The Buller Report – The Great Indigenous Betrayal

RCMP National Operational Review Report – Cover

It turns out the Buller report on the Missing & Murdered Women & Girls issue sadly amounts to just another great betrayal of the Indigenous people.

When the mmiwg was launched the commissioners cited three key goals for their mandate;

  • Finding the truth
  • Honoring the truth
  • Giving life to the truth as a path to healing

It was all about the truth.

Now that the report has been tabled, it’s quite clear the “truth” was essentially ignored.

Ignored at the expense of Indigenous women & girls of course.

Enter the great betrayal.

I read an article this morning published in the Winnipeg Free Press titled, “Majority agrees Indigenous women victims of ‘genocide’ but not on how or by whom.”

Herein lies another part of the great mmiwg betrayal.

The story has become about “genocide.”

It seems the goal was never about finding the truth, honoring the truth or giving life to the truth as a path to anywhere.

Let us now destroy oxygen debating the meaning and intent of the word ‘genocide.”

If nothing else, the Buller report has ironically succeeded at further deepening the division that currently exists when it comes to Indigenous issues.

(Not to mention offending various victim groups who’ve suffered genocide in terms of the traditional understanding of the term.)

The most interesting part of the WFP article was the issue regarding blame, that is, blame as to who is responsible for the “genocide.”

  • 32% blamed Canada’s British & French Colonizers
  • 25% blamed the Catholic & Protestant churches
  • 21% blamed all Canadians
  • 1% blamed the government

(I realize there are a few percents missing here but I didn’t write the story.)

All the while, the “truth,” that stubborn little concept, was laying naked in front of us, in the wide open, for all to see.

The most shocking result from this poll is only 1% of respondents put blame on the government. I suspect this may have been a government sponsored poll.

After quoting poll results the article devolves into the great debate regarding the definition of the term “genocide.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initially hesitated to use the word “genocide,” then did an about face, and embraced the Buller report finding that “genocide” had indeed occurred.

As a former homicide interrogator, I would consider his admission a confession of sorts.

As leader of this Country for the last four (4) years, he seems rather oblivious to his culpability in all of this, but that’s another debate.

Trudeau did go on to clarify he felt it was more appropriate to refer to “cultural genocide” rather than the more traditional meaning of the word.

The great debate continues.

The great deflection continues.

The great betrayal continues.

I truly hate to say this but I agree with Mr. Trudeau.

There is no denying Indigenous people in this Country have suffered state and church sponsored policies aimed at destroying their culture. The evidence is insurmountable, colonization, residential schools, the sixties scoop, forced sterilization, racialized poverty, lack of access to housing, education, employment and even clean drinking water.

There’s more, much more…

Truth – A Stubborn Little Concept

As a keen observer, with some important institutional knowledge, I watched the conception, birth and evolution of the Inquiry.

I remind you, the Inquiry was originally pitched to find answers regarding the disappearance and murder of Indigenous women and girls.

I attended many of the rallies and protests.

RCMP National Operational Review Report – Offenders

I heard Indigenous & political leaders make incredulously uniformed speeches suggesting the missing and murdered women were victims of some unexplained, mysterious phenomenon we just weren’t capable of understanding without a government led multimillion dollar inquiry.

That is precisely how the Inquiry was justified.

All the while, the “truth,” that stubborn little concept, was laying naked in front of us, in the wide open, for all to see.

It wasn’t hard to see, if you cared to look.

We always knew domestic & family violence (or an acquaintance known to the victim) was the primary “phenomenon” responsible for the deaths of over 90% of Indigenous women & girls.

The great betrayal continues…

The Buller report, Indigenous & political leaders, and yes, the news media still participate in perpetuating  the betrayal.

Why is it a betrayal?

If we know the answer to reduce victimization and choose to ignore it, are we not complicit in the crimes?

Nowhere in the WFP article was domestic or family violence mentioned.

Nowhere in the WPF article did they bother to talk about the perpetrators of the crimes against Indigenous Women & Girls.

I respectfully suggest, the media has a responsibility to inform and educate the public, but no, they continue to play the game.

Let’s dedicate our time & energy debating the term “genocide.”

