with this INDIAN. The tax payers have paid over a million dollars to keep me inside prison for 15 years. I work and I am helping out the young ones in my community.

  10. It’s sure getting old hearing some people attributing native street gangs (violence, criminal behaviour) on residential schools. Unquestionably, there was trauma, but it has become such a convenient scapegoat and a catch all to explain away any criminal behaviour. Forming a “gang” and slinging crack is easier than applying for jobs and or working 9-5, raising a family, taking kids to hockey, baseball, soccer, band concerts, paying taxes, cutting the grass, and otherwise being a productive member of society. This gang isn’t much different than any other in that regard. While they seem to operate an unsophisticated low-brow brand of enterprise, they are identical to most gangs of the world in that they are a scourge to the peaceful tax-paying productive citizens that must breath the same air. They burden the police and courts, ambulance, hospitals, and anyone they come in contact with.

    I’m glad the police continue to pursue these violent criminals. I only wish the criminal justice system would evolve, grow some teeth and place emphasis on the rights of the tax-paying innocent citizens of this great country rather than make up reasons to keep people like this out of prison.

  11. James G Jewell

    Not sure what the hostility is all about….

    If you don’t think I know the truth then why don’t you fill me in on what I’m missing.

    Or maybe you’re just another anonymous commenter who likes to talk but doesn’t really have anything to say.

  12. If most people kenw the real struggles we face on the streets would they even care.
    Hell no so if u don’t know the truth beind the fact’s shut your fucken mouth.

  13. James G Jewell

    I get your point.

    Government policies and lack of leadership contribute to poverty and create the environment for the gang culture to thrive. Many people lose faith in Politicians because of corruption and scandals.

    When I worked with the Police Service my job was to investigate violent crime and that’s why I focused much of my energy on investigating street gangs and street gang members.

    When it comes to investigating the Government that has historically been an undertaking assigned to the RCMP.

    Ultimately, the Government exists because we give them power. It’s up to the people to revoke that power when circumstances dictate.

    Thanks for commenting.

  14. i would like to know why people like yourself do research on gangs like westside, eastside, etc., but no one ever does research on the biggest gang out there which is so obvious the government….have your ever thought that these other gangs that are organized have been only cause of the government choosing to make life hard in all different looks of life. i know this probably is a stupid comment but seriously think about it. Yes I do know a few things about gangs myself

  15. James G Jewell


    Your comments tell me you have a limited understanding of how things work in law enforcement and criminal justice.

    All is not fair in love and war when it comes to innocent people like Anthony Woodhouse, Cheryl Robert and Nigel Dixon being gunned down in cold blood when they had no involvement whatsoever in the gang world. It’s called cold blooded murder.

    As far as wining and dining rats goes, outside of receiving consideration for their sentences there was no fine dining or trips to Mexico for any of them.

    For the record, nobody “takes the word” of any of these guys. The Police spend hours analyzing information, conducting forensic tests and investigating information provided by these guys in order to provide corroboration to support the information they provide.

    I might just write a story that explains the process further.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. James G Jewell

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    You are spot on with your take on the lack of knowledge and understanding of the two components of criminal justice. I found that understanding deepened with the passage of time and the accumulation of experience.

    I have no plans at the moment to tackle the Chiefs new philosophy but I am watching the experiment with considerable interest.

    There really is no way to measure the result in the short term.

    Social change is a long term undertaking.

    Appreciate your interest….thanks for reading!

  17. I am not about in any way to say murder is cool and violence is necessary. But you must remember this goes much deeper then some guy standing on a porch getting shot for nothing… There was a real war brewing on the streets of Wpg and all is fair in love and war, that would mean casualties right?? When these soldiers get infiltrated by their own and deals are made with police to cover ones own behinds so the “rat” can be wined and dined by the police of course you may be told what you want to hear. Think of this informant/rat’s credibility…. but lets all take the word of someone who is caught red handed and in hot water and I’m sure we will all hear what we want. I bet he liked your shoes and complemented the choice of paint on the interrogation walls too!# God effect.

  18. Another interesting article, and thought provoking commentary. As an administrative legal clerk for MB Justice, I am always curious on views from the law enforcement perspective. All of us work so hard, with the same goal in mind. It really is a team effort, though I find it funny that so many of us involved in this essential collaboration have little knowledge of what each other does, and the day to day challenges of each other’s job. So thanks for filling me in! I’m curious about, and crossing my fingers that you will write your thoughts one day on the “Block by Block” strategy Clunis is implementing?

  19. James G Jewell

    You make some valid and interesting points.

    It wasn’t that long ago that Mayor Katz told us the City was safe and he’d travel to any part of the City at any time, day or night. That of course, was some major political bullshit. There are very dangerous parts of the City and to deny that is simply irresponsible.

    On your last point…

    The Indian Posse isn’t the only thing the WPS worry about.

    They just did a major project on the Manitoba Warriors and have worked hard investigating African gangs over the years. Did you know that WPS Gang experts frequently provide significant evidence at deportation hearings for gangsters who come to Canada and don’t buy into the program.

