Two (2) Confirmed Dead in Charleswood Bungalow!

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The WPS confirmed they are investigating the death of two (2) individuals who were located at a Charleswood bungalow in the 4300 block of Roblin Blvd.

Police report that on Friday, May 17, 2013 at approximately 8:20 am, they received information regarding a “serious matter” that required emergency personnel to attend the residence.  Upon arrival, Officers confirmed two (2) individuals were located deceased within the home.

The WPS Homicide Unit was notified and is investigating.  The WPS Forensic Identification Unit is at the scene and is conducting forensic examinations.

Police report efforts to positively identify the victims is ongoing as are attempts to notify next of kin.  The WPS Public Information Office indicated no further details will be released at this time.

The modest bungalow and surrounding property appeared to be well maintained.  No vehicles were parked in the driveway and the garbage bins were stored neatly beside the double garage.  A motion light on the front entranceway appeared to be working and an ADT sign was visible by the front steps.  The lid on the mail box was open and no mail was visible inside.

A number of people who were observed attending the residence this morning appeared extremely distraught after speaking with Police Officers at the scene.

If it is determined that foul play was involved in the deaths, they would represent the seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) Homicides of 2013.


This case is somewhat unusual in that Police report they received “information” regarding a “serious matter” that required emergency personnel to attend the residence.  This, of course, is in stark contrast to responding to a crime scene in answer to a 911 call, the usual method Police are notified regarding these events.

It is therefore safe to conclude that either a witness to the events, or someone who was involved in the events, provided Police with the information that led to the discovery of the victims.

The sequence of events should become more clear as the investigation progresses.


Historical dates when Homicide #7 & #8 were recorded;

  • 2012 – MARCH 9 / MARCH 24
  • 2011 – FEBRUARY 24 / MARCH 16
  • 2010 – MAY 26 / JUNE 15
  • 2009 – APRIL 10 / MAY 1
  • 2008 – MARCH 29 / MARCH 29 (Gang Related Triple Homicide)
  • 2007 – MARCH 26 / MARCH 27
  • 2006 – MARCH 25 / APRIL 30
  • 2005 – MAY 9 / JUNE 2

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