WPS Charges Killer in Double Homicide

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The Winnipeg Police Service Public Information Office has confirmed the deaths of two (2) victims located inside a residence at 4317 Roblin Blvd were victims of Homicide.

On Saturday, May 17, 2013, Police received information regarding a “serious matter” requiring emergency personnel to respond to the subject residence.

On arrival, officers located the deceased bodies of an adult male and adult female victim.  Police continue to investigate but indicate the incident is believed to have occurred as a result of a “domestic-related matter.”  The victim’s have not been identified and the cause of death is pending the results of an autopsy.

Police have charged Seymour Lloyd Sharpe (44) with two (2) counts of Second Degree Murder due to his alleged involvement.  Sharpe was detained at the Provincial Remand CenterScreen Shot 2013-05-18 at 1.06.34 PM.

WFP Crime Reporter Mike McIntyre confirmed Police Insider suspicions the “information” Police received came from the alleged killer who is reported to have walked into a Police station and confessed to the killings.

McIntyre indicates the female victim is believed to be Natasha Jeffrey (37), girlfriend of accused killer Sharpe.  A face book account listed under the name “Natasha Jeffrey” appears to bear out this information.

Global News Reporter Brittany Greenslade published a photo on Twitter that originated from the account indicating the persons in the photograph were Natasha Jeffrey and accused killer Seymour Sharpe.

The identity of the male victim remains unknown.

Police continue to maintain a presence at the murder scene

The killings represent the seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) Homicides recorded in Winnipeg this year.


On January 17, 2017, the accused Seymour Lloyd Sharpe was sentenced after he was convicted by a jury of two counts of 2nd-degree murder.

The automatic sentence for a conviction for 2nd-degree murder is life imprisonment.

It’s up to a Judge to determine parole eligibility.

In this case, Justice J. Keyser was responsible for making that determination.

Among the issues to consider, Justice Keyser had to consider how much weight she would place on a jury recommendation that Sharpe’s period of parole ineligibility should be raised to twenty-five (25) years.

She also had to decide if she was going to sentence Sharpe to consecutive terms for the killings Jeffrey and Dabreo.

The Crown;

Senior Crown Attorney Dan Chaput argued for consecutive elevated periods of parole ineligibility for Sharpe.

Specifically, a period of twenty (20) years for the murder of Jeffrey and fifteen (15) years consecutive for the murder of Dabreo.

The Crown suggested the term be reduced to a period of thirty (30) years without parole for the purposes of totality.

In order to justify their position, the Crown cited several aggravating factors, including;

  • that Sharpe committed two (2) murders
  • that the killing was in the context of domestic violence, a statutorily aggravating factor
  • that he threatened Jeffrey with violence in the past
  • that he killed Jeffrey in her own home, a place where she should have been safe
  • that there was evidence of “forethought” in his words and actions
  • that he armed himself with a weight bar and set upon an unsuspecting and defenseless victim (Dabreo) rendering him incapacitated
  • that he used the weight bar on Jeffrey and bludgeoned her with it
  • that he pulled down the pants of both victims to stage the crime scene (This caused unnecessary humiliation to the families of the victims)

The Defence;

Mr. Greg Brodsky, Q.C. represented Sharpe and asked for the minimum period of parole ineligibility, ten (10) years to run concurrently for both deaths.

Brodsky cited his own factors that supported a lesser sentence;

  • that it was not known who introduced the weapon
  • that Sharpe never denied what he had done and that he turned himself in and confessed to the crimes before the killings were discovered
  • that he attempted suicide after the killing
  • that Sharpe presented no behavioral issues while in the institution
  • that there is no evidence of future dangerousness given his background (no prior record)
  • that Sharpe expressed remorse and apologized to Jeffrey’s family in court

The Decision;

Sharpe was sentenced to life in prison with no parole eligibility for twenty-two (22) years.

In arriving at her decision Justice Keyser stated;

“Taking all of the factors as previously articulated into consideration, I am of the view that an appropriate disposition would be life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 22 years on each count to be served concurrent to each other.”

“This properly acknowledges the loss of two lives, without crushing future prospects for Sharpe.”

“It also means that Sharpe will serve a significant period of time in custody before parole authorities will have to decide if he has made the necessary progress to merit some form of release into the community. It is important to remember that the sentence is one of life imprisonment.”

“There is no guarantee that Sharpe will ever be released.”

Case closed.


Saturday, May 17, 2013 – 1435

Winnipeg Police advise the victims have now been positively identified as Natasha Jeffrey (37) and Ronald Dabreo (39).


Several photographs of the male depicted in the Brittany Greenslades tweet have had a variety of hostile entries posted on the facebook account.  The photograph below is just one of many such entries.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 12.54.29 PM


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