Street Crimes Unit Smashes Mad Cowz Street Gang

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On Monday, April 29, 2013, WPS PIO (Public Information Officer) Constable Jason Michalyshen & Street Crimes Unit Staff Sergeant Max Waddell conducted a media release announcing the results of Project Recall, a proactive investigation into the illicit drug trafficking activities of the Mad Cow street gang.

In February 2013, members of the Street Crimes Unit initiated the intelligence led project targeting specific drug cells in the gang.  Investigative efforts subsequently identified a total of ten (10) primary street level drug dealers.  Information gained from the investigation was subsequently used to secure ten (10) arrest warrants and two (2) dwelling house entry warrants for addresses located on Simcoe St and Langside Street.

On April 25, 2013, officers commenced with the arrest phase of the project that has since netted the capture of nine (9) of the ten (10) primary Mad Cow gang members.  Two (2) other subjects were arrested on unrelated arrest warrants.  One of the primary targets identified during the investigation remains at large.  All of the suspects taken into custody were processed and detained at either the Provincial Remand Center or the Manitoba Youth Center.

As a result of the investigation, additional information came to light that resulted in the seizure of two shotguns and approximately eighty (80) rounds of ammunition.

Staff Sergeant Max Waddell indicated the arrests should significantly disrupt Mad Cow gang operations as several of the arrestees held leadership positions within the gang structure.  The following suspects have been charged as a result of the investigation:

Alan STRANGER (20)

  • CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 2

Jeremy Kyle ST. GERMAIN (23)

  • CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 3
  • Fail to Comply Probation x 3
  • Possess Proceeds of Crime

Christopher BOHEMIER (19)

  • CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 6
  • Fail to Comply Probation x 2

Timothy Ross KIRTON (25)

  • CDSA 5(1) Trafficking Cocaine x 3
  • Revocation and Suspension of Parole

Sixteen (16) Year Old – Young Offender

  • CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 5
  • Fail to Comply Undertaking x 2

Sixteen (16) Year Old – Young Offender

  • CDSA 5(1) Trafficking Cocaine x 1
  • Fail to Comply Probation x 6
  • Possess Proceeds of Crime

Seventeen (17) Year Old – Young Offender

  • CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 2
  • Fail to Comply Sentence x 6

Sixteen (16) Year Old – Young Offender

  • CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 4

Sixteen (16) Year Old – Young Offender

  • CDSA 5(1) Trafficking Cocaine x 2
  • Fail to Comply Probation x 6
  • Possess Proceeds of Crime


James MASON (20)

  • Warrant – Fail to comply x 3

Eighteen (18) Year Old Offender

  • Warrant – Fail to comply Sentence
  • Warrant – Fail to Comply Appearance Notice



Terryl IZZARD (18)

CDSA 5 (1) Trafficking Cocaine x 4

Black male, 5’8”, 127 pounds, thin build.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of IZZARD is asked to contact investigators at 204-986-8430 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).


  • Street Crime Unit
  • Manitoba Integrated Warrant Apprehension Unit
  • Division 11 Community Support Unit
  • Division 11 General Patrol Units
  • Division 11 Detectives


Winnipeg Free Press – Arrests a Set Back for Mad Cowz


Proactive investigations such as this provide Law Enforcement with an excellent opportunity to disrupt gang leadership and street gang operations.  The not so obvious benefit is the opportunity that such arrests present for investigators to “debrief” street gang members regarding the need to gather much sought after gang intelligence.

The types of intelligence Police seek can relate to several critical areas such as:

  • Gang Leadership (Who are the shot callers)
  • Gang Structure (What is the Leadership Structure)
  • Gang Conflict  (Turf Disputes, Drug Rip Offs)
  • Gang Crime (What kind of crime is the gang participating in)
  • Gang Murders (Unsolved Cases)


  • Detention
  • Disruption
  • Displacement
  • Disbanding
  • Distrusting


  1. James G Jewell

    Thanks for adding some context to the story….

    If I can ever afford staff I might just hire you as a TPI researcher…

  2. And a google search reveals Ross Kirton was caught with 8 pounds of marijuana and a gun at a Beverly st. home back in 09′.

    The revolving door of the Manitoba justice system at work.

  3. Some may remember St. Germain from back in 2010 when he was shot in a Sherbrooke St apartment block and then stumbled outside, armed, into WPS officers who arrested him on gun charges and (surprise surprise) probation violations.


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