Winnipeg Gang Life – The False Promise


Notorious Indian Posse gangster Jeffrey Bruyere caught himself an eleven (11) year sentence for Manslaughter yesterday in a Winnipeg Courtroom.  Bruyere plead guilty to the charge last year after the Crown made a plea bargain deal to drop the original Second Degree Murder charge.

Bruyere stood accused of participating in the 2006 jail house murder of hard core Indian Posse thug Sheldon Anthony Mckay, a two-time killer himself.

Mckays first killing occurred in 1992 and involved the vicious throat slashing of his girlfriends mother. As a young offender, 16 years at the time, McKay would benefit from soft Canadian Justice and would get a second chance at freedom so he could kill again.

The second killing occurred a mere eight (8) years later on May 26, 2000 and involved another edged weapon attack. This time, McKay led a pack of frenzied gang bangers on a murderous rampage that caught three (3) young Aboriginal males “slipping” on Indian Posse turf.

Two of the victims would survive the attack after being hospitalized for stab wounds. A third man was not so lucky, as he lay dying on the cold pavement he would suffer one last indignity, the new sneakers his mother just bought him were pulled from his feet by one of the callous gang members involved in the killing.

McKay was truly evil personified. He was a tiny man standing about 5’6” and weighing around 160 pounds. He had “Fuck You” and the Tasmanian Devil “flying the finger” tattooed on his right arm. He was an extremely aggressive, hostile and dangerous sociopath. Rumor had it he was virtually out of control in prison, leading or participating in assaults on inmates, ordering killings & “prison justice” in his efforts to control gang members, gang business and the distribution of cash.

His fellow gangsters had enough of him and took care of business.

At some point, Jeffrey Bruyere was forced to make life changing decisions when the reality of the false promises of gang life slapped him in the face.  Like a house of cards, high ranking Indian Posse Gang members started to fold under the pressure of intense pressure from Law Enforcement.  Gangsters quickly revealed their true colours as they turned on each other in the hopes of being the first one to “make a deal” with Manitoba Justice Prosecutors.

That life changing decision meant that Bruyere would turn his back on his gang and provide testimony for the Crown during the prosecution of one of his former high ranking Indian Posse “brothers.”

Indian Posse Gang Member Raymond Chartrand was subsequently found guilty of Second Degree Murder.  He received a mandatory life sentence and his parole eligibility was raised to fifteen (15) years from the minimum sentence of ten (10) years.

IP gangsters Adrian Young & Raymond Armstrong plead guilty to Manslaughter in the Mckay case and both received  twelve (12) year sentences.

The joint RCMP / WPS investigation into the Mckay killing and several other gang related murders was one of the most significant blows ever dealt to the Indian Posse Street gang in Winnipeg.  The co-operation level between the two Police agencies was remarkable and would result in the resolution of several other murder cases.  In fact, the conviction of high ranking IP gang leader Tyson Kane Roulette was a direct offshoot of the joint investigation.

Roulette plead guilty to Manslaughter in the September 2007 shooting death of Anthony Woodhouse-30 years, an innocent victim shot in a misguided “mission” to control gang turf.  Roulette received a life sentence and will be required to serve ten (10) years in prison before he’s eligible for parole.

During that case Crown Attorney Carla Dewar stated; “This case illustrates exactly what happens when a gang turns on itself.  This should send a message to all gang members: Do not trust anyone, even each other. The boys you think are your bro’s will throw you to the wolves in a second.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.


Winnipeg Free Press – No Parole for 15 Years for Innocent Man’s Killer


  1. My son’s are ex gang members, freaking police picking on my son’s at all the Times,my son’s got charged for second degree murder for what for being native.they charged native people for nothing they should find real killer’s..now both son’s doing 12 year’s for what for changing there lives planning to have family,but the fucking system took that away from them..they should do there job finding real killer’s besides picking on native’s..I’m a ex gang members with 1323 ,I talked to my children about gang live and told them never joining with with Ip,but they rolled out after my ex got killed by his own Bros..what I’m trying to say is Think Before Joining Gang Life..you we’ll do life in prison.. thank you for sharing your story and keep it up..

  2. James G Jewell

    I you truly were a gang member then luck had nothing to do with you getting out, did it?

    Getting out takes courage and commitment!

    You have to want a better life and recognize that the only true promise of gang life is prison or the morgue.

    Thank you for commenting.

  3. Fuck I’m lucky to leave this gang life belind me left in 2009

  4. James G Jewell


    Appreciate your comments very much, thank you!

  5. The life of being a gangster is not a life for any human being. It’s the road no one wants to take for himself and how it plays out, it’s a sad but true choice to make. James thank you for the story and I hope you keep it going. people need to know that its a bad road to go down. Oh by the way, this is Richard Wolfe. I now talk to youth about this life their trying to live. Keep up the good work.

  6. James G Jewell

    Appreciate your comments Floyd, thank-you!

  7. James, my good friend, THANK YOU for sharing this incredible story with your readers and the world. THIS is a story that ALL of Winnipeg needs to read. So many people simply dismiss gang members as garbage and say stupid shit like, “Oh well it’s gangs killing gangs, who cares…” They have no concept of gang life, and never will. No human being should be treated like garbage, and just think if no one was there for this young man back there. Someone believed him, trusted him, supported him and look at the result, a taxpayer…

    Gang members and drug dealers make one hell of a lot more money than this young man does digging holes, BUT with the small amount of money he is earning, it means more to him than any illegal money he would have made before. “Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job…”

    As the father of a murdered child, TJ Wiebe, TJsGift.com (of which James was an arresting officer of the murderers) and the Exec. Dir. of Gang Awareness for Parents, GAPManitoba.com, I really appreciate this story. I need to hear it, it keeps me going…

    Thanks James…
    Floyd Wiebe

  8. James G Jewell

    Check back with me in ten years and let me know how your career choice turned out for you.

  9. ”This case illustrates exactly what happens when a gang turns on itself. This should send a message to all gang members: Do not trust anyone, even each other. The boys you think are your bro’s will throw you to the wolves in a second.” im willing to pay that price long live I P!!!

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