WPS EDS Detectives Smash Crime Ring

James Williams

In November 2012, the WPS East District Station Crime Unit identified a rash of residential B&E’s having similar circumstances where homes were targeted during the day time hours.

Many of the break-ins were committed while the homeowners were away and the suspects were in possession of a stolen vehicle.  Once inside the homes, the suspects would target electronics, jewellery and other items of value.  In an effort to combat these property crimes, the EDS Crime Unit initiated Project Venetian where a number of investigative resources were utilized to compile and collect data regarding this area or concern.

The majority of the residential break-ins occurred between November 2012 and February 2013 throughout the City of Winnipeg. Three vehicles were stolen from dealerships which included: a Jeep Cherokee, GMC Sierra and a Nissan Murano.

Due to the efforts of the EDS Crime Unit, District 3 Crime Unit, Forensic Identification Unit and the Pawn Unit, the following people were identified, arrested and charged with the following offences due to their alleged involvement:

Halen James Mcleod (21)

  • Break and Enter-dwelling x 22
  • Break and Enter w/intent- dwelling x 10
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime – Over $5000.00 x 3
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime – Under $5000.00 x 1
  • Unauthorized Possession of Firearm x 3
  • Unauthorized Possession Firearm in Vehicle x 3
  • Possess Firearm Obtained by Commission of an offence x 3
  • Drive Disqualified x 2
  • Warrant – Personation

Stuart Bruce Fritzley (27)

  • Break and Enter- dwelling x 18
  • Break and Enter w/intent- dwelling x 8
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime – Over $5000.00
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime – Under $5000.00
  • Fail to Comply Conditions – Recognizance x 15
  • Unauthorized Possession of Firearm x 3
  • Unauthorized Possession of Firearm in Vehicle x 3
  • Possession of Firearm Obtained by Commission of an Offence x 3
  • Drive Disqualified

Naomi Taylor Morrisseau (18)

  • Break and Enter-dwelling x 24
  • Break and Enter with Intent- dwelling x 10
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle x 3
  • Theft Under $5000.00 x 2

Aaron Matthew Lawrence (28)

  • Theft Over $5000.00 x 3
  • Theft Under $5000.00 x 2
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime – Under $5000.00 x 3
  • Possess Credit card data
  • Drive Disqualified
  • HTA 171(2) attach number plate not authorized x 2

Kyle Allan Malanchuk (20)

  • Theft Under $5000.00
  • Attempt Break and Enter-dwelling
  • Possess Goods Obtained by Crime – Under $5000.00
  • Assault Peace Officer
  • Resist arrest
  • Fail to Comply with Undertaking

Police report the suspects caused approximately $23,000 dollars in damage to the victim properties while approximately $90,000 dollars in assorted property was stolen.  The stolen vehicles were valued at $110,000.

All suspects arrested in this incident were detained at the Provincial Remand Center.


The most significant impact a Law Enforcement Agency can have on crime is when they commit to initiating proactive anti crime projects that target habitual criminals.

It’s often said that 90% of the crime is committed by 5% of the criminals.

The number of charges laid in this investigation seems to support that theory.

Offenders such as the individuals arrested in this investigation are hard-core committed serial property offenders who treat residential Break & Enters like a day job.  Although charges regarding twenty-four (24) residential Break & Enters were laid by Police, you can be sure these offenders are responsible for literally hundreds of these crimes.

In 2008, I supervised the Crime Unit in District Six (Fort Garry) during which time we initiated an investigation that saw accused offender Aaron Lawrence catch over sixteen (16) charges related to Break & Enter offences. It doesn’t appear that Manitoba Justice taught Mr. Lawrence much of in the way of lesson for his previous criminal exploits. (His sentence – 19 months + 8.5 months pre-trial custody)

Police confirm McLeod, Fritzley and Malanchuk have all had significant previous police involvement.  Morrisseau is also “known” to Police.

Property crime continues to be significantly under punished in our criminal Justice system.

Hardcore dedicated serial property offenders must receive serious punishment to dissuade them from continuing to break into the homes of the hard-working residents of our City.

The catch and release program just isn’t working!


  1. James G Jewell

    I love to know the story behind your rant.

    I’m guessing you may have had a bad experience with law enforcement at some point in your life.

  2. Who knows if what the police say is true, anyone who has dealt with them know they love to add to the mix people who really have nothing to do with one type of crime but because they touch each other by chance they just toss it all in to make everybody look like they where together when they were not…..they say they are honest but I know they are not and the bleeding hearts out there will say they are its a thing thats been handed down for decades by past generations of cops they think they can break the law and often do..because they know it will be swept under the carpet..and then they post a few tv spots with cops doing a bang up job, then joe blow claps his hands silly people, crooked cops are there any other kind.

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