Members of the WPS Homicide Unit have initiated a manhunt after investigators were called to a house at 1185 Alexander Ave in response to a 911 call yesterday.

On arrival, Police located the deceased body of an adult female whose death was deemed “suspicious.”

Police are warning the public to use extreme caution if they happen to run into the deceased woman’s son who was identified as Christopher Mackenzie Cambpell (42) years of Winnipeg.  Police indicate Campbell is a “suspect” in the investigation and believe he fled to Regina on Saturday in a vehicle that was subsequently located a few kilometers outside of the prairie City.

Police indicated they believe Campbell may be travelling through the Western Provinces to an unknown destination.

They also said Campbell has been treated for mental illness in the past and may not be taking his medication.  “Caution should be used if approached by Campbell as his behaviour may be unpredictable and he may be violent,” the news release said.

Members of the public are asked to immediately notify their local police service if they observe Campbell.

Campbell is described as being 6-2, 200 pounds, with short-cropped dark brown hair and blue eyes.

(Date of suspect Photo 2008)


The release of information regarding Campbell’s mental health issues raise concerns that an NCR (Not Criminally Responsible) defense might be used if he’s charged regarding the death on Alexander Ave.  NCR cases can be complex and controversial because they often rely on the evidence of medical professionals who rarely agree on the findings of mental health examinations.

Look for a Police Insider Editorial next Saturday exploring the issue.

Although the WPS has not confirmed they are treating this case as a Homicide, it certainly appears to be so.  If that confirmation is made, the City of Winnipeg will have recorded its sixth (6th) Homicide for 2013;


Historical Dates When Homicide #6 was recorded:

  • 2012 – Feb 21
  • 2011 – Feb 18
  • 2010 – May 4
  • 2009 – Jan 31
  • 2008 – March 29
  • 2007 – March 17
  • 2006 – March 4
  • 2005 – April 30

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