WPS AWARDS DAY – Celebrating Excellence in Law Enforcement

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Friday, May 10, 2013 – 1:00 pm

The Winnipeg Police Service held their 23rd annual awards day at the Immanuel Pentecostal Church at 955 Wilkes Ave today.

The event is designed to show appreciation for both sworn and civilian members of the Winnipeg Police Service for their dedication, commitment and desire to achieve excellence in Law Enforcement.   Dignitaries in attendance included Chief of Police Devon Clunis, Mayor Sam Katz, City Councillors Thomas Steen, Ross Eadie & Harvey Smith, Minister of Justice Andrew Swan and Winnipeg Police Association President Mike Sutherland.

A variety of medals were awarded in several categories that included:

  • Police Exemplary Service Medals – awarded to Police Officers who have served twenty (20) years of exemplary service
  • Police Exemplary Service Bars – awarded to Police Officers who have served thirty (30) years of exemplary service
  • City of Winnipeg 25 Year Service Pins
  • Staff Exemplary Service Awards – award to civilian staff members who have served twenty (20) years of exemplary service
  • James Toal Award of Excellence – Awarded to Patrol Sergeant R Keber in recognition of excellence in Law Enforcement and outstanding community commitment
  • Queens Diamond Jubilee Medals – in honour of significant contributions and achievements by Canadians (Five (5) recipients)

In addition to these special awards, Chief of Police Devon Clunis issued Commendation and Recognition Certificates to a total of twenty-six (26) Police Service members consisting of twenty-two (22) Police Officers, three (3) Cadets and one (1) Civilian Staff member.  These commendations were awarded in recognition of dedication to duty in making off duty arrests, for bravery, for making life saving efforts and for excellence in law enforcement.

Commendations were awarded for a number of exceptional incidents that included:

  • Officers risking their lives to retrieve a fifteen (15) year old boy from the raging waters of the Red River
  • Officers making an off duty robbery arrest of a male armed with an edged weapon
  • Officers successfully resolving a volatile situation where a male armed with a firearm was holding it to his head threatening suicide
  • Officers making off duty arrests regarding a high-speed pursuit involving a stolen vehicle

Special presentations were also made in memory of Police Communications Operator Theresa Comeau-Ludlow and Constable Bruce Shelest, both treasured members of the Police Service lost long before their time.

The event wrapped up with closing remarks from Chief Devon Clunis who shared inspiring messages of encouragement and gratitude for serving Police Officers, Civilian Staff members, family members and guests.


*John S Ingram was appointed the first Chief of Police for the City of Winnipeg on February 23, 1874.  His term was short and filled with conflict with City Council.  Mayor Cornish was apparently not impressed with the Chief who had a reputation as a scrapper and womanizer, issues that led to his downfall.

Since inception, nine (9) Police Officers employed by the City of Winnipeg have been killed in the line of duty.  Detective Ronald Edward Houston was the last Winnipeg Police Officer to make the ultimate sacrifice.  He was stabbed to death during a stake-out for a vicious rapist on June 27, 1970.  His killer was convicted and sentenced to death, however, the sentence was subsequently commuted.

*Source: City of Winnipeg Website (Research by retired Staff Sergeant Jack Templeman)

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