lemon kush, day 50

On May 23, 2013 at approximately 9:00 am, members of the WPS Drug Unit with the assistance of the Tactical Support Team (TST) and the District 3 Community Support Unit, executed a Controlled Drug and Substance Act search warrant at a residence in the 500 block of Pritchard Ave.

As a result, the following was located and seized:

  • 353 marihuana plants – estimated street value $394,240
  • 24 pounds dried marihuana – estimated street value $60,000
  • $3,575.00 in Cash
  • Grow Op equipment – valued at $8,000

Police arrested a forty-two (42) year old male, a thirty-nine (39) year old male, a fifty-two (52) year old female and a forty-two (42) year old female.  All subjects were released on Promise to Appears and face the following charges:

  • Production of Cannabis Marihuana
  • Possess for the Purpose of Trafficking
  • Theft of Telecommunication
  • Possess Proceeds of Crime


The average marihuana plant yields approximately four (4) ounces of marihuana.

(This is an intentional low assumption to arrive at a fair street value estimate.)

  • 352 plants x 4 oz = 1,408 0z
  • 1,408 oz x 28 grams = 39,424 grams
  • 33,152 grams x $10 = $394,240

Depending on supply & demand, the average price on the street for one gram of marihuana is ten (10) dollars.  Hence a street value of $394,240

If you smoked one gram of marihuana every day – 33,152 grams of marihuana you would have enough weed to last you over ninety (90) years.

Growing marihuana requires significant amounts of electricity to continually run grow lamps.  Costs related to Hydro can be significant for a large grow operation.  People who run illegal grow ops often circumvent Hydro meters and steal electricity, hence the Theft of Telecommunications charges.

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