    The Police have also participated in major projects targeting Organized Crime, Outlaw Motorcycle gangs and their puppet clubs who are predominately white.

    In my experience, and as a minority Police Officer, the WPS has never policed along the lines of race or colour.

    The bottom line is there are a lot of gangsters out there from all races and the Police can only do so much.

    The responsibility to reduce gang involvement and crime has to come back to the community.

    Appreciate your thoughts and thanks for reading.

  20. James G Jewell

    While that may be true of some of the mid level street gangs, it’s not my experience with the hardcore street gangs that operate in the north and west ends of the City…

    Most of these gangsters come from single parent families or have been wards of CFS since they were very young. Many of these families face significant issues like poverty, addiction, sexual abuse and others.

    In any event, I appreciate your comments, thanks for reading!

  21. James G Jewell

    Got a kick out of your comment and quoted you in my latest story on the Manitoba Warriors….

  22. In all reality, you can all say what you want. Opinions are a starter for change, but when it comes down to it, you have no idea what gangs are about or how they operate. You might watch movies or see what you think you see on the streets wherever you may reside, not everything is always as it seems. Have we all forgotten the only thing that keeps gangs alive? Its MONEY. Sam Katz is allowed to spend millions on a little bit of pavement or whatever.. but can’t put more cops on the streets where they are needed….! (NOT DOWNTOWN). For most cases it is true all of the so called gangs and solo gangsters of Winnipeg are poor, for most cases, but what about the ones who are educated and or smarter than you’re average northend punk. The ones who are on the side lines watching these gangs crumble. These are the ones who will be the game changers and big impacters on the way you all want to live. These are the ones who will be getting your children high for there first time, this city is filled with young men looking to make extra coin. And guess what people? They aren’t just natives. Also take note, more than 75% of robberies or beatings have been by white teenage boys who don’t have enough cash for that bag of weed or whatever. You don’t know anything, just like I don’t know what goes on in a business building full of whites, you don’t know what happens in a neighborhood full of every colour, thanks for reading. And by the way, Indian posse should have bin the least of WPS WURRIES. there not the ones with automatic guns or the ones who just got off the boat from Somalia.

  23. Actually, you would be very surprised to find out that the majority of these guys and gals come from good family oriented homes.

  24. Good now do the same with Mad Cow, AFM, Warriors, Westside, eastside, backside, assholes, and all the other garbage and waste of human life out there!

  25. Sad.

  26. In Western society we put a great deal of energy into Fixing problems, but not preventing them. Of course these people are losers selling drugs to there own parents and good friends, getting them addicted and ruining there life. But we must look outside the box and further, what causes this in the North End of the city???

    A great majority of these people , have aboriginal decent. Winnipeg destroyed these peoples parents and grandparents in boarding schools (only 1-2 generations ago), doing horrible things I will not mention. Destroying there culture, language, and now these people have psychological, mental and physical problems who are parents and grandparents to these people of the North End.

    So pretty much, society knowingly or not, has created these people to be like this and points there fingers in disgust like they are Monsters. You have destroyed there past, and corrupted these poor children from kids where there parents are selling hard drugs in front of them being there first memories.

    When will we ask the question, what is being done to PREVENT this? Has the City of Winnipeg setup strong motivational speakers in these neighborhoods to educate? Have they spent any money in prevention? Of course not. If the GVT alone controlled ALL drugs, and treated druggies as addicts instead of gang members, we would be able to help more of these people go into the proper path and that alone would destroy this House of Cards called “gangs”. Nobody would want to purchase from the black market , and they would want it to be tested and safe. These are some forms of prevention.

  27. James G Jewell

    Sounds like you have a pretty good idea about what you’re talking about.

    It’s true, a lot of these guys recruit young impressionable Aboriginal kids and get them slinging crack, using crack, doing drive bus or murders.

    When they get busted they are always hung out to dry. I’ve been to dozens of trials where these kids get prosecuted and the Court rooms are empty. No one their to support them or have their backs.

    That’s part of the false promise of gang life.

    In the end, their “bro’s” couldn’t give a shit about them.

  28. James G Jewell

    You should see some of the ones I deleted…..

  29. James G Jewell

    Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts…

  30. James G Jewell

    I agree.

    These guys must be taken very seriously.

    Last year Nigel Dixon, an innocent man walking down the street, was gunned down by gang bangers who questioned him “Who he was down with?” He wasn’t down with anyone but that didn’t matter, they killed him anyway.

    This happened at 4 pm in broad day light.

    That is no joke!

  31. James G Jewell

    I get your point to a certain degree.

    It’s all relative I guess.

  32. James G Jewell

    What you are seeing on the streets are young kids that work the crack shacks, run crack lines and do hand to hands with sex trade workers. These kids are definitely not getting rich and usually end up with serious drug addiction issues that always keep them indebted to the gang.

    Winnipeg has plenty of the players you describe in your post.

    Most drug dealers live large, party hard, travel to sun spots in the winter and burn their cash as fast as they get it.

