St B Crime Scene (Photo JGJ)
St B Crime Scene (Photo JGJ)

On November 29, 2014, after 2:00 a.m., EMS personnel were dispatched to a residence in the 100 block of Rue La Verendrye regarding a report of a stabbing.

On arrival, a male was located suffering from an apparent stab wound to the upper body.  The man was transported to hospital in critical condition where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Police identified the victim as Victor Cory Hardisty (31) years of Winnipeg.

Member of the WPS Homicide Unit were called out and continued the investigation with the assistance of the Forensic Identification Unit.

At 4:15 p.m., Police arrested Elvis Marcel McKay (38) years of Winnipeg at a residence on Manitoba Ave and charged him with;

  • 2nd Degree Murder
  • Fail to Comply with Condition of Recognizance x 6

McKay was remanded into custody.

WPS Public Information Officer Constable Jason Michalyshen indicated Mckay has had, “very substantial police involvement.”

The fact he’s been charged with six (6) counts of failing to comply with a condition of a recognizance is telling.

Michalyshen advised the stabbing occurred after an argument erupted at a residence where a small house party was taking place.

Alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the killing.

Victim Also “Known” to Police

A search of the WPS media releases revealed a bulletin issued on May 31, 2011 requesting the public’s assistance in locating Hardisty who was wanted on two (2) outstanding arrest warrants for robbery & break and enter.

WPS Media Release
WPS Media Release


Hardisty is the 22nd reported victim of homicide in Winnipeg in 2014.

Four (4) cases remained unsolved.

A total of fourteen (14) of the killings (63%) occurred as a result of stabbings or edged weapons attacks.


Previous dates when Winnipeg Recorded the 22nd Homicide of the year;

2013 – Nov 4
2012 – Sept 27
2011 – July 16 (Record Year – 41 Homicides)
2010 – Nov 1
2009 – Oct 5
2008 – Sept 23
2007 – Sept 29
2006 – Dec 24
2005 – Oct 10
2004 – Sept 22 (Previous Record Year – 34 Homicides) (100% solvency)


  1. James G Jewell


    It is uncanny how often people who live a violent lifestyle end up being victims of violence themselves.

    I’ve investigated many cases where homicide victims have perpetrated frightening violence on others.

    That’s why its so important to break the cycle.

  2. James G Jewell

    I’m sure many people might consider your comment racist.

    If not racist, some would certainly consider it stereotyping.

    I know plenty of Aboriginal people who have no issue with alcohol.

    I also know plenty of non-Aboriginal people who do.

    In my experience, the effects and damage caused by alcoholism crosses all ethnic and social class boundaries. I learned those lessons growing up, in my first marriage and in my police career.

    When it comes to crime and specifically homicide, you are certainly correct. Addiction and substance abuse can be directly attributed to one of the primary drivers of crime and specifically violent crime.

  3. I remember walking the Main Street beats in the early 1980s and as the bars were letting out, it was common to see people, who had been drinking all night, sitting on several 24s of beer, waiting for a taxi to take them back to the north end to continue the party. We knew that a couple of hours later, District 3 would be busy when the booze ran out. It’s too bad these people couldn’t realize that they didn’t have to drink it all in one night. Racist comment or not, alcohol is one of a native person’s worst enemies and I say that with over 30 years experience seeing the problem first hand.

  4. Hi James I was reading the paper today where the JHS president said we need to put less people in jail. And it’s actually unsafe to society to do such a thing. Oh my goodness I guess these two Angels must be what she speakes of. Fail to comply how many times? Rehab ! James I don’t know about you but we seem to see a similar occurrence going on don’t we. I will say this society is much safer with these two no longer in it. Karma is a bitch isn’t it.

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