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Reallocation of Resources Not Enough to Address Crime Apocalypse

I fully intended on writing an article today highlighting the troubling lack of leadership we’ve seen with the response to the unprecedented crime apocalypse raging […]


Addiction, Homelessness, Poverty – Revelations in Recent Homicide

I’ve been reporting on a common theme lately. The theme centers on the revelation that Winnipeg is Dying. I largely attribute the awakening to a […]


Mayor Offside with Attack on Police Pensions

It was but a few weeks ago Chief Danny Smyth held an unprecedented news conference to sound the alarm regarding his concern for the mental […]


WPS Stock Tumbles – No Time for Blamegame

Imagine the CEO of a publicly-traded company attending the annual shareholders meeting and delivering the news the companies stock was in free-fall. Then imagine the […]


Police Chief Rings Alarm in Unprecedented Call to Action

It’s not every day that a Canadian Police Chief holds a press conference to express feelings of despair, concern, and frustration, but that’s precisely what […]


Thefts Expose Soft Underbelly of MLL Leadership

The recent arrest of a sixteen-year-old habitual offender has exposed what many are calling a colossal failure of the leadership at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MLL) to […]


Impaired Arrests Troubling for Chief – Testy Presser Streamed Live on FB

It was a tough day at the office today for Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth. Smyth called a hasty presser this afternoon to share disturbing […]