On November 24, 2013, shortly after 10:00 am, Island Lake RCMP were advised that Jerrold Moses Flett (21) of Garden Hill First Nation had been assaulted.  He was subsequently found seriously injured lying on the ground by the nursing station.  Flett was transported to the local nursing station where he succumbed to his injuries a short while later.

The incident was investigated by RCMP members assigned to the Island Lake Detachment with assistance from the RCMP Serious Crimes Unit, the RCMP Forensic Identification Section and the RCMP Major Crime Unit.  The investigation led to the arrest of Leonard Morris Beardy (21) and Brandon Wind Beardy (19).

Both suspects have been charged with Second Degree Murder.  The victim and both accused persons are residents of the Garden Hill First Nation and were known to each other.  The accused persons are scheduled to appear in Court in Winnipeg on November 29, 2013.

This is the eighteenth (18th) Homicide investigated by the RCMP this year.

In 2012, the RCMP investigated a total of nineteen (19) killings.

Island Lake is located approximately 475 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg.


The Island Lake detachment is located on Stevenson Island. The detachment serves the Island Lake region as well as the area between Island Lake and Red Sucker Lake. Policing responsibilities involve four First Nation communities, including: Garden Hill, St. Theresa Point, Wasagamack and Red Sucker Lake. This detachment is unique, as all four communities are accessible only by water or air. An ice road system is used in the winter, and boats are the principal mode of transportation in the summer.


The RCMP office consists of one sergeant, two corporals, eight constables and two public servants. Due to the unique policing environment, members make use of a variety of equipment and vehicles. Global Positioning Systems are used when traveling between communities. The detachment has a fleet of five boats, which includes a Jet-Boat, two Kanters, one Metalcraft and one Harbercraft.
In winter, members travel the ice roads with four-wheel drive vehicles. Some trucks are kept in various communities for a total of eight 4×4 trucks. Members also respond to some calls for service using snowmobiles and ATVs. Chartered helicopters and hovercrafts are used during the freeze-up and break-up seasons to provide access. Other than in the winter, when it can be reached by Winter Road, Red Sucker Lake is only accessible by helicopter of airplane.

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