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And Justice for All – Or Maybe Not

I’m hoping I wasn’t the only person sickened by a Mike McIntyre crime story published in the Winnipeg Free Press this morning. It’s hard not to […]


Cops vs Gangsters – A Real Life Drama Unfolds in a Winnipeg Courtroom

Did Provincial Court Judge Rob Finlayson cross the line when he drew a comparison between gang members wearing colours and police officers sporting uniforms in a […]


Perception vs Reality – Angels vs Demons †

After working almost three decades in Law Enforcement I’m rarely surprised when I hear or read stories that dilute the truth or sacrifice reality out of […]


MURDER CITY TAKES HIATUS – New Normal or Calm Before the Storm?

It’s been a relatively quiet forty-five (45) days since the Winnipeg Police Homicide Unit was called out to investigate a murder. The last reporter murder occurred on […]


Sex, Hookers and the Thin Blue Line

It didn’t take long for Winnipeg’s elite crime reporting duo to dig up the dirt regarding the criminal charges laid against Winnipeg Police Officer Remi […]


Bad DNA, Guns & a Hockey Stick – A Winnipeg Story

How does a retiring NYPD veteran, bad DNA, a Glock 9 mil and a hockey stick all combine to result in the senseless killing of […]


Cycle of Violence on Bloodvein First Nation Apalling – Dysfunctional Community in Need of Intervention

“Bloodshed besets Bloodvein.” The story was a recent collaboration published in the Winnipeg Free Press by crime reporters Mike McIntyre & James Turner.  The article […]

Police Insider - Murder in River City - Year in Review

The Police Insider – Year in Review

“A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and […]