Rock Machine Gangster Gets Ticket to Club Fed

John Adam Curwin – WPS Handout

High ranking Rock Machine gangster John Adam Curwin (31) plead guilty to multiple charges of firearm and drug trafficking yesterday and promptly received a nine and a half (9 1/2) year sentence.  The sentence came as a result of a plea bargain deal and is in addition to time already served in custody.

Curwin was one of eleven Rock Machine gangsters who were snagged in “Project Dilemma,” a highly successful Police investigation that utilized the services of a paid agent. ┬áThe investigation essentially destroyed the operational ability of the entire Winnipeg based Chapter.

Among other evidence, Police seized handguns & ammunition, sawed off shotguns, pipe bombs, other explosives, large quantities of cocaine & marihuana, 1800 tablets of benzlpiperazine (ecstasy), quantities of cash and gang clothing.

Rock Machine Australia

The Rock Machine emerged on the criminal landscape in Winnipeg during the fall of 2008 when a group of Australian based Rock Machine gangsters came to the City to give their blessings to the Manitoba based chapter.

The plan hit a snag when a Customs Agent went the extra mile and discovered they had Rock Machine vests, flags, t-shirts and other assorted gang paraphernalia in their luggage.

WPS Organized Crime Unit members subsequently became involved and assisted Customs in the investigation.

The Aussie thugs were subsequently detained and unceremoniously deported.

As fate would have it, the gang would eventually find a way to establish themselves in the Province.

The charges against the remaining ten (10) gangsters are still pending.


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