    The majority of them end up in jail, broke or dead.

  33. James G Jewell

    I get your frustration.

    There is no question that the system is broken. The value of human life has become lost in the current version of our justice system. Dangerous offender applications are rare and very difficult under the law to prove.

    Gang murders are extremely difficult to investigate and equally difficult to prosecute. Witnesses to these crimes tend to get cold feet when it comes to actually taking the witness stand and providing evidence. People involved in the gang subculture tend to have significant issues regarding their own criminal history and credibility. These are the people prosecutors have to rely on to convict these offenders.

    As a result, Crown prosecutors are often forced to plea bargain charges down to ensure these cold blooded killers are held responsible in some form or fashion. That often means pleas to Manslaughter charges as in the case of many of the gangsters featured in the story.

    Police Officers share your concerns regarding the continuing degradation of justice in our Country.

    Thank you for commenting.

  34. Well if any of you were an insider and knew what he was talking about then you would all understand the story line here. I sure as hell knew these guy’s and they are evil savages sorry to say they put people where I’m from through hell and a few of my friends are now doing life sentences for sh*t these guys made them do they’re lives are wasted because of sh*t like this. And the money they made !! some people wouldnt believe they were organized hustler’s making bills and stacks not dollars and nickles well just saying some of you people would have to experience it to know. They should make a movie about it for real its like those American gangster movies. Just saying that is my opinion r.i.p ip

  35. Ahhaha some comments on here are soo funny

  36. Nothing but bums trying to take the easy way out. Anyone with a gun or knife is scary, let’s be honest.

    They have no care in the world because no one in the world cares for them but their “brothers” who as you can see, will turn their back in an instant. Most of these guys were raised in poor homes with no one to look up to or no where to turn when in need… where alcohol, drugs, violence and sexual abuse contribute to the way their lives are lived today. The justice system is effed in the a. Murderers, rapists etc are being let go with slaps on the wrists for hell sakes, a person charged with drug possession sometimes get a longer sentence and no chance at parole.. but these thugs have it easy… SMFH

  37. ignorant commenters

    Keyboard warriors.. as most of this is true, I for one would like to see any one of you commenters actually say this to one of the members that are speaking about in the article… gangster or not, they would tear you apart.

  38. Sorry if my comment has offended anyone who may have a different view. But this is a sore excuse for organized crime. Waste of life, no goals. Probably have kids who will grow up to be a part of the same way of life. I feel sorry for anyone who is in this life. This is not gangster. If you wanna look at some real gangsters in Canada take a look at BC .

  39. I have to ask because I’m dying to know: where does all of this major cash end up?

    I’m in the north end and central areas for work, and I never see any gangsters flashing cash. I see lots of them walking around, riding bikes, riding the bus or driving some crap car, wearing the same stupid Tupac tshirts. You go to the west coast you can see shady-looking guys all over the place driving benzys you know they didn’t buy with a job at Future Shop, dropping big coin on clothes, on women, in the clubs.

    Are any members of the local street crews actually getting rich off this shit? Because I sure don’t see any signs of it out there.

  40. Why are these individuals not considered dangerous offenders and locked up for the rest of their “natural” life, instead of a measly 10 yrs???

  41. Hatesignorantaholes

    This guy sounds like a white supremacist!

  42. torontomademe

    On some real street talk… you my friend are absolutly right. These are not sophisticated gangsters. These are retarded, BET watching, worldstarhiphop wannabes. I know real G’s… and they dont operate on this level of retardation. this is a prime example of busters. Straight up busters. Again, your comment is 100% accurate.

  43. James G Jewell


    Your comments are full of inaccurate stereotypes that are not based in reality.

    Tyson Roulette was known to have high level connections with major organized crime figures in Canada.

    The Indian Posse runs several crack houses in the North End and makes major cash slinging crack and other drugs. While it’s true many of their gang members are unsophisticated thugs, they present considerable danger to the neighbourhoods they infest and have to be taken very seriously by Law Enforcement.

    Street gang members tend to be young, uneducated, unsophisticated, reckless males who have little appreciation or concern for the consequences of their actions. That makes them very dangerous people.

    The fact they don’t have a clubhouse is irrelevant.

    Clubhouses are associated with OMG’s and are soon to be a thing of the past thanks to the efforts of the Provincial Civil Forfeiture team who recently seized the Hells Angels Club House in Winnipeg.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate your interest. Thanks for commenting!

  44. Suck a dick gangs

    Gather them all up and drop them on the ghetto of Detroit or L.A. Let them seem how ‘gangsta’ they are then.. I hope they all turn on each other n kill their own miserable kind..

  45. This is as low level gangsters as there are in Canada. These guys are all on welfare with 3 baby moms drinking stabbing each other and yet claim this is some type of gangster shit. It’s a fucking joke. Most of all the prairie aboriginal gangs are actually drug addicted bums. There is no Indian posse clubhouse or nightclub. It’s a basement suite of someones moms apartment. It sickens me that this is the image of a Canadian gangster.

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