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On April 24, 2013, WPS PIO (Public Information Officer) Patrol Sergeant Natalie Aitken released images of a male suspect wanted by Police for a number of Commercial Robberies.

Police report the robberies occurred during a crime spree that took place between September 2012 and February this year.  The suspect is described as male, Aboriginal in appearance, 30-40 years, 5’8″ tall, medium build, clean-shaven, dark coloured eyes and a scar on the right side of his face in the cheek area.

Anyone who recognizes or knows the identity of the male is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 204-986-6219 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477.


The fact that Police are making a public appeal of this nature means all other avenues of investigation to establish the suspects identity have been exhausted.  Suspects who are involved in serial robbery offences are rarely first time offenders.  A high percentage of these offenders have done time for similar offences and are often found to be drug addicts chasing their next high.

By the time Police have made a public appeal, the suspects photos have been circulated within the entire Police Service, RCMP and Corrections.

Public appeals often generate a significant number of unfounded tips that require Police investigation.  These tips can translate to “red herrings” and countless hours of wasted investigation.  As these appeals often represent a “last hope” of establishing the identity of an offender, they are a necessary evil.

Many cases are solved by these last-ditch efforts.



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