I believe that’s irresponsible.

That happens to be a total of 1,274 days wasted on a National Inquiry that could have been dedicated to an exercise to keep Indigenous Women & Girls safer, but no, let the games play on.

I believe every Indigenous leader, politician and citizen, Indigenous or non-Indigenous, who supported the Inquiry was irresponsible.

The Inquiry was announced on December 8, 2015 and the final report was submitted on June 3rd, 2019, a total of 3 years, 5 months and 27 days.

That happens to be a total of 1,274 days wasted on a National Inquiry that could have been dedicated to an exercise to keep Indigenous Women & Girls safer, but no, let the games play on.

The great betrayal continues.

In terms of cost, reports indicate the final cost of the Inquiry is estimated to be in the neighbourhood of $92,000,000.

I expect that number is closer to an astounding $100,000,000, but we’ll really never know, will we.

Included in those costs was a “team building” junket to Banff, Alberta in the midst of all of the mmiwg defections…money well spent I’m sure.

The great betrayal continues.

I mention money for one reason and one reason alone.

I can´t even begin to imagine the amount of real, tangible resources that could have been bought with $100,000,000…

I´m talking about domestic violence shelters, safe houses, drug and alcohol addiction treatment, family counseling, domestic violence prevention & education programs etcetera.

The evidence is now clear as can be.

A government sponsored, but not led, National Strategy, Task Force & Action Plan was always the way to go if, and only if, we were prepared to face the truth, honor the truth and give life to truth as a path to healing.

I said it before the Inquiry was announced and I continue to say it.

But no, lets debate the term genocide.

The great betrayal continues…

Editor’s Note;

RCMP data regarding perpetrator information has been greeted with considerable skepticism and outright rejected by some groups.

The RCMP have been accused of being racist after publishing data that suggested Indigenous men are the predominant killers of Indigenous women.

Police Insider homicide data collected over the last 25 years in the City of Winnipeg is entirely consistent with the RCMP data.

In fact, hard data shows Indigenous woman & men are grossly overrepresented as both victims and perpetrators of homicide in the City of Winnipeg.

Family and Domestic Violence, or homicide by an acquaintance, is by far the leading cause of death of Indigenous men and women.

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  1. Gord Barton, Retired 604

    M. jewel’s article is right on the mark and accurate. Well done.

    The solution has to start on the reserves where it starts. Unless the indigenous
    people get really serious about their issues, and act, it will be a long time before
    they can correct many of the ills. As far the word “genocide,” no such thing happened in Canada!

  2. This whole MMIWG situation has become so discriminative and full of holes. To call these missing and or murdered a genocide is futile. Trudeau should never called it such. Now the division grows wider. other people who are not Aboriginal have just as many people missing and or murdered yet they are not validated. Too much attention and pandering has been given to the MMIWG and no it is NOT betrayal to denounce their genocide. It is betrayal to Canadians to not to denounce!! No good can come out of the self importance of and the pandering to Aboriginals!!

  3. Herb Stephen

    James, your report is dead-on accurate. I have also read the statistical report from the RCMP and fully agree with their findings.

  4. The “news” media has, in recent years, decidedly become partisan, biased and opinionated. They intentionally mislead the public, carefully craft and perpetuate a false narrative, and take no responsibility for their lies.
    Even our local radio stations, and notably CJOB, includes irrelevant details and omits others when reporting the “news”. Eg: they will report the race/ethnicity of the victim of a crime (assault or murder) only if that victim is indigenous. They never mention race of the victim if the victim is anything but indigenous. They also never mention the race of the perpetrator, or the guilty party. The media, even CJOB, will never miss an opportunity to include the skin colour of police while reporting any incident involving a police involved shooting, especially when the victim is non-Caucasian. This is always designed to elicit some sense of racial motivation on the part of the police.

    As long as the MSM is funded by and working in concert with the government, they cannot be trusted to report the facts.


  5. Michael Melanson

    Thank you. I was just on WFP arguing with another commenter who claimed that the killers of MMIW were mostly white guys e.g. Pickton. It’s disturbing just how ideological the MMIW has become. It seems like there are the people who are actually guilty and then the people who they want to blame.

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